Hillary? Gay?!!?

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Sep 212013

It is my hope that the Democratic Party will chose someone more progressive than Hillary Clinton, but Republicans don’t seem to like her either.  In fact, the latest meme to condemn her from Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christians is that Hillary intends to be our first Lesbian President.

21HillaryHumaWhile American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer is confident that Americans would never elect Hillary Clinton as president because she is simply “too old” and “too saggy,” he now says that if Clinton should win, then she might be the “first lesbian president.”

Fischer pointed to an interview between Gennifer Flowers and the UK-based Daily Mail in which she claims that Bill Clinton told her that Hillary is bisexual, and therefore it isn’t out of the question that she may be having an affair with aide Huma Abedin.

Since Fischer accepts pure speculation from whatever source as indisputable fact so long as it fits his agenda, it is no surprise that he now claims that “the bottom line is that if Hillary Clinton becomes president in 2016 she will not only be our first female president she could be our first lesbian president.”… [emphasis added]

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Here’s the video:

Now, lets assume, just for the sake of of argument, that Hillary is bisexual.  So what?!!?  Also, lets assume, just for the sake of argument that Hillary is having an affair with Huma.  If so, I’m green with envy! :mrgreen:  May I trade places with Hillary?


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  1. You WHAT???!!!  Why are Repuglicons so vilely, horribly, relentlessly PRURIENT!!!  Oh they are so disgusting!  First of all if a woman talks to a man they are having an affair (if a Repuglicon sees them) and now if they are associating with another woman they are having an affair?!!!  Women of the world – if we leave it to the Repuglicons we will all be tarred with the same brush!   Presumably they are chucking mud as there is something large that they want to cover up at the moment – I wonder what it is???

    • Well Pat, over 30 years ago, in my younger conservative days, I was recently divorces and I met a woman who was into "swinging".  So we joined a club where members met to exchange partners and arrange parties.  I'm not bragging here, but as a member of thet club, I got to know virtually every Republican politition of note in the state.  I think they chuck mud as projection.

  2. Of course Hillary is no more lesbian than Obama is Kenyan, but that's how these people operate.  Why bother with the hard work of formulating substantive criticism of opponents when you can just make things up?

    Considering the recent antics of Abedin's husband, it wouldn't be surprising if she were in the market to trade up, but I've heard of no evidence that she's lesbian either.

    On right-wing comment threads, I've seen a lot of dismissals of "Hillary as "too old", "saggy", "old hag" and similar language.  Such talk is almost a compulsion with them.  This might actually be another advantage of her running in 2016 — it would give Republicans a huge opportunity to further alienate women voters, as well as men with some degree of capacity for respect.

    • I keep hoping that they will alienate enough female voters that they are no longer elected.

      • I hope so too, and it's eminently possible.  Arguably, that factor is the main reason why Akin and Mourdock are not Senators today.  Women are the majority of the national electorate and thus have a great deal of power.  The more offensively Republicans behave, the harder that power will smack them down.

    • Infidel, that's an excellent point.  I think women can now be divided into two categories: women who are ALREADY alienated, and women who say, "Ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a!"

  3. These are the same type vile ass hole who call Mrs. Obama "the first Wookie."

    These haters will never disappear. I can only hope they do not reflect the majority of Americans, but I must admit Americans voting these scum into office depresses me. It makes me rethink the idea of free expression, or at least  legal action of slander should be allowed, and easier to prosecute. I know, call me a Socialist. 

  4. Now, lets assume, just for the sake of of argument, that Hillary is bisexual.  So what?!!?

    Clinton as president woulld be fine with me and as for the speculation to her marriage and alledged affairs, I could care about as much as Bill getting a BJ from Monica… Not much do I care as it's not my business…

  5. Bryan Fischer: "[voters don't want to] "elect an old woman to the Oval Office … She's just going to be too old, going to be too saggy, gravity will have done too much of its mojo on her; she's just going to look old and tired next to virtually anybody that the Republicans run out there":

    It seems that the Republicanus/Teabagger Saint Ronnie Ray-gun was elected to the office of president at age 70 years and displayed a passion for jellybeans, even before his dance with Alzheimer's Disease.  And he definitely was not the brightest bulb on the block.  I don't recall anyone being concerned with his looks and age. Fischer is definitely a sexist and misogynist.

    Who cares what her sexual appetite is?  Can she perform the duties of the POTUS?  Has she got the credentials to lead the country?  My Fischer's thinking, a woman at 40 or 50 years would be incapable because they would have started that slow decline to saggy and old.  Fischer better not look in the mirror.

  6. Besides your spot on "SO WHAT?!?" response, this requires Joseph Welch's excellent rejoinder that finally ended Joe McCarthy's witch-hunting career:

    "You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"

  7. This guy is so informed that he uses Gennifer Flowers as a source?  Good grief.  I agree with you, TC, so what!  Hey that would give us two firsts, a woman and a lesbian in office.  The right wingers would choke to death.

  8. So what if she is gay? We need a happy President!

  9. As others have replied to whether HIllary is a lesbian….


  10. As much as I would prefer a different candidate than Hillary Clinton (except the former Senator from MasterCard who is now vice president), I will fully support her candidacy over any possible repuke candidate.  If she is the nominee, I am sure we will hear more about how Hillary murdered Vince Foster.

    Elizabeth Warren & Bernie Sanders in 2016!

  11. Anyone who believes anything Gennifer Flowers reports is an idiot.  Afterall, she insists Hillary got pregnant just to force Bill to stay with her.  Yep, but for Chelsea, Gennifer Flowers would've been first lady–and, of course, secretary of state!

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