Jul 192013

Yesterday the cloud cover lasted longer than forecast, so the temperature never reached 80° outside.  Nevertheless it hovered at 90° inside all day, because of the way the brickwork here retains heat and radiates it through the walls.  It has currently dropped to 84°, but the heat is forecast to return with a vengeance today.  At least I got some sleep last night.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:06 (average 5:23).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From Daily Kos: It’s been quite a day for Elizabeth Warren.  First, her CFPB finally gets its director, after Reid plus 50 finally show some cojones. Then she appears on CNBC’s The Squawk Box and responds to the hostile and ill-informed questioning of that crew.


It is so wonderful that America has a Senator with the knowledge to deflect the BS from Bankster backers like these.  Do those Republicans, masquerading as journalists, look like they just ate a bad clam, or what? Go Lizzie Go!!!

From YouTube: Rush Limbaugh’s Racism


For Limbarf to say he’s not racist is like a turd saying it doesn’t stink. I apologize to the turd for mentioning it with the philosophical head of the Republican Party, whose putrid ring they bow to kiss, almost without exception.

From MSNBC: Republicans would restrict what you can do in the bedroom.


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This did not come from The Onion or Andy Borowitz. If it passes, will they change the name of the state from Virginia to Vagina?




  17 Responses to “Open Thread–7/19/2013”

  1. 3:29 I kept trying to smell this daisy. It didn't work.

  2. Any word yet on your apartment application?

  3. For Limbarf to say he’s not racist is like a turd saying it doesn’t stink.

    Elizabeth Warren is Awesome and I have more symbolic words for Limbaugh = Scum… :mrgreen:

  4. From MSNBC: Republicans would restrict what you can do in the bedroom.

    Republican/Tea-Bag job creation via the bedroom police… 🙂

  5. The video on Elizabeth Warren was blocked by NBC Universal.

    I only watched a minute of Rush, made me ill. I don't understand why he is still on the air.

    Virginia is fast becoming the laughing stock of the nation due to idiot politicians like this one.  He might have to put his whole state in jail if this becomes law.

    • Sorry, Edie.  It was embedded in the article I referenced, and for NBC stations, it's usually not an issue.  In this case, they must object to people getting to see their propagandists get trashed.

      Because he still has sponsors.  Target AARP.

      I can see the convicted beg for lerniency, because it tasted like chicken. 😉

  6. Puzzle — 3:55  I damn near cut off my foot trying tip-toe through the daisies!

    Daily Kos — I would have liked to hear her but I had to settle for the snippet printed at the site since the video was unavailable due to copyright.  Go Elizabeth!  It must really piss off some of the Republicanus/Teabaggers to be set straight by a woman, a "delicate little flower!"

    YouTube — Why anyone would listen to that racist, bigoted troll is beyond me!

    MSNBC — Cuccinelli is a rabid dog that needs to be put out of Virginia's misery.  Haven't Virginians suffered enough with Governor Ultrasound?  How is he going to enforce the law — have the NSA beef up its surveillance techniques.  Lawrence has a point too — will Cuccinelli answer truthfully if asked if he has only had vaginal sex?  I think he'd have to be wired to a lie detector before I would even consider his answer.  Lawrence was good — he even got beeped at the end!

    Cartoon — Yup, just like a Republicanus/Teabagger!  Dress one way, and they accuse women of being sluts!  Dress more modestly including bloomers, and they are dressed so theRepublican/Teabaggers can't get at the women fast enough!  Let's hear it for bloomers!


    • Dang!  a BIG cut!! 😉

      See my reply to Edie, please.  Agree!

      Republicans follow him religiously.

      As a TomCat, I am highly prejudiced toward felines, bet you owe that dawg an apology.  Could Virginia have developed a new breatholyzer test?

      They consider women sluts, because they want them to be that way, unless they are married to them.

  7. Actually 52 Attorneys General signed this letter, since the AG's of five territories signed.

  8. Oops, the graphic didn't come through.  It's at http://action.terrymcauliffe.com/page/-/targetedsharing/vawa_ts.png

    • I'm sorry, Joanne.  Only signed in authours can post graphics in comments, because of a bug in the editing plugin.  If there were a functional replacement for it, I woulod use it.  Gredsat graphic and great ad!

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