Jan 102013

Yesterday I had to take a brief trip to the corner store for perishable staples.  After climbing the double flight of stairs returning to my apartment, I coughed so hard that I expected my own butt to come up.  I’m current with replies.  I’m sick of sick.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 4:00 (average 4:51).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From MoveOn: Why A Snow Day Brings Tears To Some American Children


Sadder still, the Republican Party is striving to take their lunch away every day to give the money to billionaires.

From NY Times: With his choice of Jacob J. Lew to be the secretary of Treasury, President Obama on Thursday will complete the transformation of his economic team from the big-name economists and financial firefighters hired four years ago to budget negotiators ready for the next fiscal fights in Congress.

While no Paul Krugman, Lew does have strong fiscal management skills and is an able negotiator. He is a fiscal progressive, inclining him to protect Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

From MSNBC: The worst teacher I have seen

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This woman has bought the Faux Noise/NRA BS hook, line and sinker. She is clearly Republican, because she does not recognize the rights of anyone who disagrees with her, and cannot give straight answers to simple questions. Although she ducked the question on parents having a right to know, she made it clear that the parents of her students will not matter, because they will not know about it. Note the irony that her last name is Cain.  I consider her unfit to teach.




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  1. 3:36 Well, I don't think that I got the point.  All rhinos are endangered but I believe the black rhino more so.  This is a white rhino which is distinguishable from the black by its snout.  A black rhino has more of an "over bite" or hooked look to the end of its snout.  Did you know that many poachers use chain saws to remove the rhino horns and then leave the rhinos to bleed to death?

  2. Puzzle — 3:36 Well, I don't think that I got the point.  What will Jerry and the Patty Monster do?  Hmmm… sounds like a musical duet or group!

    MoveOn — I forgot to comment on yesterday's.  Now that is my kind of grandma!  Telling it as it should be!  For today, it is sad indeed.  But even worse is that Republican/Teabaggers want to cut school lunches, a slow acting "genocide"  That guillotine of note in the cartoon is looking better all the time!

    New York Times — As the article mentions, does Lew have the chutzpah to deal with the banks over financial reforms?  Further to the petition to nominate Paul Krugman, it is at 235,433 on a new goal of 250,000 signatures as showing this morning.  If Lew is not confirmed, maybe Mr Obama will lead with some new blood and nominate Krugman.

    MSNBC — I listened to several segments of the Ed Show, all dealing with the gun issue.  I find it mind boggling that educators and others think that having a gun in a classroom is ok.  And the people that say"the perfect programme or no programme" are just as looney tunes.  I can see another Newtown happening — gunman gains access and goes for the teacher first and then the kids who will be frozen in fear.  Yes, another teacher MAY shoot the gunman, but the damage is done.  Quite frankly, were I a parent in the US, I would object to having guns in my child's school to the point that I would home school my child if no other option were available.  To me, the solution lies in a comprehensive programme, like that of NY Gov Cuomo with the addition of a change in the Americain mentality towards guns and gun control.

    Cartoon — I don't think a bobbit would do a Republican/Teabagger any good, or dare I say wouldn't do Americans any good.  I think a headectomy is more in line to benefit the American people.  I hear that the French have a slightly used guillotine on display that could be rented for the task.

    • Clobbered me.

      Amen trice.

      In his precious confirmations Lew has never had a Senator vote against him.  His confirmation is all but assured.

      Worst of all, if the teacher can get at the gun quickly, so could the students.

      You may well be right.  At the very least a rectal craniectomy is in order.

  3. Given my hearing deficit, I had to Google the Carolyn Cain video to learn she does NOT think parents have the right to know she'll be packing live heat in her classroom.




    And WRT Jack Lew's signature on our folding money … I think it looks a LOT like the slinky scrolls just below where his signature would go:


    • And some people compain about mine — at least there are several identifiable letters inbetween the loops.  And I got mine legitimately from signing it over 200 times a day at work.  Now if that doesn't give you cramps in your hand, nothing will.

    • He did promise the President that he will strive to make at least one letter legible.

  4. Appalled as usual at the things Republicans want to cut, school lunches are all some kids get to eat. 

    Teachers with guns?  Some of my teachers would have killed all of us.  I didn't know the state of Utah had passed this 12 years ago, that teachers could be armed without parents knowledge.  I am not going to pick on another state in general, but from the people I have met from Utah, I am not surprised.

    I agree with Lynne, Bobbit wouldn't work any cures on the Republicans.

    Hope you feel better soon, TC.

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