Nov 182013

I’m writing for tomorrow and meditating lightly to the game in the background.  Of course, I’m really waiting for the Broncos worship, may the holy light of the Ellipsoid Orb bless them.  When this posts, the results will be posted below.  The natives were quiet late last night, and I actually got some sleep.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 4:06 (average 5:26).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Religious Ecstasy:


The so-called ‘best defense in the league’ never knocked Manning down!

Short Takes:

From NY Times: …Economists see it the same way, concerned that joblessness lasting more than six months is a major factor preventing people from getting rehired, with potentially grave consequences for tens of millions of Americans.

The long-term jobless, after all, tend to be in poorer health, and to have higher rates of suicide and strained family relations. Even the children of the long-term unemployed see lower earnings down the road.

The consequences are grave for the country, too: lost production, increased social spending, decreased tax revenue and slower growth. Policy makers and academics are now asking whether an improving economy might absorb those workers in time to prevent long-term economic damage.

This underlines why we need government to do what business can’t or won’t. A big public works project, like FDR’s CCC, would not only rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, so desperately in need of repair, but also, put people back to work in a way that removes the stigma of long term unemployment.

From Alternet: “Historian” David Barton: True Christian soldiers wouldn’t have PTSD.

Atheism is apparently a problem in the military, too. Because if soldiers were true Christians, they would not feel bad about killing enemies and sometimes non-combatants. They would not come home traumatized and have all these psychological problems.

Christian “historian” David Barton, the one who blamed Typhoon Haiyan on women having legal abortions, celebrated Veteran’s Day by criticizing veterans who feel at all guilty for what they do on the battlefield. If they read their Bible, he and televangelist Kenneth Copeland agreed on Believer’s Voice of Victory, they’d read in Numbers 32 that soldiers “shall return and be guiltless before the Lord” and that means that they wouldn’t have PTSD.

“You don’t take drugs to get rid of it, it doesn’t take psychology; that promise right there will get rid of it,” Copeland said.

When you go to war God’s way, Barton chimed in, “not only are you guiltless for having done that, you’re esteemed.”

So, get it together veterans!

Aside from being typical of how Republicans support veterans, this InsaniTEA From Fartin’ Barton is just one of ten deranged dispatches by the Republican wackosphere, from just last week. Click through for the other nine.

From Crooks and Liars: CNN on Saturday filled nearly ten minutes of airtime by discussing how President Barack Obama was like crack-smoking Toronto Rob Ford.

"The Most Trusted Name in News" began the segment with a split-screen image of Obama and Ford. The network then likened Obama’s recent admission that he was "not a perfect man" because of the health care reform roll-out to Ford’s insistence that he did not have oral sex with a staffer.


Republicans will spread that ridiculous screenshot far and wide. Comparing Obama to Ford (R-Canada) is patently absurd. I say again, CNN needs to be renamed Faux Noise, Jr.




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  1. 4:11 I got stuck in the key of D which stands for dawdling.

  2. Religious Ecstasy ~ That wily Canadian with the Size 9 Stompers stomped all over the Monster Mashers yesterday. I'm not very ecstatic today.

    NY Times ~ I have been saying the same thing since the Wall Street debacle. We need the CCC and WPA again. The Conservatives keep talking about how "exceptional" our country is. Well, start these programs back up to make the USA what it once was. A country whose infrastructure is crumbling is not even close to exceptional.

    Alternet ~ Yup! Get it together like the Jihadists. They don't feel guilt. How absurd.

    Crooks and Liars ~ I knew there was a reason I stopped watching CNN some years back. They might as well compare apples to kangaroos.

    Cartoon ~ I loved the article Daily Kos posted with this picture.



  3. Here's another little tidbit about ObamaCare I found that was interesting. Does it confirm my suspicions or is it just a conspiracy theory?–Destory-Obama-Care-Cyber-Attacks-on-Healthcare-gov-Revealed

    • Thanks for the link Patty – fascinating, and exactly what I and many others feared – but strangely the Democrats either didn't, or won't admit to fearing/expecting!

    • The name of the attack tool is called, "Destroy Obama Care!"

      Thanks Patty… 😆

    • Patty, I commentes long ago that there have beed DDOS attacks against the site and have no doubt that Repoublicans are behind it.  However most of the kinds of problems the site has had are not the kind that a DDOS attack would cause.

  4. Congratulations on the Bronco's handing KC its first defeat!  You've one of my all time favorite Gophers there and Manning sure knows how to use him, in Eric Decker.  :^)

  5. Thanks so much for the understanding TC – just what are CNN smoking these days with that insane comparison? Incredible!

  6. 6:25

    Because if soldiers were true Christians, they would not feel bad about killing enemies and sometimes non-combatants.

    Yeah Right… /s

    So, get it together veterans!

    Time  tax the Church and the draft to come back..

    CNN is not "The Most Trusted Name in News" 😈


  7. Sorry….my head is doing a Linda Blair on steroids again……this country has lost its mind along with its soul. And I'll bet that neither one of those so-called 'good' Christian insects (sorry, they are not men to me) ever went to war…let alone ever stepped foot on a ward in a VA hospital. Beyond despicable. I agree with Rixar, way past time to tax the churches and start drafting the senators/congresspeople's sons and daughters…..and of course, the American Taliban's children.

    CNN's has been Faux Noose's lil brother for some years now…..they are after all, Corporate owned and Fascist friendly.


  8. Let me understand, true Christians would be happy to kill men, women and children?  This man should NEVER be called a historian, it's a direct insult to those who dedicate time, money and their life to learning history.  

    The sad truth is the longer one is unemployed the more unemployable they become, and we blame them. I wonder why we blame these people when it is the attitude of the employers.   

    Well TC, this was a Bye Week for the Boys and they needed the time to rest, regroup and maybe field a team on the 24th.  *Sigh*

    • I'd say I hnow far morte history than Barton, and I consider myself a student of history, not a historian.

      That makes no sense at all, except as an excuse for ducking their own accountability.

      Kitty, your Boys need a bi week in recognition of LGBT folks. 😉

  9. 6:10  A kind of dissonant molto largo.

    The Economy:  Sure, a big public works project might help.  But not with the sequester, and the TP in power, because it will never happen.  If it wasn't obvious to them in 2008 as it was to me, how will they see it now?

    Barton – certainly magical thinking – definitely not the same as being Christian.  Could we send him to a combat zone?  Not embed him, but drop him off and leave him to his own devices?  I did see the infamous ten – i have started looking for them now.  This week there is not much to choose among them.

    CNN – The only similarity I see between Obama and Ford is that they are both male.

    Cartoon – YES! YES!

    Comments – hacking Obamacare – My guess had been, that since they farmed it out, and had to take the lowest bidder, that a TP firm deliberately bid way below cost to get the opportunity to construct it full of bugs in the first place.  Which is not to say hacking wouldn't happen anyway.

    • OOPS!

      We needd to win the house by around 7% to win the House.

      Strap him to a burning Koran and drop him to the Taliban!  😉

      God Point!


      That may be, but whan you consider that it was so inadaquately funded due to the Republican sequester, the Obama Administration had to accept a bid too low to be competent.

  10. 4:36 . . . definitely off key!

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