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If the Republican leadership follows their current path, the US government will shut down on Monday night at Midnight EDT.  Like spoiled brats, it they can’t have their way, despite heavy opposition from the American people, they will resort to terrorism and harm the people we pay them to represent.  They are saying that Obama and the Democrats are at fault, but that’s a lie.  Neither Democrats nor Obama are at fault for the poison pill they put in their continuing resolution (CR).

GOPTerrorDirectors generally are distinguished individuals who set the tone for the organization, providing guidance, vision and leadership. Fortunately, federal employees don’t follow the leadership example set by their board,  this ”Congress of chronic chaos,” as Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) described the legislative body late Saturday night.

If they did, they’d be fired for dereliction of duty.

Shortly after midnight Sunday, the majority House Republicans voted for legislation that could lead to a shutdown of large portions of the government. Under the guise of compromise, they approved a temporary funding bill, but included a poison pill –a one-year delay in  implementation of the Affordable Care Act, President Obama’s signature achievement. The “compromise” was not defunding it, as they had previously voted to do.

“Republicans in the Congress failed the American people,” said Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), “all because of their obsession” with the health care law and in “their blind pursuit of ideology.”… [emphasis original]

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Kudos to the two Republicans with the good sense to follow the people’s will. They are Christopher Gibson (R-NY) and Richard Hannah (R-NY). Conversely, two DINO traitors betrayed their constituents and goose-stepped behind the Republicans, demonstrating that there is such a thing as a waste of skin. They are James Matheson (SCUM-UT) and Mike McIntyre (TURD-NC). If either of these is yours, let them hear your ire.

When the Senate reconvenes in the morning, they will reject the House offer to delay ObamaCare for a year.  Then  it will be up to the House Republican Leadership.  If they drop the Hastert Rule (nothing comes to the floor unless the majority of Republicans agree), the majority of Representatives (all the Democrats, joined by a few Republicans) will pass it.  If not, government will shut down, because the Republican Party refuses to allow a majority vote in the House.  This must be made clear to the American people, because Republicans are working overtime to project their own responsibility for this onto others.

In my opinion, Republicans will shut down the government.  However, if the American people realize Republicans are to blame, the Republicans will cave-in.  Hopefully that will happen in a matter of days, as the people know Republicans have done this before.


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  1. Please God the GOP/TP cave – they are only making their own ludicrous situation worse – and hurting innocents.  Don't they realise that those they are hurting will realise that it is the GOP/TP who are responsible and will hate them forever? It seems to me that all the GOP/TP are brainwashed – they cannot hear anything but their own programming.

  2. I am very surprised that my Congressman, Richard Hanna (R) didn't vote the party line. Any time he spoke here he said he would vote against Obamacare in any  and every way. I'll have to voice my appreciation to him.

  3. Make no mistake, this is a clear attempt at subverting our Constitution.  The Teahadists’ demands for defunding ObamaCare combined with their ultimatums WRT raising the debt ceiling later would require that the 2012 Rethuglican Platform be adopted and put into place.

    This would nullify a bill that was passed by the House, passed by the Senate, signed into LAW by Pres. Obama, adjudicated before the SCOTUS and found constitutional – thus nullifying the constitutional actions of ALL THREE BRANCHES of our Government.

    This is tantamount to a coup d’état of our government.

    The Republican Party has become an ugly, menacing and destructive faction that’s intent on destroying our democracy.

  4. I read on HuffPost that the House could vote on a clean bill (no riders) when it comes down from the Senate (hopefully that way, clean!) and it COULD all be over – WHEN that would happen they didn't say.

  5. Hang 'em high! Isn't that what the law states when someone is convicted of treason? Start lining up the irresponsible Republicans now! Find as many trees as possible to begin the cleansing of the political mess they have created. The Teapublicans are terrorists as much as the Islamic terrorists whom have threatened to bring down the American government. Republicans=terrorists. Republicans=traitors. Benedict Arnold???

  6. During the Bush administration, republicans once again confirmed that they cannot govern the country.  Now, with a Tea Party minority within their ranks, they are proving that they cannot even govern their own party.  They are pathetic.

  7. When the Senate reconvenes in the morning, they will reject the House offer to delay ObamaCare for a year.  Then  it will be up to the House Republican Leadership.

    The house Republican Leadership???  I start my new job tomorrow as a "Veteran Peer Support Technician" at the James Haley Veterans Hospital in Tampa. I might be the only one there, sigh

  8. In reading the list of some of the federal employees and others that would be affected by the shut down, I notice there was no mention of politicians and political staffers.  Tut!  Tut!  So much for leading by example.  Those that create the problems not subject to the effects of their actions?  Well I think that it is time for these politicians to put their wallets where their mouth is!

    I like the idea presented in the following Care2 petition:

    Introduction. The primary function of Congress is to create and approve the Budget for the United States Government. Therefore, the members of Congress from the Several States have not earned their salaries until and unless there is a functioning budget for the United States. So be it Resolved that the 27th Amendment to this Constitution is Amended as follows: 

    Article 1. On October 1 of every year, or other date as amended by Statute, if a Budget for the Government of the United States has not been approved by the Congress and signed by the President, the following effects are automatically triggered:

    A.) All Congressional salaries are suspended until such a Budget has been approved by Congress and signed by the President.

    B) The Salaries of all Congressional and Congressional Committee staffs shall be halved until such a Budget is approved.

    C) Congress Shall Not Recess nor take up any other Business untill such a Budget shall have been approved. 

    Article 2. In the Absence of Such Budget, the President shall have the authority to:

    A) Continue all functions of Government as He or She shall deem Necessary and Proper until such a Budget is sent to His or Her Office for Signature or Veto. 

    B) If the President shall Veto such a Budget submitted by Congress, the Salary of the President and all Cabinet officers Shall be Suspended until such a Budget shall have been passed over the Presidential Veto or a different Budget acceptable to the President shall have been signed. 

    Article 3. This proposed Amendment shall not expire until and shall be available to the Legislatures or Constitutional Conventions of the Several States until Ratified.

    In business, compensation is supposed to be on a meritocratic basis.  Well I sure don't see anything meritorious in the actions of politicians who hold the nation hostage, like common criminals, terrorists to be sure, and all for their own benefit.  To paraphrase an expression from the French Revolution, "Off with their wallets!"

    And as to the term "Republican leadership", that is an oxymoron if ever there was one.  Boehner can't control his own rabid caucus.

    • Lynn, I signed this, as a knee-jerk, but on further thought I think it'ds a bad idea.  Forst, it punishes the innocent with the guilty.  Second, rich Republican politicians swould use it to drive out those Democratis ,who need their salaries to live.  Third, when it drives away staffers, k-Street will provide staffers for free.  Do we really want K-Street to staff Congress more than they al;ready do?

    • Signed and Shared… 🙂

  9. Well, they did it, as I knew they would.  Blackmailing thugs!

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