Aug 222013

Writing for tomorrow, day 69, it’s going to be a scorcher here today and tomorrow.  Tomorrow is also a day for volunteer work in prison, so do not be surprised, if I’m out of it for a day or two afterwards. 

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 5:24 (average 6:24).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From Alternet: On Monday, during a panel discussion about the launch of Al Jazeera America,  a Fox News political analyst [Faux Noise delinked] explained the channel’s popularity in the Arab world by claiming that most Arabs sympathize with Osama bin Laden’s efforts to kill Americans.

The Republican Reichsministry of Propaganda is guilty of projection. They are acting as though most Arabs are the ones with Republican blood lust.

From Crooks and Liars: The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has released an ad using the 911 recordings of the Trayvon Martin shooting as the basis for a visual re-enactment. It is visceral and chilling. I physically recoiled at the point where the shot rang out as if I were standing right beside the woman on the phone…

…As much as I wish there was a way to make the point without actually having to shock people into getting it, I have to say this ad is effective and right on par with the kind of Shock Doctrine-level pro-gun ads we see from the NRA. It’s about time we started fighting this war on the same battleground instead of pretending the high road will get us there. It won’t, and the NRA wouldn’t bat an eye at running an ad with the same visceral qualities and an opposite message.

The CSGV has a website and a petition urging state lawmakers to repeal Stand Your Ground laws. It’s a start.


In a word, Amen!

From MSNBC: Christie’s New BFF: Steve Lonegan

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

I wish I could have been a fly on the wall, when he and Lonegan were off camera.




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  1. 3:54 I ran down that path this morning. Will those Big Size 9's rush past me or will a Critter jump out of the woods?

  2. Alternet ~ They are guilty of many sins.

    Crroks and Liars ~ I agree whole-hesrtedly with you. The ad is shocking but America has to be shocked out of its stupor. Actual violence doesn't seem to do the trick unless it hits home. They pay much more attention to "reality" TV and TV ads than to real life. Sad commentary on our society.

  3. Didn't Rachel Maddow say that Steve Lonegan is like Christine O'Donnell without the 'witch'?  Oh boy is he ever!

    That anti-standyourground advert is very good and should be played everywhere – in fact I don't think it goes far enough – innocents are being murdered!

  4. PS – today is my journey to the emergency dentist – my darling dog has got on her 'Thundershirt' which is alleged to reduce anxiety, and I have got two nice hollow rubber chew toys for her and lots of goodies to pack inside them for her, and I hope that these will mean she isn't too worried.  I hope my beloved cat won't be too worried either – but if my dog is worried the whole house knows about it – so she would get Tabs worried too!

    I  hope the dentist can remove the broken tooth easily – but after the last effort a couple of weeks ago with four doses of anaesthetic on either side not making any difference against the howling abscess, I am a bit worried – though now with those wonderful herbs I can actually chew on that side without pain – so I hope he can and will take the tooth out.  The abscess seems to have been feeding the sinusitis for many years – it would be wonderful to get rid of it at long last!

    Sorry it is still so very hot over there TC – how you keep going with everything is utterly amazing – please don't flatten yourself helping at the prison, or doing to much afterwards trying to keep PP going  – we need you for the long haul – and congratulations on day 69!






    • Still sending good thoughts your way, hope you had success this time.

    • Pat, youi know it.  Thoughts and paryers indeed, and I mentioned you to a few of my guys, who are ticlked pink that a gal in the UK is an admirer of theirs.

      It's a bit cooler than I anticipated.  I exp[ected 110° – 115° when I returned.  It was 90° nd I already have it cooled to 85°.  Thanks.

  5. Good luck, Pat! I will keep you in my thoughts today and hope for the best for you! I know how that can hurt!  🙂

    Like you said, Cat Man, taking the high ground isn't going to work anymore when it comes to not only gun violence and gun laws, but with just about everything else the Fascists are trying to throw at us all. We have to start figting them with the same tactics they use themselves, even if we have to use clothespins to our noses and get our hands dirty. It is now the only way we are going to win or at least make some progress.

  6. PS….I hope and prey that Canada keeps this sorry POS because he is nothing but BAD for the US. Unfortunately, he 'represents' my district and he is an embarrassment. He makes me wanna dew a Lind Blair every single time I have the mistfortune of seeing him or hearing him. GAG!!!!!!!

  7. This will be a bit long, but there's an interesting kerfuffle out in Colorado because rethuglican Sen. Vicki Marble (R-23rd) stated that she thinks eating too much fried chicken is what causes poverty for Blacks.  So as a Pediatrician, I decided I'd send a FAX to her:

    Sen. Vicki Marble (R-23rd)

    Colorado State Capitol,

    200 – East Colfax

    Denver, CO 80203

    RE: As a Public Service – Please Post the Foods You Typically Eat

    Vicki –

    (May I call you Vicki?  I like to call all my EMPLOYEES by their first name.)

    At a recent committee of the Economic Opportunity Poverty Reduction Task Force, you clearly stated that it was your opinion that eating too much fried chicken was a leading cause of poverty among blacks.

    As a Pediatrician, I would appreciate your publicly posting a list of the most common foods you eat so Pediatricians can advise parents what foods to avoid to prevent their children from becoming an IDIOTIC MORON like you.

    Thank you – you’ll be doing the future generations of our great country a wonderful service in preventing such RACIST STUPIDITY like yours.

    Anxiously Awaiting,

    [redacted], MD, FAAP


    Contact info for her:

    FAX: (303) 866-2218

    Email: [email protected]

    • On behalf of my home state of Colorado, I thank you.  Isn't it ironic that John Morse and Angela Jiron are facing a recall for voting sanely, and she isn't?

    • I love this post. Idiots need to be called out, and this does it well! 

    • As I often say, great minds fall in the same ditch.  I hope you don't mind this story being reprated, because I wrote tomorrow's Short Takes early this morning, and I'm WAY too pooped to replace it. 🙂

    • Nameless – that is the best and most gloriously apt letter I have ever read!  Bliss – thank you!

  8. TC. I couldn't bear to watch the video, but I signed the petition.

    You can hear Christie's teeth [email protected]

    Love the cartoon, looks like Cruz is trying to get ahead of the "birthers".

  9. Puzzle — 4:08  These Size 9's and the accompagnying body don't run!  But this is a beautiful country lane that demands a leisurely, appreciative stroll!  Actually, reminds me of the park around the ocean inlet where I walk!

    Alternet — Faux Noise needs to:

    1  Learn the difference between news and opinion;

    2  Learn how to read polls properly;

    3  Learn the difference between truth and propaganda;

    4  Learn how to take a balanced approach;

    5  Learn how not to stoke the fires of bigotry and discrimination;

    6  Hire people that actually know what is going on.

    They could make a feature film out of these points.  Call it "Mission Impossible: The Fox Hole"

    Crooks and Liars — Powerful ad.  Petition signed.

    I find the proliferation of fire arms in the US distressing, especially when I hear of a Tennessee 5 year old with a gun in his backpack at school.  The gun discharged but fortunately no one was hurt.  Now police are trying to ascertain how the gun got there.  At this point, I understand that the child has been suspended.

    On a similar topic, a Metro Vancouver man was arrested yesterday with something like a dozen guns in his possession.  All the serial numbers were filed off but police are trying to raise the numbers to identify their origin.  It would not surprise me to learn that these guns came from the US as most do.  Ownership of guns such as these are illegal in Canada.  And some Americans wonder why we become annoyed with some of the over-the-top actions of the gun lobby.

    MSNBC — At one point, the look on Christie's face was rather funny —- I want to get away from this guy and go home!  When you lie down with dogs like the Republicanus/Teabaggers, you're going to get fleas.  The more conservative, the more fleas!  I sure hope Corey Booker wipes the floor with Lonegan. 

    Cartoon — Canada does not want him!  Take out your own trash.  Cruz may have been born in Canada, but the US raised him.  Besides, isn't possession 9/10s of the law?!  . . . and the US has him! Have a look at this cartoon from the Huffington Post.  It expresses our sentiments.


    • I hope you ebjoyerd the stroll,  I saw the big footprints. 😉

      If they did all six, they would gain a new title: News.

      Build a 3,000 mile fence?

      I'm certain he will.


  10. How did you do? 6:12

    The CSGV has a website and a petition urging state lawmakers to repeal Stand Your Ground laws. It’s a start.

    Signed and Shared.

    Christie’s New BFF: Steve Lonegan

    What a moron… :mrgreen:

  11. Not bad!



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