Jun 222013

Going into day 8, I’m having a major problem with my patches.  Can anyone tell me how to make the damn things stay lit? :-(  We’ve has comments from a right-wing celebrity and his militia.  You may want to revisit Free the ATF!Please remember the rule that here, we treat those with opposing views with respect.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:07 (average 4:25).  To do it click here.  How did you do?

Fantasy Football:

We still have room for  two more players in our lefty league.  For more info. click here.

Short Takes:

From KGO-TV: A gathering of liberal bloggers and activists is drawing some big name politicians to San Jose this weekend.


I’ll have Jeff’s video, when I can find it. Once again, Oregon leads the way!

From The Hill: Momentum has shifted in the battle over immigration reform, putting Senate Democrats in a position to pass a bipartisan bill with well over 60 votes.

Republican lawmakers predicted Thursday that as many as 15 Republicans could vote for comprehensive immigration reform legislation, putting the bill’s sponsors in striking distance of their 70-vote goal.

The bill’s sponsors scored a victory Thursday when they announced a deal with Republican Sens. Bob Corker (Tenn.) and John Hoeven (N.D.) to double the number of border patrol agents to 40,000. The compromise also mandates the construction of 700 miles of fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border and an increased deployment of surveillance technology.

Since border crossing has equalized in recent years (zero net change), doubling the border agents is a waste of money. After his failure yesterday, I doubt that Boehner will put anything forward in the House without support from a majority of Republicans.  Also, what about those politeness terrorists to the north? 😉

From Washington Post:

Former Vermont governor Howard Dean, who in 2004 lost his bid to become the Democratic presidential nominee, says he’ll consider another run for president in 2016.

Dean — an outspoken liberal — told CNN’s Peter Hamby that he will run if other candidates aren’t addressing the issues that are important to him.

“I am not driven by my own ambition,” Dean said. “What I am driven by is pushing the country in a direction that it desperately needs to be pushed, pushing other politicians who aren’t quite as frank as I am who need to be more candid with the American people about what needs to happen. I am not trying to hedge. It’s a hard job running. It’s really tough. I am doing a lot of things I really enjoy. But you should never say never in this business.”

How interesting! I’m more confident that Hillary could win the General, but Dean’s policies align more closely with my own. If he runs, I will probably support him early, knowing that he has little chance to get the nomination, and in spite of reservations about Hillary, would support her in general election over any Republican.




  13 Responses to “Open Thread–6/22/2013”

  1. 3:46 I'm afraid I let my ice cream melt. I was too slow.

  2. Thanks TC!

  3. Puzzle — 3:24  I'm a bit slow because as I worked the puzzle, my mind was drawn to a lime, raspberry and pineapple fresh fruit sorbet.  I think I will stop and get one on the way to my mother's today and celebrate the solstice.  Hmmmmmmmmmmm!  I can taste it now!

    KGO-TV — Warren and Merkley for 2016!?

    The Hill — With so much nastiness from the right towards undocumented people from south of the US border, you have to wonder why they still come.  Will it pass or has the farm bill set a new standard in duplicity?  And I suppose that reference to "politeness terrorists" was put there for my enjoyment?  Well wait until we start lobbing poutine and frozen hockey pucks over the border!  You won't think of us as 'polite' then!

    Washington Post — Maybe a ticket of Warren and Merkley, one from the east and the other the west?

    Cartoon — The Weeper of the House looks like he is getting hammered!

    • Critter crunched.  I was some B & J yesteday.  That pint has lasted me over two weeks.

      2024 perhaps?  Just politically active people know her.  Fewer know him.

      For a job.  I don't think anything sane will pass the House.



  4. I was one of those small contributor's to Elizabeth's campaign last year.  And I live in Minnesota, not Massachusetts.  I would LOVE to see her become our first female president.  I am bit conflicted about that because she is doing such a marvelous job in the Senate and we need her there too.  But she would be a wonderful president and she has enough humility to not let a couple of terms there retire her.  Maybe she could come back to the Senate.  :^).  But I really do think she could galavanize the progressive voters like no other in 2016.  I'd enjoy that campaign a lot. 

    • Gene, I also contributed to her campaign and I live in Oregon.  While she would galvinize progressives, real progressives are a minority.  She needs more exposure outside academia, so I would suggest 2024.

  5. As you suggested, I went back to the "Free the ATF" to peruse the NRA contingents' comments.

    WRT to them calling you a Commie a couple of times: I guess everyone looks like a Commie … when you're a Nazi.

    And my overall take on their level of comments can be summed up in this Take Home:

    Kids, this is why you should NEVER eat lead paint.

    (Was I "respectful" enough?  Dang … I didn't think so either.)


    • Respect is earned, not given.

    • Guys, you're right, but please try to see my sidse of it.  If I delete or disallow personal attacks from wing-nuts, but turn around and allow then from friends, that paints me as a hypocrite.  Having actual respect is not a prerequisite for acting with respectful courtesy.

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