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I’m writing for tomorrow early so I can get done in time to meditate on the holy Ellipsoid Orb.  May the holy light of the Orb bless your team, unless it has a racist name.

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Short Takes:

From Alternet: Coach Daubenmire: Christians are being bullied into not bullying gays

Dave Daubenmire, number 607 in the “Dictionary of American Loons” is an expert on bullying. His high school coaching career ran aground after he coerced students into praying in school. Now he has parlayed his fame into anti-gay rants and being a general loudmouth liar for Jesus. This week he went on a kind of circular rant about bullying, saying in a Youtube video: “The whole bullying idea is built around the homosexual agenda. It’s an effort to try to get people not to criticize or make fun of homosexuals.”

He does not agree with that. In fact, he thinks it is Christians who are being bullied because they’re not being allowed to express their hatred of homosexuals, or to bully them.

But he has some deeper thoughts about the whole bullying thing.

“I don’t like bullying,” he said. “But bullying is a part of life. If we want to make Americans tough again, we are raising some of the softest children in the world. My father’s generation would be ashamed of how sissified our kids have become.”

So, bullying can be a good thing. And following that logic, it could be good that Christians are being bullied into not bullying gay people, because it’ll toughen up those lily-livered Christians.

This is just one of ten jaw-dropping Republican absurdities from last week alone. Click through for the other nine.

From McClatchy DC: "To rehabilitate," according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, means "to restore to a former capacity."

But what if that capacity – be it walking or talking or brushing one’s teeth – was never there in the first place? In that case, you aren’t talking about "rehabilitation" but "habilitation."

People need habilitation when they have a congenital defect or disease that impairs the development of basic life skills. For example, autism may leave a child unable to speak. Cerebral palsy may result in language deficits and severe physical limitations. Birth defects may leave a child deaf.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), habilitation services will now be widely covered for the first time in private insurance plans…

In contrast, under RepubliCare, Republican Supply-side Jesus gives them better bodies when they have cashed-in the RepubliCare Death Benefit, because they could not pay.

From Right Wing Watch:

Bradlee Dean, who has entertained the notion that President Obama is secretly gay, thinks that the president is practicing “discrimination towards heterosexuals” and “advocates Shariah law.”

“[L]ook at who President Barrack Hussein Obama and this current administration have appointed to key positions in government–over 225 homosexuals,” Dean writes in a WorldNetDaily column [Propaganda delinked] published yesterday. “Talk about discrimination towards heterosexuals.”

Dean, who once praised radical Muslims who want to execute gay people, calling them “more moral than even American Christians”, chides “radical homosexual communities” for not questioning “the Muslims’ call for the execution of the homosexuals.”

Dean is very Republican, when it comes to Sharia. He was for it, before he was against it. This is Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christian hypocrisy at work and has absolutely nothing in common with authentic Christianity.



Party like it’s 1919!


  21 Responses to “Open Thread–10/28/2013”

  1. Makes me wonder for what lack in his life Coach Daubenmire might be over-compensating to be such a loud mouthed bully ….?

    I am very glad the ACA will cover habilitation costs so that people with say cerebral palsy will be helped – to be without help must be truly hell in such a situation.

    Bradlee Dean leaves me nearly speechless – another Far Right hypocrite stuck in the nastier bits of the Old Testament without any compassion or intelligence it seems – and how does he know that 225 people in government are homosexuals – do they wear badges – is there some mark?  I think not!




  2. 4:21 Are you trying to keep us out with these garden gates?

  3. Alternet ~ Their list, as always, is incredible. What idiots these Republicans be.  Sounds more like the teachings of an Anti-Christ than Jesus to me. He is allowed to instruct young people???

    McClatchy, DC ~ Everything about the ACA is better than the Republican's idea of health care in spite of its websites difficulties.

    Right Wing Watch ~ He is a practicing Flip-Flopper like most Republicans. I watched Meet the Press yesterday and David Gregory actually called Rick Santorum on his flip=flopping. I almost passed out from the shock.

    Cartoon ~ One of the biggest mistakes they ever made in enacting laws to appease a special interest group. All they did was promote crime just like their "War on Drugs".

  4. 10:39 – mouse challenges

    So, bullying can be a good thing. And following that logic, it could be good that Christians are being bullied into not bullying gay people, because it’ll toughen up those lily-livered Christians.

    Over compensating for Homophobia???

  5. 6:39, not to bad for a slow old lady

    Daubenmire (who I see made the list twice) – yeah, my mother when she was growing up had her hair braided so tightly she was in constant pain, because "suffering is good for you."  It's an f-ing miracle she grew up into a kind and gentle person.  (She also had her "ears boxed" regularly.)

    Ken Burns' series on Prohibition was very educational.  And of course much shorter than some of his series, would not take too much of your time to look up and view on line.

    Something completely different:  Guilty pleasures:  I am a huge fan of what they call "casual" video games, where you download it and play through it by yourself, particularly those in the HOPA (hidden object/puzzle/adventure) genre, where you go through a story line.  I just finished a new release which was EXTREMELY spooky, not because of the witchcraft/curse themes or the rats and bats in your face, but because it was so in sync with today's headlines.  Unrepentant Confederates, secret society, stockpiling gold to re-fight the Civil War and win it this time, and incidentally running oil companies.  And using people and throwing them away.  I'm betting a lot of people are not going to like it (on the other hand a lot of people will love it LOL).

    • At least I beat someone! 😉

      I was severely beaten as a child.  It didn't work.


      What's the name of it?  I confess to a half hour a day playing Farmville 2 at Zynga.

  6. Puzzle — 3:53  I was able to unlock this gate and slide inside!

    Alternet — Jaw dropping?  That is putting it mildly!  Lesbian Girl Scout cookies, a gay Obama, and pseudo Christians going on a tirade about the LGBT community . . . what's next?  Oh yah, men don't have rights?  Throughout time, it is men first . . . patriarchies.  Where has this guy been?  Talk about denial, and I don't mean the river!  Although that might be a good idea, crocodiles and all.  Ever seen a crocodile with severe indigestion?  And if the right thinks that pseudo Christians are being bullied, well maybe they should back away from that wingnut Cruz et al.  That's not vision, it's blindness.  And Sheldon Adelson on nuking Iran . . . how about we start with his casino empire and see how that goes first.

    McClatchy DC — I must say that all this BS about the ACA is really tiring.  There is no doubt that affordable healthcare that covers all people is definitely needed.  That is HEALTHCARE, NOT Republicanus/Teabagger Deathcare!

    Right Wing Watch — I'd likely more disposed to agree with Dean in part if he'd restate "…calling them [radical Muslims] “more moral than even American Christians”…" to "…calling them [radical Muslims] “more moral than even American supply-side pseudo Christians”"

    Cartoon — Too bad the TV remote control wasn't included in the Volstead Act.  We've been paying for that lack of foresight for decades!

  7. Alternet:  I am still laughing over the lesbian Girl Scout Cookies.  Oh my.

    McClatchy:  I am so glad Ky is leading in getting people enrolled.  I had been upset with Gov. Beshear over his support for coal, this may have redeemed him for me.

    Right Wing Watch:  Barf!

    Cartoon: HOw well that worked out!

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