Roll Out ObamaCare

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Jul 252013

As most of the last benefits from ObamaCare are about go into effect, the Obama administration is doing everything they can to inform the public, increase participation, and make the law better for everyone.  Sadly Republicans, displaying that they have no honor, are unwilling to keep the agreements they made when the law was passed, so they are doing everything they can to make YOUR health care less efficient and more expensive.

25ObamaCare…The message is clear. Few things are more important to the White House this year than a successful health care rollout on Oct. 1, when millions of uninsured Americans will be required to obtain private health coverage in government-run marketplaces. Getting it right — or wrong — will help determine Mr. Obama’s place in history.

Enter the Obamacare Team, some two dozen political operators and data-crunching technocrats charged with carrying out the biggest health care overhaul since Medicare in the 1960s — but with more pitfalls. Their job is to sell the law to large numbers of Americans who remain divided about its value and wary of its impact. Republicans have seized on one Democratic description of the health care law as a “train wreck,” particularly after the administration announced a politically damaging one-year delay in a key provision of the law.

Working out of war rooms in the West Wing basement, the Eisenhower Executive Office Building and the Department of Health and Human Services, the team is first trying to find in the next year 2.7 million uninsured people between 18 and 35, most of whom are healthy. Just as Mr. Obama’s electoral success hinged on the turnout machine he created in Chicago, the fate of the health care law rests on whether his administration can turn out and enroll the uninsured.

The key for us is to take this out of the abstract and make it very, very, very real,” one of the leaders of the effort, David Simas, told a dozen White House aides during a strategy session in the West Wing last week… [emphasis added]

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Click through for an on depth analysis of rollout plans.

That one year delay in the employer mandate would never have been necessary, were it not for Republican sabotage slowing down the process od informing them by confusing employers with lies.

Meanwhile, on the evil side of the street, Republicans are preparing their own rollout plans. Rachel Maddow and Senator Al Franken (D-MN), the guy who originally coined the term "Supply-side Jesus", discussed the Republican Health Care Emergency scam.

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Republicans do not want ObamaCare to work healthier and cheaper for everyone. They want more money for insurance companies and less care for you. We need all the messengers we can get, and we need Real Americans at those Republican Town Halls meetings, debunk their lies, and call them out for their anti-American sabotage of people’s health care. The 80/20 rule is an excellent feature. The seniors’ features are also great.

Of course the alternative is RepubliCare. Do you want to receive the RepubliCare death benefit?




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  1. They want his legacy to be "utter failure" and it's not happening. Lie, cheat, steal. do anything to ensure his failure.

  2. I thought the insurance companies were huge in writing ObamaCare.   They didn't want socialized medicine, and they won.   More people will be buying their product.   It is better for them than proposals by past Republican presidents – more right wing than what they wanted.

    • Howard, while ObamaCare leaves a lot to be desired, it represents both a step in the right direction and the best we could get at the time.

  3. And now comes the immoral efforts of Rethuglicans to try and subvert the law that a majority in Congress, elected by a majority of American citizens elected, passed.  Norm Orstein at the National Journal has some wise words on their moral turpitude:

    When a law is enacted, representatives who opposed it have some choices…. They can try to repeal it, which is perfectly acceptable—unless it becomes an effort at grandstanding so overdone that it detracts from other basic responsibilities of governing. They can try to amend it to make it work better—not just perfectly acceptable but desirable, if the goal is to improve a cumbersome law to work better for the betterment of the society and its people. They can strive to make sure that the law does the most for Americans it is intended to serve, including their own constituents, while doing the least damage to the society and the economy. Or they can step aside and leave the burden of implementation to those who supported the law and got it enacted in the first place.


    But to do everything possible to undercut and destroy its implementation—which in this case means finding ways to deny coverage to many who lack any health insurance; to keep millions who might be able to get better and cheaper coverage in the dark about their new options; to create disruption for the health providers who are trying to implement the law, including insurers, hospitals, and physicians; to threaten the even greater disruption via a government shutdown or breach of the debt limit in order to blackmail the president into abandoning the law; and to hope to benefit politically from all the resulting turmoil—is simply unacceptable, even contemptible…. That the effort is spearheaded by the Republican leaders of the House and Senate … takes one's breath away.

  4. President Obama and Democrat & Republican Congress are not interested in making this affordable to citizens, they are just looking at the additional tax money.  What a terrible way to think when this is going to be a huge burden to most families.  Most people will wind-up with 20% that there will never be an end to their medical bills, and high premiums w/ less coverage.  President & Congress should be ASHAMED  of themselves putting GREED ahead of AFFORTABLE Healthcare for the people, heck they think this insurance is so bad that they are not taking it themselves, which should be required. If they want better insurance then they should pay for it on their own dime.

    Obama needs to end FINANCIAL-AID and use our tax dollars $$ on ourselves and give FREE Healthcare to ALL American Citizens. Let our money keep us healthy. What better way to spend it?

    Our Country has had many changes in the last 10-20 yrs. We cannot be giving out all this Foreign-Aid times have change we cannot no longer afford to be giving our money away, when so many families are suffering, it makes NO sense at all. Its just no longer do-able.

    Why are healthcare costs so high, look at British, look at Canada? I spoke to a lady in Canada she loves the healthcare her gov't provides, her monthly premium is 65.00 a month and full coverage on her Medicines $5-10 dollar copays for 3-month supply, how can you go wrong with that, and their Seniors they pay into the system all their lives and when they retire, or become disabled they no long pay premiums. So something is very wrong with our Healthcare system. Obamacare will not be getting any Gold Stars ** either.

    It all comes down to GREED< GREED< GREED. Lets stop all this Greed, we cannot AFFORD it anymore, we are reaching into the bottom of our buckets. Why is Congress & our President doing anything to help us? They are not doing their JOBS.  I think asking for the Gov't to sponsor our healthcare using our Foreign-Aid money to support the cost is not a lot to ask for.


    Our Country is not financially sound any longer, has not been for years, its time to STOP Foreign-Aid, in reality we cannot AFFORD  it any longer.

    Other Countries hate us as it is, so why should we be giving them anything, when we are suffering here in the U.S so badly. The Economy is not good. Our Gov't is destroying us & borrowing & borrowing from China. ENOUGH is ENOUGH !!!







  5. Things are going to get worse for everyone in 2014. The Great Obamacare is starting, high copays, deductibles & co-insurance.

    Full timers will find themselves going part time so employers don't have to supply healthcare. Its the only way they can get out of it. So I hope you can all make it on 30 hours or less a week. I know I can't. 


    We give out all this FREE FOREIGN-AID yet the American people are left to suffer. The Middle Class is getting slammed, again.


    Why do we keep giving FOREIGN-AID? I think we need to take all that tax money and use it for FREE HEALTHCARE FOR ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS. Why do we not have a say in this? Where are our Congressman/Women, they were elected to represent the people instead they are only worrying about themselves. (You got it no Obamacare for them) its not good enough for them. Its time we all speak up. Write your representatives tell them you do not want your money used for Foreign-Aid, you want it to pay for FREE Healthcare for American Citizens. Its time for them to look out for us, after all its our contributions and our votes that that put them in office. 


    Time to Reform Obamacare. 

    • AB since your two rants are so similar, I'll only reply to one.  While the botion of using foreign aid money to provide health care for all Americans, sounds appealing, it's really quite absurd, because what America spends on foreign aid is a tiny fraction of what America spends on health care.  You're trying to fill a lake from a thimble.

      You might want to check the rest of your facts too.  They are fine, except they are wrfong, across the board.

  6. Obama care has all ready helped my sister.  She has a 20 year old son that she was able to keep on her health insurance plan thanks to this bill.  He was recently diagnosed with Krohns disease.  If she did not have health insurance for him, she would be bankrupt.

  7. The congress spends all of it's time trying to repeal ObamaCare lol.  They must know it never going to happen.  ObamaCare will help millions of people.   The new republian/tea party(not that the old republians did) really donot care and they really do not understand that goverment plays a vital role in making America work for everyone

  8. It doesn't matter what programme you roll out, there will always be glitches.  Why?

    1) Because people don't read all the information available.

    2) Because people expect perfection the first time through.

    3) Because people don't prepare ahead of time and don't do what they are told.

    4) Because of unforeseen circumstances — programme administrators and computer tech supports are not clairvoyant!

    5) Because someone who is generally opposed to the programme will try to fuddle it.

    6) Because shit happens!

    I have rolled out new products, new promotions, and new computer programmes throughout my banking career. Try as hard as you can, and you still won't get a perfect roll out!

    Obamacare is no different.  In my estimation, the biggest hazard is the Republicanus/Teabaggers who are, in stead of helping their constituents, laying a campfire in hopes that it becomes a raging wild fire.

    All the negative rhetoric from the Republicanus/Teabaggers, including the 40 votes to repeal Obamacare, prove that they don't give a rat's ass about ALL their constituents.  Obamacare will ensure that some 30 million Americans that currently don't have health insurance for various reasons, will be getting it.  Instead of plugging emergency rooms which is more expensive, Americans can have preventative care so that there are fewer visits to the emergency.


    • So true.  Here's a humorous example of shit happening.

      Before there was a WWW, online computing was done through Bulletain Board Services (BBS's) running on a single computer that people could access using the phone lines.  The operator was called the SysOp, and he/she often had helpers like a GraphicsOp, MessageOp, DownloadOp, GamesOp, etc.  I ran such a board and I modified it's software very frequently.  There was one guy who had a unique ability to fall through the tiniest hole in my programming code.  I often received calls from him in the middle of the night, "Tom, I crashed your board again!"  He was most apologetic and  embarrassed, and I could not convince him that every time he crashed the board, he was doing me a favor, by showing me what I needed to fix.  To show Ken how valuable he was, I gave him a level increase and a job title.  Ken became my CrashOp.

  9. BIG Mouth Awards 

    I was curious why I don't ever receive one of these?

    Every 1,000th Comment

    Of course the alternative is RepubliCare. Do you want to receive the RepubliCare death benefit?

    Die Quickly…!

    • Richard you get a Big Mouth Award when you post an even 1000th comment here at PP.  Patty gets one today, because yesterday she posted the 44,000th comment here at Politics Plus.  Pat A almost got it, but she posted # 43,999 and # 44,001.

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