Nov 202013

I’m writing for tomorrow, and as I trust you gathered from the lead article, it finally came together on my new place.  As a result, my schedule will be quite erratic over the next month, and I may or may not be blogging on any given day, with or without notice.  Tomorrow I will be going for my disabled transit interview. Friday I will be getting the key and undergoing the whole rental process at the building owner’s office.  From there I will go to the building, measure, and check out a few more details.  Saturday and Sunday I will be planning what to buy and what will go where.  Next week I will be making like a Republican: spend, spend, spend! For the next two weeks, I shall be there during the day on and off to get deliveries and arrange things.  Shortly after the 1st, I’ll be moving the most difficult thing: me and my kitty box.  Then I will have a load of things to do like get new checks change my ID, update my voter registration, and change my address with a boatload of people with whom I do business.  then there are the hundreds of things I haven’t thought of yet.  If I got this busy digging in my kitty box, I’d hit China!!

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 4:07 (average 4:34).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Fantasy Football Report:

Here’s the latest from our own fantast football league, Lefty Blog Friends.



Denver played a very conservative offensive game to protect Manning from the Chiefs’ powerful defense.  Winning the game and keeping him healthy was worth the fantasy loss.



I’m two games out again.

Short Takes:

From Upworthy: A Famous Columnist Has Trouble Defining Racism. Colbert Eats Him For Dinner.

The Colbert Report
Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Video Archive

Richard Cohen is not a GOP racist, the Pope is not Catholic, and bears never, ever shit in the woods!

From YouTube: Sarah Silverman To Chris Hayes: I Think Vaginas Really, Really Scare People.


I’ll say one thing for certain! The one on Wendy Davis sure scares the Republican Party!!

From MSNBC: TEAbuggering ObamaCare at the state level

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Don’t be a vicious Koch Sucker Support ObamaCare, dump Republicans, and then, support Medicare for all.



Version 2 is long past due!!


  24 Responses to “Open Thread–11/20/2013”

  1. Good luck again my friend on your move. Don't let it stress you out to the point you get sick again! 

    I think Silverman is partly right….vaginas are very scary things ….to Xtian Fundy Fascist Baggers and 99% of the rest of the Kochroach party.

    Gotta love Colbert!

    Not expanding nor are they wanting to pay up on the existing accounts either. But, what does one expect from the REDS…..the Kochsuckers. 

  2. 3:33 I made it to the cabin ahad of Tom.

  3. Hallejulah on your new place, Tom!  May it bring you much joy, fun and laughter – as well as a lot of peace and quiet!

    The states not expanding medicare should all be kicked out  – or at least, the politicians should be.  


  4. 5: something. I lost it.

    Congrats on the New Place TomCat.. 😆

    Colbert Eats Him For Dinner. – Colbert Rocks as always.

    I Think Vaginas Really, Really Scare People.

    I hope woman unite and elect Wendy Davis… 😀

    I’ll say one thing for certain! The one on Wendy Davis sure scares the Republican Party!!


  5. […] Open Thread–11/20/2013. […]

  6. If you're going to make like a Republican, you'll be sending all your money to off-shore accounts. spending is for the masses.

    Upworthy ~ My favoritepart of this bit was from Esquire: "Stop this man before he writes something again." Stephen Colbert's gag at the mention of Cohen's name says it all.

    YouTube ~ Comedy is a great way to put issues out in the open. Look at Jon Stewart, Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert besides these 2 wonderful women. They talk about a lot of sensitive things and make people more aware .

    MSNBC ~ Why am I not surprised by this. Whenever there is something underhanded politically happening, you can be sure the Kochs are behind it.

    Cartoon ~ I think the only reason The Brady Bill passed is because St. Ronnie Ray-Gun was injured the same time as Jim Brady.

  7. Tom, spending like a RepubliCON means Never using your own money, only buying useless baubles, & don't forget paramilitary purchases (guns, ammo, Sarah Palin Posters, & survivalist magazines)…and caviar.

  8. 5:01  I guess it's tough to engage in reflection.

    Yippee!  So happy for you!  Anything we can do, besides be patient?

    "Colbert Eats Him For Dinner"  Gosh, I hope he doesn't get indigestion.

    "Vaginas Really, Really Scare People" and have for a long, long time!  I didn't change "people" to "men" because at times women were scared of them too.  But I can hardly improve on Hildegard of Bingen's take.

    Cartoon – Patty, you got that right!

  9. Great to read that then move is so soon.  I'll, I think all of us, will check in every day.  If you don't get the Zig Zone out every day we will live; I am always better than the average time.

  10. So glad you are moving.  It is a drag to do, but the results are often worth it!

    Upworthy:  cohen should hide under a rock.

    Chris Hayes:  Sarah and Lizz are right. Women are becoming empowered and that scares some unliberated men, if they control the vagina, they can stop us in our road to equality!.

    Rachel Maddow:  We are being bombarded with ads from McConnell and Paul, under other names, their pacs that don't have to reveal their contributors, and I am so tired of them.  Thankfully, our governor disagrees with them.

    Cartoon:  Even though the majority of Americans agree with version 2, Congress won't pass it and lose their money from the NRA.

  11. Been looking for Republicans on Parade and haven't seen it lately, but then again I'm usually so busy at this time of year that I don't often have time to check my own e-mail. Guess I saw the last of it for awhile! Tom, I hear you've moved to a new place. Hope it works out well for you. And glad you're feeling better. Hope the problem wasn't serious. I also heard that Lynn had a rough time with something and that it's OK now. Wishing her all the best as well.

    I don't know if I'll have enough time to comment on anything from now until Christmas because of my schedule. So none of my usual earthy pithy language. Just my wish for a Happy Thansgiving, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all you folks and your families. Get stuffed (with turkey and all the goodies)!

    • James, I was ill and will be in the moving process for about three weeks.  UI'll still be here part time, and will bve back to normal blogging when I'm done/

  12. Dearest TC I am soooo HAPPY for you – YIPPEE!!!  Praise the Lord!

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