Jan 012014

I’m writing for tomorrow, the first day of the new year and planning a big roast beef dinner to celebrate the occasion.  Please stay safe.  There are drunks, maniacs and Re3publicans on the road.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 2:44 (average 4:50).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From Right Wing Watch: Ending Aid To Jobless Americans

The perception, revealed in polling, that the GOP does not care about people is doing great harm to the Party…. To people who are flat on their back, unemployed or disabled and in need of help, they do not care if the help comes from the private sector or the government — they just want help.

Republicans in Congress rejected an extension of unemployment benefits, which will not only hurt approximately 1.3 million Americans during a period when long-term joblessness is still high, but will also result in serious harm to economic growth. If Republicans do not waver from their position, up to 5 million people could be affected by the cuts. The party also passed enormous cuts to the food stamp program under the auspices of preventing the tremendously low rate of fraud in an effort to kick 5 million people off of food assistance.

But the GOP continues to give special benefits to millionaires, as earlier this year Republicans once again rebuffed the “Buffet Rule,” which would have ensured that millionaires don’t end up having a lower tax rate than average Americans.

This is just one of five ways that, according to the author, the Republican Party got even worse in 2013. Click through for the other four.

From Robert Reich: Despite do-nothing congressional Republicans, we ARE making progress around the country because Americans are organizing and mobilizing. Together we can make 2014 the year we turn the tide on economic inequality.


Spot-on! If you don’t vote in 2014, you are the problem, not the solution!

From Upworthy: A Little Taste Of What Capitalism Is Like When It Has No Limits.


This is the kind of vulture capitalism the Republican Party seeks, not just for third world nations, but here in the US as well.




  17 Responses to “Open Thread–1/1/2014”

  1. 3:27 I just can't catch that nimble TomCat today. He left me behind in the litter again.

  2. Roast beef sounds good today. What time should we be there?

    Right Wing Watch ~ Brian Tashman hit every nail right on the head with his assessment of the Greedy Olde Pharts agenda. They will not change nor can they change. their brains cannot grasp any concept other than what they hear repeated time after time on Faus Noise. They have heard it and said it so often they believe it. Their minds are stagnant.

    Robert Reich ~ Vote early or vote late. It doesn't matter as long as you vote Democrat!

    Upworthy ~ They want us to be a Third World country so they cn abuse the workers even more.

    Cartoon ~ Is that Baby TomCat from days gone by? Sooo sweet.



  3. Hooray for Robert Reich – thanks for putting his video there TC, and I do hope that people on the Hill are discussing extending Social Security and everything else related to it – how they could cut this system just boggles the mind –  is it that the Right Wing don't have minds, or is it that they just refuse to use them?! 

    The United Fruit Company instigated murders appal me more than I can say – how could they justify this?

    I hope you had a really splendid roast beef dinner – and like Lona I loved your baby picture – so adorable!



  4. Robert Reich is wonderful – the top 1% and the next 9%, too, need some lessons in life but what we all need is a new Congress.  Have any of you seen "House of Cards"?  I suspect it's a pretty clear picture of how things go in DC – scary stuff.

    The little Tom Cat is precious!

  5. I forgot to mention a couple of days ago, but "Thanks" for the pictures from and to your new apartment.  It looks great!

  6. ~~Robert Reich is the man to listen to… 😆

    5:56 –

  7. Right Wing Watch:  These Republican philosophies are counter to what the majority of Americans think and feel.  How the heck do they keep getting re elected?

    Robert Reich:  Love this man.  I joined Move On when Dubya was campaigning for war in Iraq and have never left them.  I shared this video on Facebook.  Surprisingly, I haven't been unfriended so far, guess they think I am eccentric.

    Upworthy:  This video should be played as a public service announcement.  This is similar to what the coal miners went through when they tried organizing the United Mine Workers of America. I have heard plenty of horror stories from my grandfathers about what they went through trying to organize. Sadly, the union has almost been destroyed.  The coal companies have so much power in D.C. these days, most miners are afraid to say anything because jobs are so scarce.  The coal companies have seen to it that very few industries can come to this area, they might lose their work force.  I know coal is a pollutant, but it is the only good paying job for the mafority of people in Eastern Ky. these days.


  8. Is that a baby TomCat? He's beautiful…..Roast Beef…just what I cooked for New Year's dinner.! Great Miinds ..I guess……..Robert Reich…I love him. He is so right on. He does know wherefore he speaks…..Third World Nation.! Exactly where The Repubs are pushing us. Class division keeps getting bigger & bigger. The 1% Does not care about anyone Not in the 1%. and some of those repubs have delusions of grandure…not realizing …if they don't emass enough money…they to will be left to fend for themselves….Bank accts. balances matter.   If not in the 1% …you are nobody….  Yes, fight back, help your neighbor…and Vote, Vote, Vote…Local, State and Federal.             

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