Jan 252013

What, you might ask, is a Nevada Leg Hound?  It is our Senate Majority, a worthless piece of lying DINO crap, who just betrayed his party and an overwhelming majority of the American people.  In short, he humped Mitch McConnell’s leg, whined, rolled over, ands played dead.


He could have gone nuclear. He could have forced senators to talk their mouths off. And he could have virtually dismantled the potent stalling tactic.

But in the end, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid refused to pull the trigger.

Why Reid decided to avoid taking unprecedented actions to dramatically weaken the filibuster is rooted chiefly in one main concern: Democrats, one day, will return to the minority and need the filibuster to block the GOP agenda.

Instead, Reid, known in the Senate as a leader far more concerned about keeping the trains running on time than his own ideological bent, focused squarely on what he considers his biggest obstacle: scheduling bills for debate and then moving on after the Senate has worked its will. The Nevada Democrat limited senators’ ability to stall the Senate from beginning floor debate and initiating talks with the House after legislation is passed. And he sought to speed floor debate only after the Senate has defeated a filibuster in a certain number of situations.

None of this goes nearly as far as filibuster reformers wanted — whether it was lowering the threshold from 60 votes to overcome a filibuster to 51, or actually requiring senators to go to the floor and carry out a stalling session… [emphasis added]

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The ridiculous thing here is his foolishness to believe that he is protecting the filibuster for future Democrats. If Republicans ever take the Senate again, you can be sure that their first order of business on day one will to eliminate the filibuster completely, claiming that is necessary, because Democrats have abused the filibuster during the Crawford Caligula Regime.  Count on it!

Ed Schultz is as angry as I am.

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He followed this up with another segment.

Rachel Maddow exposed Reid as the worthless liar he has become.

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She also followed up with another segment.

I would like the complete list of Democrats who opposed true reform. Other than Reid himself, the names I am hearing are Durban (IL), Feinstein (CA), and Manchin (WV). All should be primaried, when they stand for reelection.

For years I opposed LBJ over the War in Vietnam. That said, if LBJ were Senate Majority Leader now, we would have filibuster reform today. When the Senate reconvenes in 2015, the Democrats’ first order of business should be to replace Majority Leader, Harry Reid, the Nevada Leg Hound, with a Democrat, who will use his or her balls for something more than staining Bought Bitch Mitch McConnell’s trousers.  Reid just did more to prevent Barack Obama’s legacy than any Republican could have.


  14 Responses to “The Nevada Leg Hound Screwed the Pooch”

  1. Tom, I can hear you screaming all the way over here in Barneveld, NY.

  2. What Reid did was an unconscionable act of political cowardice, and his stated reasons for doing so simply do not pass muster. I sent Senator Merkley an e-mail thanking him for his efforts and assuring him of my continued support, and I'm hoping others will do the same.

    • I also sent an email thanking Sens. Merkley and Udall thanking them for their valiant effort.


      However, Reid is not a wimp. From the Daily Kos:

      "My fellow progressives, let's not call Harry Reid a wimp. Let's not say he's spineless. Let's not say he caved. Because I do not believe any of those are actually true."


      Read on, please.



      • Your point is well taken, Patty. Looking at it that way makes a lot of sense. Please note, though, that I didn't call Reid a wimp, I called him a coward. Back-stabbing Senators Merkley and Udall and all of the other progressives who were working for reform the way he did is the act of a coward.

    • I agree with Patty and her excellent article too, John.  I called him a DINO and a betrayer in the article.  In addition to Reid, the following need a progresssive primary opponent: Carl Levin, Max Baucus, Dianne Feinstein, Patrick Leahy, Barbara Boxer, and Mark Pryor.

  3. I was disappointed to read of this so-called compromise.  I wanted a talking tebate for two reasons.  If the party wishing to filibuster decided to actually try and explain themselves by actually talking I thought it would do plenty to advance dialogue and two, if the party wishing to filibuster decided to just read the phone book it would highlight their obstructionist ways.  

    I wish they would have at least lowered the threshold for overturning a filibuster.  I also do not think the Democrats will return to the minority any time soon being that the demographics are changing and the GOP can only really rig the congressional races – their attempts at state-wide contests have not been as successful.  I do believe that if the GOP do take the majority they would elliminate the filibuster and walk all over our rights.  Just look at what they are doing in statehouses across this nation (and how they are trying to rewrite the electoral process in Virginia).

    • I agree, Steve. I would have even been willing to acept the version where the minority needed 41 votes to keep a filibuster going, because it would inform thge people about which Senators  opposr the legislation, instead of hiding their identity as Republicans do now.

  4. TC — "…his foolishness to believe that he is protecting the filibuster for future Democrats. If Republicans ever take the Senate again, you can be sure that their first order of business on day one will to eliminate the filibuster completely…"

    Exactly!  If we can see that, why can't Harry Reid?  Since the rule of establishing the rules comes up once every two years, Harry could at least fix things for these next two years.  And if Harry says he has an agreement that McTurtle won't do away with the filibuster completely in a future Republican/Teabagger dominated senate, or won't use the filibuster indiscriminately, man do I have a big bridge to sell him.  McTurtle only knows how to lie.

    The other day I made a comment about Harry Reid appearing to have difficulty managing the stairs at the Inauguration.  Well I think it was because he was a little lightheaded from self castration.  He lost his balls on this one!  Is his middle initial 'J' for Judas?


  5. Reid always backs down, we need a new party leader!

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