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The ongoing war on women keeps bringing us surprise after surprise, and this week has been no exception, in addition to new tyrannical laws in other states, Texas Republicans, after promising that their war on women was over, have attacked afresh, using stealth.  This is crazy!

23texasAfter a raucous night, the House State Affairs Committee met in a small room and approved without discussion three contentious abortion bills.

The House will meet at 2 pm Sunday to debate the bills that would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, increase standards for abortion clinics, make doctors who perform abortions gain admitting privileges at an area hospital and mandate protocols β€” opposed by the American College of OB/GYNs –for pills used to induce abortions.

The three bills were passed along partisan lines.

More than 700 signed up to testify on the three bills and pushed the committee to continue meeting until 3:40 a.m. with hundreds of women and a few men still waiting to testify… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <Dallas Morning News>

Rachel Maddow reported on even more TEAbuggery against women and the rest of this story with Texas State Representative Jessica Farrar.

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Now, what we’re seeing in Texas is Stealth War on Women. Even so, Republicans had to commit a crime to pass it out of committee. Kudos to all who protested, provided food, and did everything else to fight this Republican tyranny. Kudos to all who will protest on Sunday.  May there be thousands!


  17 Responses to “Women TEAbuggered in Texas Too”

  1. The war on women is especially sickening when one realizes that it is undertaken to please the KKK, Christian fundamentalist wackos, and a host of other white supremacist fringe groups.  Without the support of these voters, the GOP has nothing. 

  2. As people have commented before – the GOP/TP want more and more foetuses and they care for them right up till the moment of birth – when they go on the scrapheap unless they are millionaires or billionaires….

  3. For the state to go so far to avoid hearing from all its citizens that wanted to be heard; to set up a second meeting hastily convened so as not to give the public a chance to participate and hold a vote; to move to a special Sunday sitting of the state assembly — this is pure obstruction of "We the People".

    It is well past time to send all Republican/Teabagger politicians, state and federal, to the unemployment line!  It is past time to return government of, by and for the people.

    And to add insult to injury, your PP graphic hanger was likely made in China!

    • Well, they certainly won't allow any of the profit from the War on Women to actually trickle down!  For Republicans, all profit must gush up.

  4. Despite numerous iterations of their “Outreach” efforts, Rethuglicans continue to FAIL.

    And it’s not just evolving demographics.  It’s not just a piss-poor presentation of their policies.  It’s their policies themselves.

    As long as they insist on pandering to the basest elements of their base – anti-women, anti-gay, anti-science, anti-immigration, anti-anything Pres. Obama would support … anti-anything that marks the 21st Century – they will continue in the “Death Spiral” that even their own Sen. Lindsey Graham said was inevitable.

  5. BTW, that black and white gif….OMG!  That is so funny!

  6. Beyond outrage! so much for "democracy"!

  7. I repeat, why would ANY woman vote Republican? 

  8. Edith Belcher; to answer why a woman would vote Repuglican: take a look at the women at Repuglican events; god-zombies and Stepford wives. At Tea Party events, the average IQ is probably close to the attendees' (male and female) waist measurements. The War on Women has always been with us, and recent events only confirm the pervasiveness of it throughout our male-dominated society. These panels on women's health issues are truly theatre of the obscene because they are all-male events (men have absolutely no business in/right to any involvement in any women's issues). Our last presidential race allowed the Repuglicans to show their true agenda because they thought Romney was a shoo-in.

    • Welcome Lauren.  L-)

      You are right.  They buried themselves so deep within their own news bubble that they ate their own BS.

  9. Do you know where the "Come and Take It" image came from? Thanks! It's great!

    • Welcome Maggi.  πŸ™‚

      That is a sign, given to demonstrators at The Texas legislature at the time of this demonstration.

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