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Jun 132013

Once upon a time, the residents of North Carolina enjoyed the benefits of US citizenship, but I’m sad to inform you that the state of North Carolina has now been replaced by the Fascist Totalitarian Plutocracy of McCrorystan, and their TEAfuhrer, Pat McCrory, is goose-stepping them backwards into the 19th century.


“Outsiders are coming in and they’re going to try to do to us what they did to Scott Walker in Wisconsin,” North Carolina Republican Governor Pat McCrory said yesterday, in response to the growing “Moral Monday” protest movement.

North Carolina is the new Wisconsin, but not for the reasons McCrory alleges. Like in Wisconsin, a homegrown grassroots resistance movement has emerged—and grown rapidly—to challenge the drastic right-wing agenda unveiled by Republicans in the state. Just like the Koch brothers backed Scott Walker, the Koch’s billionaire ally and close associate Art Pope funded North Carolina’s Republican takeover in 2010 and 2012. (Only McCrory went a step further and actually named Pope to his inner circle as deputy budget director.) And North Carolina, like Wisconsin, is “a state fight with national implications,” says Rev. William Barber of the North Carolina NAACP. Republicans have imported a slew of ALEC-inspired policies in an attempt to turn the New South back into the Old Confederacy.

Melissa Harris-Perry covered the North Carolina “Moral Monday” movement extensively on her MSNBC show last Saturday. I [Ari Berman] was one of the panelists.


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In a few months since taking over power for the first time in one hundred years, North Carolina Republicans have passed or introduced legislation that would: eliminate the earned income tax credit for 900,000; decline Medicaid coverage for 500,000 and privatize public healthcare in the state; end unemployment benefits for 165,000 in a state with the country’s fifth-highest unemployment rate; cut pre-K for 30,000 kids while shifting $90 million from public education to voucher schools; cut taxes for the top 5 percent while raising taxes on the bottom 95 percent; allow for guns to be purchased without a background check and carried in parks, playgrounds, restaurants and bars; do away with public financing of judicial races; prohibit death row inmates from challenging racially discriminatory verdicts; and on it goes. (Unlike in Wisconsin, North Carolinians have no collective bargaining rights to protect).

In order to make it harder for opponents of these right-wing policies to challenge their sponsors, North Carolina Republicans have unloaded the kitchen sink of voter suppression…

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On the one hand, I feel very sorry for the victims of TEAfuhrer McCrory. On the other, we should take this as an object lesson of what happens when voters on the left stay home and/or waste their votes on protest candidates who cannot win.  As imperfect as the Democratic Party may be, when it comes to pure evil, they cannot hold a candle to this.

I have extreme kudos for McCrorystan's Moral Monday Movement and fully support their attempts to wrest their control McCrorystan from TEAfuhrer McCrory and reinstate North Carolina. (corrected 6/14 – Thanks Lynn)

The punishment for apathy is Republican tyranny.



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  1. My parents live in NC and they are Repubs.  That state is the new Mississippi.  I'll never understand why people vote R – it's against their own best interest.  The R's now make Reagan look like a socialist.

  2. This guy is beyond crazy!

  3. Thanks TC – very good article and very good video – may God bless everyone in the Moral Monday group!  Hooray for them!  Having read and listened to so much that Gov'r Pat McCrory has done – I thoroughly approve of the revised flag (it made me blink at first), however it is very apt – it sounds as though McCrory and his ilk and the Koch brothers would love it (in private, of course, it wouldn't be politic to admit it in public!).  

    I also agree wholeheartedly with your slogan –

    The punishment for apathy is Republican tyranny.

    WAKE UP!!



    • Thanls Pat.  Art Pope, the billionare who bought it for the Teafuhrer, is a close ally of the Koch Brothers.  As for my flag, when I compare the Republican party to the Nazs, I document it with their behavior.

  4. I am sad for North Carolina, it has, in the past, been a progressive southern state.  The Republicans and Tea arty are appealing to the basest human emotions, and it is deplorable.

  5. There's a bear out there with McCrory indigestion!  What a crock of bear scat!  The Moral Monday Movement is so needed!  McCrory and his cronies have to go in 2016 unless North Carolinians can recall him.

    I remember reading several years ago that North Carolina was the place to do business because there were so many incentives for corporations.  With McCrory lowering taxes for the rich and corporations, I guess they will stay or come if not there yet.

    Taking life back to the days of the Old Confederacy.  My condolences to North Carolinians!

    Up with Moral Mondays!

    PS — Tc, in your final comment at the end, I'm sure you meant "Moral Monday Movement" and not "Moral Majority Movement".  I'm sure that Jerry Falwell would be pleased if McCrory used "Moral Majority Movement" were he around.

    • Lynn, I'm sorry, but I cannot believe that a brar could have such bad taste.  I agree with everything else, and have corrected my grain fart, Thank You.

  6. In order to make it harder for opponents of these right-wing policies to challenge their sponsors, North Carolina Republicans have unloaded the kitchen sink of voter suppression…

    I'm going to call my Veteran Buddy in North Carolina with this story, no more dale mabrey with Andy Griffith…

  7. To the Republican who posted under the name pleeplius, called liberalism a disease, and accused me of thinking Obama is Pope.  Your comment was deleted.  We welcome opposing views here.  However I do chech email addresses, because I need to ber able to make contact in the event of a misunderstanding.  I have done so less than five times in over ten years of writtinbg blogs, so I do not abuse the privilege.  People who lack the respect and integrity to post under their real email address are not approved.

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