Jan 302013

I still gradually climbing back, but am being careful not to overdo it  I’m current with replies.  Friday is my goal.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:46 (average 4:32).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From MoveOn: 5 Reasons The Republican Party Is Bound To Self Destruct


I would add 99% of America to that list.

From TPM (Photo credit: Daily Kos): The Senate approved the remaining $50.5 billion in relief for Hurricane Sandy victims on Monday afternoon, closing the chapter on a measure that became mired in controversy earlier this month.

The legislation passed by a vote of 62-36, with Republicans broadly opposed.

Here are the 36 shameful Republican misanthropes who opposed the bill.  31 had previously requested disaster relief for their own states.


From MSNBC: Father of Sandy Hook victim heckled during gun control testimony


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Republican death mongers have no sense of boundaries, shame, or decency.



And the American people finally realized  that the war was a lie.


  18 Responses to “Open Thread–1/30/2013”

  1. 3:35 It looks like my little Silly when she was a kitten. Let's see if Jerry or Lynn can give this old cat a lickin'.

  2. MoveOn ~ Don't forget that they are also at war with themselves.


    TPM ~ It proves that aid is only neccessary when it is in their districts. You never know when you're up for reelection.



    MSNBC ~ I'm not a violent person by any means but this made me want to reach out and deck someone.


    Cartoon ~ Remember the news programs back then? You saw limbs being blown off and all the carnage in the field.  So sad.




  3. Puzzle — 3:12  Cute kitten, but then I've never met a kitten that wasn't cute!

    MoveOn — I'd agree with that.  As you say, add the 99%.

    TPM — I propose that the Congress claw back previously disbursed disaster relief from the districts that these bozos represent and see how they like the political fallout.  After all, if they are opposed to disaster relief, it should be equitable.

    MSNBC — Only deck someone Patty?  I wanted to reach out and choke the living shit out of a bunch of the hecklers.  I too am not a violent person, actually quite the opposite.  But when the father of an extremely young murder victim comes to give his testimony, he deserves respect, and that was not evident.

    Cartoon — I remember the Tet Offensive from the news, but being Canadian, I was more removed.  This from Wikipedia: 

    Although the offensive was a military defeat for the communists, it had a profound effect on the US government and shocked the US public, which had been led to believe by its political and military leaders that the communists were, due to previous defeats, incapable of launching such a massive effort.

  4. I'd agree with the Thomas Friedman quote – but I think it may have missed out women and (in general) anyone who isn't part of the 1% even if they deludedly voted for the GOP/TP….  the Far Right really are far gone in dementia!

    I couldn't listen to the MSNBC video – I felt too nauseated at the very thought of someone heckling  a father whose innocent little child had been gunned down!

    Good to know you'll soon be better again TC – but take it easy please – we'd prefer to wait and get you really well!



    • Re Friedman — I was thinking the same thing about women and climate change.  But then I figured reproductive rights might come under biology, pay equity under economics, and climate change under physics since it is the forces of wind, water, air and tectonic stresses.  I know it might be a stretch but hey, if we listed every war the Republican/Teabaggers are engaged in, we'd be here all day!

    • Thanks Pat.  I saw it the way Lynn did.

  5. Tom, it is good to be back here and it is good to have you back. I am so glad that you are doing well again.

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