Feb 102013

The day off yesterday did me a lot of good, as I slept most of the day.  That has left me a bit groggy, but groggy from too much sleep is better than bleary-eyed from too little.  I’m current with replies.  Tomorrow looks good.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:49 (average 4:45).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Religious Misery:

This is the first Sunday since the Ellipsoid Orb has gone dark, shedding no light to the world, and depriving the faithful of meditation.  May we survive this horrid time.

Short Takes:

From Chicago Tribune: Action film star Steven Seagal, who racks up big body counts in his on-screen battles with bad guys, took on a new role on Saturday, training posse volunteers for controversial Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio in how to use guns to protect schools in shooting incidents.

Great! The Arizona Death Angel, Jan Brewer, and her Republican Cronies have an actor, on behalf of an idiot, teaching gung-ho militia types to use guns around kids.  InsaniTEA!

From NY Magazine: In a move that’s baffled and enraged his staunchly libertarian fans, three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul has asked the World Intellectual Property Organization to confiscate two domain names currently held by his supporters: RonPaul.com and RonPaul.org. In a Friday blog post [wing-nuts delinked], the sites’ proprietors fired back at their hero by claiming that they’d already offered to let Paul buy RonPaul.com (and its 170,000-follower mailing list) for a measly $250,000. (RonPaul.org was apparently thrown in as "a free gift.") After all, that’s the proper market economy way to handle this situation … right? Instead, their beloved leader has chosen to expropriate private property with the help of a major bastion of liberal tyranny: the United Nations, which controls the WIPA.

Ron Paul is as big a hypocrite as he is a corporatist, a misogynist, and a racist.  I just wish he had not littered the Senate before he left.

From Think Progress: Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback (R), like Republican governors all across the country, aims to implement a regressive tax plan that involves cutting income taxes for the rich while, in his case, maintaining a sales tax hike that primarily hurts the poor. The sales tax increase was supposed to be temporary when it was adopted in 2010, but Brownback now wants to make permanent.

Sales taxes disproportionately impact the poor, who are more likely to spend all or most of their income. According to an analysis by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, Brownback’s plan will raise taxes on the poorest Kansans, but still lose hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue due to huge tax cuts for the rich.

As I have often said before, Republicans oppose raising taxes only for millionaires, billionaires, and giant corporations. They want to raise YOUR taxes whenever they can.




  8 Responses to “Open Thread–2/10/2013”

  1. 3:07 I'm better with the birds than the bees.

  2. You'll probably be Jonesin' later on today, Tom. Take it slow. We're here for you.


    Chicago Tribune ~ I never did like him because of his movies. He tried to make himself over when he became a dad but obviously it didn't work. He's still as crazy as Ted Nugent.


    NY Magazine ~ He's showing his true colors now that he's not running for anything anymore.


    Think Progress ~ God forbid the rich pay more! How on earth could they afford to live?


    Cartoon ~ Please excuse me. I'm going to my quiet place right now.



  3. Puzzle — 3:23 I think I am better with animals that like to chase both, puddy tats!

    Religious Misery — Maybe it is time to take up needle point to keep your mind occuppied during those meditation times.  I hear it worked for Joe Namath after her retired and gave up wearing pantyhose.  Our minister's wife does either knitting or crocheting every Sunday as she sits in church (I wonder if it is because she has already heard the sermon?).  Maybe it will work.

    Chicago Tribune — Never did like Steven Seagal.  He rubbed me the wrong way — Now I know why.  He's a gun nut that hangs out with Republican/Teabaggers, and some of the worst ones if you ask me.

    NY Magazine — Use it (the UN) when it is appropriate (sic when it suits your purpose).  Littered the Senate.  Now that's a good one!  The American people need to take out the litter asap which for Rand Paul is 2016, is it not?

    Think Progress — Brownback.  I have an aversion to that name.   I have an aversion to his party — Republican/Teabaggers.  And I really have an aversion to his policy of cutting taxes for the rich and raising the sales tax, which as you said TC, hits the poor the hardest and disproportionately.  Reminds me of (gag me with a spoon) Herman Cain.

    Cartoon — Excellent and seemingly so true!

    Well I'm of to go see my mother and feed her.  I had a bad day yesterday of BS lows — 2.1 which I think is 38 on your scale — (didn't seem to matter if I ate or not) so I didn't go over.  Today is a little better but I still had a BS low much of today — 2.7 to 3.7 (48 – 67).  I just finished eating and will take a sandwich with me.  Very weird and I took less insulin last night.  Think I'll have to cut it back tonight too.  Glad to hear you're feeling better.

    • LOL!

      Nope.  The pemptatopn to stick a Repunliocan would be horrid! 😉

      Neither did I.  He fits only in the 'violence for the sake of violence alone' genre.

      Every day, such Republicans remind us who they are.


      That is way low.  My average for the last six months is 6.6.

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