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I’m writing for tomorrow and am sufficiently ill that I had to cancel my interview this morning with Trimet’s Disability Specialist for lift bus access when going to my distant doctor.  This will be tomorrow’s only article, and I doubt I shall be able to reply to comments.  I feel as pictured in today’s cartoon.

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Today’s took me 4:38 (average 5:13).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From Upworthy: I Couldn’t Be More Impressed By A Group Of Students Cutting Class

If your express goal was to totally destroy public education and cheat hundreds of thousands of kids out of a decent future, I think your plan would look a lot like this one. So take note, evil overloads around America!

The whole "money" thing gets put into brilliant perspective at 1:45, but then the incredible stories and disturbing figures just keep coming. Starting at 6:00, you’ll see that at least somebody cares about this issue … but can you guess who’s fighting the hardest for students’ futures?


Our Schools Are Not For Sale from Media Mobilizing Project TV on Vimeo.

This is the Republican War on Education in action. Stupid voters are more manageable sheeple. It’s not just the leaders. Every Republican must go

From YouTube: Rachel Maddow – Corporate cash sways voters on GMO foods


The reasons these corporate liars gave are not the real reasons. The real reason is much more simple than that. If more people knew what is in their products, or how their products were processed, more people would buy less of those products.

From Right Wing Watch: Conservative talk show host Steve Deace spent yesterday talking with Michael Peroutka of the Institute on the Constitution, and asked Peroutka what he thought of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which Deace called “the single greatest threat to religious liberty.” After Deace ironically cited the Pilgrims as champions of religious freedom, Peroutka called ENDA an attempt in “federalizing perversion” that is unconstitutional…just like all civil rights laws.

Peroutka is a leader [Sedition delinked]and board member [Sedition delinked] of the white separatist League of the South, so his opposition to civil rights laws come as no surprise.


I guess these Republicans are not content to deprive LGTB of their rights. They would extend the deprivation to all minorities.




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  1. 3:35 I'm hoping I closed fast enough.

  2. Feel better soon. We will wait patiently for you to blog bigger. We just hate it when you disappear from our interwebs totally because you're in the hospital. Your health is more important than our addiction to your blogs.


    Upworthy ~ Out of the mouths of babes. God bless the children! Even one Republican is one too many because they believe in the "dumbing down of America".

    YouTube ~ Buy nothing from any of these companies because you have no idea what you are eating or drinking and what you are putting in your garden. Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, General Mills, NestleUSA, ConAgra Foods are the biggest culprits in food supply. For gardening products like fertilizers, seeds and pest control, avoid these manufacturers: biochemical companies Monsanto, DuPont Pioneer, Bayer CropScience and dow Agrocsiences. Avoid their products like the plague. They only understand money.

    Right Wing Watch ~ The only people who should have rights are angry old white men. The rest of us don't count. It doesn't matter whethter or not you are in a minority.

    Cartoon ~ NO!!!



    • Well said Patty!  We need TC for the long haul so we need him to look after himself now…

      Boycott these awful companies – and we should look at all the products we buy – and see who owns those companies – there used to be a hugely expensive book called 'Who Owns Whom' – and it was a revelation to see that 'Granny Whatsits Biscuits' were in fact owned by a multinational chemical or oil company, as were hundreds of others – I have made my own stuff ever since!


  3. So sorry you are feeling so poorly – will redouble my prayers!

    I liked Rachel Maddow's report on GMOs and Prop 522 in Washington – I hope it does somehow manage to squeak through.  As she says – it (and California on Prop 37 last year) show how big money can get things turned their way even if the place is very much against it to start with.  Awful.  As for the lies big business told – I have no polite words to describe how they make me feel – they are beneath contempt.


  4. Puzzle — 3:28  I'm a little scrapped up just like this door.  A new coat of paint should do well!

    Upworthy — It is not just in Philadelphia.  Without an education, poverty grows.  As poverty grows, hope fades. As hope fades, there is greater reliance on social services.  Social service cutbacks or elimination means people die. This is a slow genocide of whole generations, generations of middle class and poor people.  Only the elite survive, totally bereft of humanity!

    Youtube — It is time to stop buying products that do not label  GMOs.  I like to eat soup.  I have switched to Amy's because it is labelled non GMO.  I buy some crackers that are corn/quinoa/flax seed that are non GMO. If enough people try to buy such things over non labelled foods, then the bottom line is impacted, and I believe it is better for our bodies.  Maybe then these corporate criminals will get the message.  I also think that the corporations are lazy because labelling would require more control and oversight of the supply chain.

    Right Wing Watch — What a load of bullshit! . . . enough to fertise all the agricultural land and gardens globally! Your civil rights end where mine begin.  The civil rights constitutional amendments and laws were and are necessary because of right wing extremists like Michael Peroutka and Steve Deace.  Do you think we could cast a spell over them so that they would be forced to live everyday like a minority person?  The view is always different.

    Cartoon — TC, I mentioned you to my chiropractor yesterday to which he said "Bring him in."  Then I said you were in Portland, so he said get into a chiropractor there so he can help open up the pathways to the heart and lungs.  When I told him you had COPD, he said all the more reason to go.  I know when I have sniffles or asthma attacks, chiropractic does help.  He could probably recommend one if you want.  At least the depth of that litter box looks low, but I don't want to see you in the deep end so get rest.  And get rid of that head stone!  Take care my friend.

  5. ~ 5:54

    This is the Republican War on Education in action. Stupid voters are more manageable sheeple.

    Students are the consumers and if students demand to keep money out of education, it will be so… 😎

  6. If you inject money to keep information of GMO's under the radar, there is a reason for that. :mrgreen:

  7. First and foremost, take care of yourself … we need you healthy!

  8. 4:57 Guess I'm stuck on the outside.

    Agree with everyone, PLEASE take care of yourself.  We will survive without your blog, the deprivation will pass – painfully, like a kidney stone, but it will pass.  Better for a short time now than longer later.

    Philadelphia – Can you imagine what Ben Franklin would say?  Allyson Schwartz for Governor!  But that will not be easy.

  9. I hope you are feeling better.

    UPworthy:  This is happening all over the country.  The dumbing down keeps getting more pervasive.  If no one knows what their civil liberties are, or has never read the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, then they can't argue with the 1%.

    Rachel Maddow:  Corporate cash pretty much owns this country and our government.

    League of the South:  BARF!

    So sorry you feel like kitty litter.




  10. Thanks everyone.  The good thing about burying myself in my kitty box is that I shall rise again! 😉

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