The Problem with RepubliCare

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Apr 082013

While far too many are focused on the proposed cuts to the safety net contained in Obama’s budget, not enough are focused on how the Republican Party is trying trash the safety net.  One of the best examples of how they are doing so is RepubliCare. as this excellent editorial by Paul Krugman demonstrates.

RepubliCarePresident Obama will soon release a new budget, and the commentary is already flowing fast and furious. Progressives are angry (with good reason) over proposed cuts to Social Security; conservatives are denouncing the call for more revenues. But it’s all Kabuki. Since House Republicans will block anything Mr. Obama proposes, his budget is best seen not as policy but as positioning, an attempt to gain praise from “centrist” pundits.

No, the real policy action at this point is in the states, where the question is, How many Americans will be denied essential health care in the name of freedom?

I’m referring, of course, to the question of how many Republican governors will reject the Medicaid expansion that is a key part of Obamacare. What does that have to do with freedom? In reality, nothing. But when it comes to politics, it’s a different story.

It goes without saying that Republicans oppose any expansion of programs that help the less fortunate — along with tax cuts for the wealthy, such opposition is pretty much what defines modern conservatism. But they seem to be having more trouble than in the past defending their opposition without simply coming across as big meanies.

Specifically, the time-honored practice of attacking beneficiaries of government programs as undeserving malingerers doesn’t play the way it used to. When Ronald Reagan spoke about welfare queens driving Cadillacs, it resonated with many voters. When Mitt Romney was caught on tape sneering at the 47 percent, not so much… [emphasis added]

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Ever since Obama first revealed that his budget contains entitlement cuts, I have opined that he was making a proposal that would never come to fruition t stake out political territory  I don’t feel so lonely anymore, now that Krugman has come out with the same explanation I have been giving.  I’m sure he did not get the idea from me.  Rather, it’s just that great minds fall in the same ditch. Winking smile

The following map is a mere shadow of a fantastic interactive version from The Advisory BoardClick through to play with it for more information on Medicaid expansion about your state and others.



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  1. When Ronald Reagan spoke about welfare queens driving Cadillacs, it resonated with many voters. When Mitt Romney was caught on tape sneering at the 47 percent, not so much

    The real welfare queens DO indeed drive Cadillacs, Audis, Mazzarattis and all the rest of the high end cars. They also own their own jets, multiple mansions, and some even own islands. Let's clamp down on them instead of the poor and down-trodden.

  2. TomCat and Patty – you said it for me!  Lovely precis Patty!

  3. Can't add a word to Tom and Patty!!

  4. Over time, as people come to realize that affordable coverage is now guaranteed, it will have a powerful liberating effect.

    But what we still don’t know is how many Americans will be denied that kind of liberation — a denial all the crueler because it will be imposed in the name of freedom.

    This whole idea that Medicare/Medicaid is taking away people's freedom is so ludicrous.  Having affordable and timely care frees people up of the worry over health and costs, thereby providing more freedom.

    It seems that "freedom" is the Republican/Teabagger buzz word geared to hype a certain part of the populace, that part that does not know how to think or act for themselves or their countrymen.  Another example —gun control — Mr Obama is taking away your freedom to own guns. 

    When will people learn?  As the song Bobby McGee goes: "Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose, And nothin' ain't worth nothin' but it's free, …".  . . . and that's exactly where the Republican/Teabaggers will take the US.

    • Sadly, when Republicans talk of freedom it's the freedom to do evil by violating the rights of others, and to get away with it.

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