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I’m writing for tomorrow, having just returned from a local meeting.  After Thursday’s meeting I was so wiped out that I went to bed and stayed there, taking a few short breaks, until this morning.  Sorry I’ve been so scarce, but I needed to recharge. Tomorrow is a holy day in the Church of the Ellipsoid Orb.  My Broncos are worshiping with the misnamed Redskins.  It’s the same as calling a team the Texas Wetbacks or the Jerusalem Foreskins.  It will be televised here.  Wooo Hooo!!

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 5:04 (average 5:36).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From Upworthy: Don’t Worry, This Is Only A Movie! Except It’s Not And We’re All Going To Die.


What do we do now? We remove every Republican from office and support Democrats who are environmentally friendly over DINOs in primaries.

From Daily Kos: It’s been a long time coming, but Tea Baggin’ Conferderates Secessionist Slavery Deniers are coming openly out of the closet more and more as time goes on.

There have been numerous examples from South Carolina’s (Now) Lt. Governor Glenn McConnell posing with mock-slaves in a Civil War Uniform during the "Southern Experience" event for the National Federation of Republican Women. Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell’s Celebration of "Confederate Day", Texas Governor Rick Perry’s not-so-veiled threats of secession to the Rand Paul Staffer who called himself the "Confederate Avenger"…

…And yet, there’s more.

Click through for a fascinating article about seditious Republican secessionists.

From Think Progress: On Friday, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) announced that a record number of students applied to American medical schools in 2013 and that a record number of first-year students has enrolled in medical schools this year. Experts say that’s an encouraging sign in the face of a primary care doctor shortage that will likely be exacerbated by an influx of newly insured Americans seeking medical treatment as the Affordable Care Act goes into effect.

“At a time when the nation faces a shortage of more than 90,000 doctors by the end of the decade and millions are gaining access to health insurance, we are very glad that more students than ever want to become physicians,” said AAMC president Dr. Darrell G. Kirch in a press release.

This is certainly good news for Obamacare, and it debunks the Republican lie that there will not be enough doctors to meet the need.   I looked for similar support for RepubliCare, but could find no corresponding jump in enrollment for mortuary students.



For the American exceptionalism set, at last you get a #1.  America is #1 at locking up our citizens.


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  1. 3:36 I don't think I got too screwed up on this gate.

  2. The Upworthy video was short and very much to the point – and it is going to get worse – every country in the world is seeing monthly record weather events of some kind – and there were never so many all at once in the past.  The planet is trying to tell us that it is heating up and we had better get ready – only the Dino-Ostriches (or the GOP/TP/Conservatives) are trying to tell us that it isn't happening – as they bury their heads in the sand…

    I think they were paid to do it as reenactors – but WTF?  I cannot understand posing with Mr McConnell like that – look out world, he thinks he is a Confederate General!




  3. Strange and bizarre weather patterns everywhere on the face of the earth yet some would have the global populations that …it's all in our heads, we're being silly and (ok, don't laugh your asses off here peeps) WILLFULLY IGNORANT about the climate….remember, there is no climate change, right! RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT. Last time I checked……the weather patterns ARE changing, IT IS HUMAN DRIVEN and if we as a planet do not drastically CHANGE the way we live, work and treat the planet in general….we ARE ALL gonna DIE. The Republitards are the ones being willfully ignorant and downright STUPID in refusing to see what is right in front of their eyes. SIGH. Oh wait……it has to do with GASP….science. That takes EDUCATION and CRITICAL THINKING……nevermind.

    And YES, Cat Man, we need to start doing a few moves that the Rethuglibaggers use….primary the whole lot of them save for a precious few….and we know who they are….ALL of them from BOTH parties….until we get those in office who are truly there OF, BY and FOR not only THE PEOPLE but also the ENVIRONMENT on a GLOBAL scale. Starting with the lil ole US or A FIRST.

    McConnell…….Backwoods inbreeder and proud of it. How sickening, disgusting and deranged. How, 'reenactors' could even think of posing with this Fascist Bastard Bigot is beyond me….no matter how good the money. It's just a little thing called….self-respect. At least to me it is. Nevermind the various and sundry other aspects of it.

    Yes, a good thing there are more medical students…the down side of it (sorry, I AM very jaded and cynical these days) is….just how many are getting into the profession just for the sake of greed. Sorry, peeps, but I have had waaaaaaaay too many encounters with so-called 'doctors' who are practicing solely forthe sake of their own greed and do NOT give a damn about how their patients are faring. They don't care so long as they make money seeing them. Therein lies the Medicare/Medicaid FRAUD. Not from or by the patients, but by and from the so-called DOCTORS who 'treat' them. I hope I am wrong BUT……..from personal experiences….caviat emptor.

    Yeah…..we are tied for firsts, Cat Man….we #1 in the world for aggression/surveillance/WAR and the other is neck and neck….INCARCERATION of ITS OWN PEOPLE!!!!!!!  We are just so exceptional….aren't we…….makes me wanna hurl AND Linda Blair AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!!


    • Amen Terrie!

      Amen again, Dawg lady!

      "backwoods inbreeder"… Soooooo Bingo!

      I'm lucky to have a good one.

      Good point!

    • "…makes me wanna hurl AND Linda Blair AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!!"

      Now that is very graphic, and very messy!!!  I hope I am able to sleep tonight!

  4. Everyone deserves a break, Tom, especially someone who works as hard as you do.  Enjoy your day!

    I suggest everyone watch a movie called "The East" –  Group gets tired of those who pollute and poison and decide to give back in kind.   I have to admit I loved the concept.  Someone said that makes us as bad as they are but how else does one deal with people who have no conscience and no ethics?

  5. Good luck to your Broncos.  Just read that they may change the Redskins name to Bravehearts.  The 49ers will forever be "my" team.  

  6. The "Foreskins" would be a good name for the GOP.  After all, they are all pricks and dicks!

  7. Don’t Worry, This Is Only A Movie! Except It’s Not And We’re All Going To Die.

    Yikes 😮

    Climate deniers will whine the loudest when they are affected personally wealthy or not…

  8. Puzzle — 4:08  I didn't get screwed but I surely did get dizzy!  

    Upworthy — "What are we going to do now?"  We need to take back the power that was given to corporations by SCOTUS and Republicanus/Teabagger politicians, using it to affect positive change.  We need to modify our claims to sovereignty over the earth and start seeing Mother Earth as a breathing living being worthy of respect.  Mother Earth is communicating if only we would listen.

    Daily Kos — A most excellent and fascinating article and introduction to the movie "12 Years a Slave"..  Having had a maternal grandfather that was, I am sure, just one away from being in the KKK he was so racist,  I find this hate and fear unfathomable.  It brought back memories of a book I read back in the sixties called "Black Like Me" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Like_Me. .  That there is still a segment in society so fear driven that they try to contaminate the rest of society with that fear, is inexcusable.  Perhaps it is time to round up all the sessionists and put them in Texas.  Then cut them adrift from the US.  Or maybe send them all to Russia where they can get cosy with Mad Vlad, the Russian Teabagger.

    Think Progress — This is encouraging news.  Perhaps now the US can grow their own instead of pinching Canadian doctors to work in the US.  It also depends on the reasons — are these new recruits drawn by the money in healthcare or by the altruistic service to humanity.  Regardless of what happens to the numbers of doctors, ultimately, universal healthcare is what should be.  Obamacare is a step in the correct direction.

    Cartoon — 27 October 1996 1 million people incarcerated.  13 years later in 2009, 2.3 million Americans were incarcerated, and the figure is closer to 2.5 million now.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Us_prison_population . American exceptionalism indeed . . . #1 in the world . . . not a figure to be proud of.

    • Beat me by a mile!


      I read thsat book when I was 11, and mt made my father's racism all the more abhorrent.

      Our medical indistry is smart.  They want to own a Canadian too! 😉  I agree.

      I'm doing my best to reduce it.

  9. 6:27.  Oh well.  Someone has to raise the average.

    Colorado has a few counties which will have secession on the ballot this year.  One of them is the county that sent the fried chicken "lady" to the statehouse.  I kind of wish they would.  I doubt they can on their own but maybe they can get Wyoming to take them.

  10. I can't add much to what has all ready been said, except that I have said all along that the biggest reason for dislike of the President is that  he is black and that makes me sad.  Racism is alive and well all over this country,not just in the South.

    The number of people incarcerated here is so out of porportion that if it were another country doing it we would be crying out for something to be done to help those people.  Private prisons continue to generate wealth, therefore, more prisons are needed.  Period.  Profit and wealth seems to be the main concern of almost all our Congress.

  11. Glad you got some rest, TC.

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