Jul 092013

Better late than never.  For the last several months Politics Plus has been very slow, largely due to my illness, hospitalization and heat dysfunction.  I am still not all the way back, and have been sharing links at only the most productive site of the several sites I used to.

Here is our latest summary:



In the monthly totals, a Site is any website from which someone accessed our server, a Hit is every access attempt to our server, and a file is every access attempt to our server that returned data.  The difference between hits and files is from access attempts that were sent in error or damaged in transit and failed attempts by hackers, spammers, phishers, and Republicans to access the back end and take control of the site.

Here is our latest Clustrmap:


Our map was archived in February, so what you see is from March 1.

Here are our top 10 blog/news referrers for June.











Every time we link to their sites, it increases their ratings, so here’s some linkey-love in return.  The best ways you can spread the message to others is to use the share button at the bottom of each article to list our articles on the the networking sites where you belong. Quote PP articles on your own blogs also helps.  The operative commandment here is “thou shalt steal.”  We’re on the same side here, and I encourage it.  Even if you want to repost a whole article, that’s OK.  Just link back, please.  Also, feel free to swipe my graphics in the articles.  If they are labeled with our Politics Plus URL, they are my work.

Here are the top fifteen commenters for February.  I remembered and copied them off in time.  I don’t count, as I’m the resident big mouth, and I try to reply to every comment, except replies directed at someone else.  Those who leave their URLs in their comments, also get linkey-love here.

Lynn Squance (126)

Patty (84)

Jerry Critter (57)

SoINeedAName (47)

Edith Belcher (46)

Angelica (41)

Pat A (39)

Rixar13 (21)

Lee Evans (17)

Jim Phillips (16)

Lisa G. (5)

William Lemeshevsky (5)

Dotti Lydon (4)

John Dasef (4)

Marva (4)

We have 1,264,636 links on other websites.

Our Technorati rating is 423, very high on the B List, and they rate us as the 3287th most influential blog in the world.  That won’t last.  One of our articles in June received a lot of national attention.

As of Midnight, July 1, we have 4,246 articles and 43,078 comments.

I recommend using your own avatar. Go to GravatarSign up using the email address you use to post comments here and upload the image you want to use.  Whenever you comment under that email address here or on any WordPress blog (several others too), that image will be your avatar.

Well, we are hanging in there.  As long as this nation is infested with Republican InsaniTEA, our work remains.  Thank you for everything you do.  Our success is your success, and thank you for it.


  6 Responses to “Monthly Report for June 2013”

  1. I wouldn't worry too much about the numbers right now. Concentrate on healing fuly and your smoking cessation program. The numbers will improve. I have faith in America. Look at the excellent rating from Technorati.

    I'm sorry I don't belong to any social media sites to spread the word about your blog. My computers were infected with too many viruses, worms and worse. So I quit them all. It costs too much to remedy the problem. And that is money I can't spare,

  2. I'm no expert, but I do know that you were pretty sick there for a while.  I think therse numbers look pretty good – and I also think they will continue to get better. This is a great site that ofers a lot in the way of news and quality commentary.

  3. The numbers are coming and will continue as long as you stay healthy.  One thing that I have noticed lately is that more people, including Care2 people, are leaving their comments.

    Keep at it!  You're doing great.

  4. You are our leader and we all want you well. I am not techie enough to have my own blog, but I share on FB and email.  Keep up the good work, only when you feel like it.

  5. Thanks everyone, and thanks for sharing the material.  All things considered, I'm quite pleased with these numbers.  I was able to keep us on the A list for almost a year, something virtually unheard of for a single-author blog, but my health won't take that pace and B list works for me.  I like being a place activists come for ammunition.

  6. A note of encouragement to TC, It's been 3 years and 2 months today for me being smoke free… I feel better everyday….

    I thank you for the links as I belong to Crooksandliars and thought one of the links was Firedoglake which I belong but, it was not there…I feel better posting my frustrations on the site as welll as in public too when it comes up…

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