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Here is the thirty-third article in our Republicans on Parade series, featuring individuals who personify what the Republican Party has become. Today’s honoree is former [just resigned] Republican Party official Don Yelton.  He is being honored because of the Republican manner in which he demonstrated Republican outreach to minorities.

27donyeltonLast night, The Daily Show’s Aasif Mandvi introduced the world to Don Yelton, the Republican precinct chairman for North Carolina’s Asheville area.

Don Yelton is an unashamed, blatant, in-your-face racist. Listening to him talk about ‘lazy blacks’ and how you used to ‘have’ to ‘call them negros’ but now they get to say ‘nig-er this and nig-er that’ but he doesn’t get to but it’s all good because one of his best friends is black…on national TV mind you…my jaw dropped. When Mandvi asked if he understood that ‘we could hear him’ (as in, you do know that you are saying these things out loud…right?), I cheered.

Today, Don Yelton resigned. Good riddance to bad trash. Despicable man.

He did, however, open the door to what is really happening in North Carolina regarding voter suppression. Sure, we all know the real motives behind the new voter ID laws but accusations are never as powerful as admissions. And at a time when McCrory is making it clear that he is not happy that the Attorney General responsible for defending the new measures is ‘out’ as being very opposed to them himself. Ha!…

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Rachel Maddow covered this story and a few other related ones. (If this embed will not play in your country, you can follow the link to her show and find the video on her Friday night show.)


If nothing else Yelton demonstrated perfectly how Republicans reach out to minorities.  Republicans in power SAY they are not racist, but they DO racist things.  Yelton is not the rare exception, beyond being stupid enough to brag about it on TV.


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  1. Here is an article from Business Insider which includes a clip from Jon Stewart's Daily Show featuring interviewer Aasif Mandvi: http://www.businessinsider.com/daily-show-interview-don-yelton-racist-resign-2013-10 . It is quite funny in one way, but very pathetic in that Yelton is such a racist and very proud of it.  You know you are relly bad when you piss off your own party!

    Rachel Maddow does a great job of exposing the Republican lies and shananigans in North Carolina this week.

    I hear that the KKK has, when it is in full dress uniform (bed sheets and pointy hats with masks) is also known as Racists Anonymous.  Trouble is, their programme consists of only one step: be a proud racist.

    Yelton and all like him are nothing but ass wipes!  Unfortunately, they remind me of my maternal grandfather whom I detested for his racism and never forgave.

  2. Although he stepped down, he still stands by his comments. No apology forthcoming. He is a true racist even though, as he told Aasif, "one of his best friends is (pause) black".

    He is a "fine" addition to your Parade of Persecutors.

  3. We are suddenly not allowed to watch MSNBC – why I don't know – yet their adverts play each time I try, just not the news article I wanted – it feels somewhat dishonest of MSNBC to lead us on like that and make us hope we could see the video.  Each time I get 'the news item is currently unavailable' – even on her own site – I clicked on the link and tried several times.


    • Just a suggestion Pat A, create an account on http://www.newsvine.com

      which is NBC and MSNBC web site owned majority by comcast… Hope that might help…?

    • MSNBC change their format completely, Patr, and it's a BIG Pain in the ass.  That sounds like soimething Comcast wiuld do, and this is why I opposed allowing ComCast to buy NBC in the first place.

      Richatd's suggestion will not help, because whether you have a Newsvine account has nothing to do with what will display in your browser.

      I searched for 'Don Yeltin' in Bing Videos and found several places that had the Yelton interview on Daily.

  4. "When I was growing up as a young boy"

    Today, Don Yelton resigned. Good riddance to bad trash. Despicable man.

    Whoa, "Democratic Party can't take the truth"?

    These people make me sick… 😡

  5. Someplace I read that this was the third or fourth time he had been requested to resign from some party office, but kept getting back in because he and his wife were the only ones voting.

    There are SOME decent people in North Carolina.  He just isn't one of them.

    It's no wonder the word "bunkum" comes from "Buncombe County."

  6. IN my book Yelton is right "UP THERE" with Matt Lynch (Repug Ohio. ) As I already commented. Who, in the face of Gods Earth VOTED for this trash? (Only in America,I guess)

     We could vote for the Humanitarian of the year if we added Steve King.!!!

    • Avril, I'm guessing that nobody else applied for the jobs he held.  I'm sure that the party wants the job filled by someone just as racist, but not as stupid.

  7. Good frickin' grief, are these people sane?  And where's the hood and cross?

  8. First, Yelton used the well-worn standard disclaimer that his comments were "Taken out of context".

    I would love to hear exactly what “CONTEXT” he can create that makes his statement, “If it hurts a bunch of lazy Blacks that want the government to give them everything, so be it” even half-way appropriate.

    Then he whined and complained because he can’t use the N-word like Blacks can: “You have a Black person using the term 'nigger-this' and 'nigger-that,' and it's okay for THEM to do it.”

    To which interviewer Mandvi gave a classic rejoinder: "You do know that we can hear you, right?"

    But Yelton real complaint isn’t that he can’t use the N-word – clearly he has many, MANY, MANY times – it’s that he doesn’t want to be held responsible when he DOES use it.

    This, in a nutshell, is your modern-day rethugliKKKan Party.

  9. Adding North Carolina to the lists of states where I don't want to live.  It is a lovely place, too, and has people of culture, fine educational establishments, I just don't understand how they have elected this bunch of clowns.   Yelton is a classic racists, add, sadly, we all know some of them.

  10. "Mr. Yelton's comments are offensive, uniformed, and unacceptable of any member within the Republican Party," the statement read. "In no way are his comments representative of the local or state Republican Party." 

    Sorry North Carolina GOP, that quote by Mr. Yelton is very accurate and is indicative 
    of the true nature of your party and of those associated with the GOP including 
    the Tea Party. 


  11. Tom, sorry I couldn’t reply sooner. In my last comment, I mentioned how people here in Finland are grossed out on the Tea Party and of course on types like Yelton. You mentioned that certain Tea Party types or their associates actually export their craziness to places in Europe and that one of their recipients was that Norwegian mass murderer. That really floored me. I had no idea. Do you think that a case could be made for indicting some of these Tea Party types, based on sponsoring or contributing to terrorist acts?

    • Jim, I certainly won't cast myself as an expert on US law, let alone Europe's multiple jurisdictions.  However, I don't see how.  Anders Breivik had received funds to spread TEAbuggery.  He became a mass murderer.  I don't think the mass murder was was part of his Tea Party activities, per se.  T claim it did would violate the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy.  The best connection is that Baggers are not always mentally stable.

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