Feb 282013

I’m making an attempt at a normal day.  Wish me luck.  I’m current with replies, however briefly.  Let’s hope this lasts into tomorrow.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:56 (average 5:02).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From MoveOn: Ever Wonder Where The $50 You Fill Up Your Gas Tank With Goes?


With such huge revenues, not to mention outlandish profits, Big Oil does NOT need subsidies and/or loopholes. Say no to Republican terrorism.

From Public Integrity: During a heated exchange Tuesday night, Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., accused Fox News host Sean Hannity of being "a shill for the Republican Party."

Hannity’s response: denying the charge and betting Ellison $10,000 that he is not a registered Republican.

Incidentally, that’s about the same amount of money that Hannity donated to Republicans in 2010.

If Hannity were not a total liar, he would be working somewhere else.

From my email: In December 2010, a majority of Canada’s MPs voted in favour of a motion to permanently ban bulk crude oil tanker traffic through Canada’s North Pacific coast, including the waters of the Great Bear Rainforest. The motion was symbolic — Prime Minister Harper was under no obligation to act — but it sent a clear signal that Canada’s political parties were willing to co-operate to protect our coast. The NDP, Liberals and the Bloc Québécois all stood up that day to vote for the motion.

Today, we risk losing some of that hard-won ground.

The federal Liberal party is choosing a new leader, and so far only one of the eight candidates is staying true to the party’s historic commitment to protect B.C.’s coast from oil tankers and oil spills. The one candidate standing up so far is B.C. MP Joyce Murray. In fact, Murray is taking an even stronger stand, by clearly opposing Kinder Morgan’s oil tanker plans for our south coast as well.

Would you be willing to sign up to participate in the federal Liberal leadership vote to help hold this ground? It doesn’t cost anything and you can sign up in less than five minutes.

This action alert is for Canadians only.  We support their efforts to protect the environment.




  19 Responses to “Open Thread–2/28/2013”

  1. As we all know, today is Pope Benedict XVI last day at the office.

    The Vatican has decided that from here on he will be addressed as "Pope Emeritus".

    But since I've always preferred a good Sunday Brunch over listening to a homily, I think I'm going to call him Ex-Benedict.

  2. 3:56  This one was enough to drive a sane person bananas!

  3. Puzzle — 3:56 This one was enough to drive a sane person bananas!

    MoveOn — Amen! In Canada, I believe the total of taxes on fuel is a lot higher. In BC, we are paying $1.30 per litre roughly. The last $50 fill up, I paid sales tax $2.38 on top of the taxes included in the per litre cost which I believe is somewhere around .40/litre or $16. Crazy eh!

    Public Integrity — Hannity is such a twerp! On the issue of him saying he wasn't a registered Republican, it comes down to "you say tomatoe, I say tomato". If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a frteaking duck!

    Your email — Thanks for getting this out.  I have already registered and have watched one of the debates.  Much like the US debates, but for the most part, I think a little more civilised.  I'll try and find the link and post it later.

    Cartoon — Yup, Lincoln would be rolling in his grave if he could see what the Republican Party has become.

  4. I said I would try to get the link for the Liberal Party debates and here is one I received today for this coming sunday 3 March at 12 pm ET which is 9 am on the west coast.  Unfortunately I will have to watch the tape as I will be at church.

    Get ready for more one-on-one debates between the 2013 LPC Leadership candidates this Sunday in Halifax.

    But for the first time, the candidates can ask each other questions on any topic they want.

    Tune in online on Liberal.ca and join thousands of Liberals from across Canada at 12 pm Eastern Time on Sunday, March 3 to watch the 4th 2013 LPC Leadership debate live from Halifax.

    Click here before 12 pm ET on Sunday or bookmark the page right now:


    Also, if you want to check out the previous debates in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Greater Toronto that happened earlier, here's the link: http://www.liberal.ca/leadership-2013/

    • I wonder how I knew you would flesh this one out for me. 😉

      • . . . because we're both puddy tats? . . . or because I used to keep pre-empting you with the Borowitz Report? . . . or because great minds think alike? (my mother added this: But fools seldom differ.)

  5. Good luck, TC. Stay healthy for a while!


    MoveOn ~ The Big Oil companies still don't make enough money on us and NEED those damn government subsidies. Just ask their minions on the Hill.


    Public Integrity ~ I believe this is the first time I have ever heard Hannity's name associated with "Integrity".


    Let us all hope and pray that our good neighbors to the north do what is right for our environment.


    Cartoon ~ Many Republicans of yesteryear are rolling in their graves.

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