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I’m writing for tomorrow, and it’s 27° here in temperate Portland, and it won’t likely get above 32° before next Tuesday.  I’m not going anywhere today, so I figured I’d get you a real Open Thread, before I run out of gas.  I found a few items I think you’ll like, but please bear in mind that I’m les out of the loop than a Faux Noise sheeple, only because nobody is packing my head with lies.

Late Update: It has come to my attention that Nelson Mandela has died, and I mourn the loss of a great hero.  I remember when most of the world united in protest against the inhuman cruelty of apartheid.  Few opposed the sanctions, but Ronald Reagan, patron saint of today’s Republican Party vetoed the Bill calling for US sanctions against South Africa.  Fortunately, Democrats in the House and Senate, with the help of a few moderate Republicans (They really did exist.), overrode St. Ronnie’s shameful veto.  I wish comfort to Mandela’s family and to all who loved him.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 2:57 (average 4:35).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Fantasy Football Update (belated):

Here’s the latest from our fantasy football league, Lefty Blog Friends.



After several discouraging weeks, I benched Erik Decker.  ARGH!!  I was very fortunate to win.



This week’s games are the last of the regular season, and playoffs begin the following week.  The two low teams (still undetermined) will play a consolation game.  The other eight will be in the playoffs.  Good luck to all!!

Short Takes:

From PR Watch: Internal documents from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) published by The Guardian provide stunning insight into the inner workings of the "corporate bill mill" — and offer new evidence about how the group has continually misled reporters, the public, and even its own members.

The notoriously secretive ALEC has been thrust into the sunlight in the two years since the Center for Media and Democracy launched, analyzed over 800 of ALEC’s previously-secret model bills, and documented the corporations and legislators pushing ALEC’s legislative agenda. It now appears that ALEC has been scorched by the sunshine.

According to the new Guardian documents , which were apparently prepared for ALEC’s board in August, over the past two years ALEC has been losing corporate members, suffering from major funding shortfalls, and anticipates legal trouble with ethics rules and its charitable tax status. 

ALEC is still supported by tobacco, oil, and pharmaceutical interests, but has lost around 60 corporate members in the fallout over ALEC’s role in promoting Stand Your Ground legislation, voter ID, climate change denial, and an array of other controversial, corporate-friendly bills, the documents show.

Click through for more.  I love to see Koch suckers with their indecency exposed.

From Daily Kos: A bishop in a Mormon church outside Salt Lake City has shined a light on the hypocrisy and selfishness of members of his church by dressing as a homeless man and gauging their reactions to him.

David Musselman had a makeup artist transform his face and donned an unkempt wig, fake beard, and glasses.  He then entered the church last Sunday and approached churchgoers to see what they would do.  He found many of them did not practice what he preached…

…Most of Musselman’s church members ignored him, although five of them actually asked him to leave.

At one time there was a video associated with this story, but someone terminated the account of the person who posted it. Kudos to the Bishop. This hypocrisy is not only true of many Mormon congregations, but also of most Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christian churches.  Were Jesus to enter their congregations with the attitudes and associations He practiced, at best, they would shun Him. At worst, they would crucify Him again.

From Upworthy: The One Where A Walmart-Friendly PR Firm Creates An Ad So Full Of Propaganda It’s Actually Hilarious

Now comes this interesting "ad" that hides behind the group name "Worker Center Watch." And, according to The Nation, the website in the ad … wait for it … is owned by the former head lobbyist for Walmart [sic] itself, Joseph Kefauver. So, like the ad says, don’t worry about people trying to improve their lot in life. Just go buy stuff to feel better.


Dang! You could fertilize Wall-fart’s veggies with that one!!



I bet Mooseolini, aka Drill Baby Dingbat, aka Bloody Bullseye Barbie likes it too!


  11 Responses to “Open Thread–12/6/2013”

  1. 3:15 I,m out of tune but TC is back in tune.

  2. I also extend my sincere condolences to the Mandela family and friends. They and the entire world lost a very good and loving man last night. It was good to see people of South Africa dancing and singing in the streets in celebration of his outstanding life. May he rest in Peace.

    Fantasy Football ~ I just keep going down and this week I play against the dreaded MittsMagicJock. Yuck! Wish me luck.

    PR Watch ~ I have been reading a lot of articles stating that ALEC is in finacial trouble. How can this be? The Kochs can bail them out, if they want. They just want donations from the dumb sheople who believe their lies.

    Daily Kos ~ Sad but true. Jesus would most likely be physically thrown out of most churches today. That's if psuedo-Christians would even touch him.

    Upworthy ~ Thanks for the belly-laugh this AM. Did they ever think their so-called professional protesters are doing so because they can't find a decent job and stand in solidarity with Wal-Fart workers? Remember the dock-workers in Gdansk, Poland and how Lech Walesa organized them? Solidarity lives on in the U.S.A.!

    Cartoon ~ That would probably be the only tax they would approve. If you made over a certain amount of money or if you were a non-job creator, you would be exempt from this "bachelor tax".



  3. Nelson Mandela – Father of South Africa

    Ave atque Vale

    ("Hail and Farewell" from the epic poem Catallus)

  4. ~~"Worker Center Watch." And, according to The Nation, the website in the ad … wait for it … is owned by the former head lobbyist for Walmart [sic] itself, Joseph Kefauver

    Vote and live against your own self interests? Common people (99%)… 😈


  5. […] Open Thread–12/6/2013. […]

  6. 4:15.  Nice curves.

    Guardian:  ALEC is a US phenomenon, yet we have to go across the pond to find out about it.  When we had Nixon, we at least had journalism too.  Now, not so much.  Where is the outrage?

    Kos:  But if you tend to high blood pressure don't read the comments, full of trolls reaming the bishop for "bearing false witness" – i. e. impersonating the homeless.

    Video – Actually Black LieDay is a good name for it, but it's the stores that are doing the lying.

  7. Mr. Mandela will be missed by the whole world.

    Glad to see that ALEC is being caught in its lies.

    Daily Kos:  This would be true in any number of churches.  People are so caught up in their role of "good" church memembers that they forget why they are acutually there.  This is one of many reasons that I no longer go to church.

    UPworthy:  this makes me so mad I could spit, and I was taught never to spit.  OUr local stores were put out of business by Wal Mart and the people who work there do because they can't find another job.  They are relentless and self serving as a corporation and an abomination.

    Cartoon:  I didn't know that!



  8. Thanks everyone.  I'm exhausted.

    Nameless, That CATallus was a feline epic.  😉

  9. Daily Kos article reminds me of when Richard Branson did that, disguised as a taxi driver, taking contestants to his place to win big money.  One guy was a total butt and Richard was not forgiving.  We should all keep these kinds of stories in mind.

    When are you moving, Tom?  You need some sleep!!!!!

  10. No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.'~ Nelson Mandela

    Madiba Mandela . . . the world's wise grandfather and courageous proponent of justice!  May he rest in peace and in the hearts of all.

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