Mar 082013

Yesterday I got lots of sleep, and I needed it.  I’m current with replies.  Tomorrow should be routine.

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Short Takes:

From MoveOn: The Funniest Anti-Gay Marriage Ad We’ve Seen In At Least Two Weeks


This obvious satire makes an excellent point. Republicans act as though who other people love threatens their ability to love. It does not. If threatens only the popularity of their hate.

From NY Times: Four years ago, as a newly elected president began his efforts to rescue the economy and strengthen the social safety net, conservative economic pundits — people who claimed to understand markets and know how to satisfy them — warned of imminent financial disaster. Stocks, they declared, would plunge, while interest rates would soar…

…Sure enough, this week the Dow Jones industrial average has been hitting all-time highs, while the current yield on 10-year U.S. government bonds is roughly half what it was when The Journal published that screed…

…the important point about these particular bad predictions is that they came from people who constantly invoke the potential wrath of the markets as a reason we must follow their policy advice. Don’t try to cover America’s uninsured, they told us; if you do, you will undermine business confidence and the stock market will tank. Don’t try to reform Wall Street, or even criticize its abuses; you’ll hurt the plutocrats’ feelings, and that will lead to plunging markets. Don’t try to fight unemployment with higher government spending; if you do, interest rates will skyrocket.

And, of course, do slash Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid right away, or the markets will punish you for your presumption.

Click through for the rest of Krugman’s excellent editorial that explains why Republican policies are no better than their predictions.

From ABC: Standing firm on new firearm restrictions, Colorado Democrats are on the cusp of advancing aggressive gun-control proposals Friday in a state balancing a history of heartbreaking shootings with a Western heritage where gun ownership is treasured by many.

There is really no conflict between the two. Sensible regulation poses no threat to responsible gun use, just like licensing and registration poses no threat to responsible driving.



Baggers are still stuck on just fingers.


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  1.  "Republicans act as though who other people love threatens their ability to love. It does not. If threatens only the popularity of their hate."

    Well stated, Tom.  That is exactly right.

  2. Open Thread–3/8/2013 …

    Open Thread–3/8/2013 …

    As Yogi Berra said: "It's deja vu all over again."

    Or is this Groundhog Day?

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