Dec 282012

I thought I had posted this yesterday, but I must not have.  OOPS!

My Christmas mess is still waiting for me, because I slept all day, and I feel the need to keep it up.  I’m current with replies.  We’ll see about tomorrow.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 4:03 (average 4:51).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From NY Times: With just five days left to make a deal, President Obama and members of the Senate were set to return to Washington on Thursday with no clear path out of their fiscal morass even as the Treasury Department warned that the government will soon be unable to pay its bills unless Congress acts.

Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner notified Congress that the government would hit its statutory borrowing limit on Monday.

Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner, adding to the building tension over how to handle a year-end pileup of threatened tax increases and spending cuts, formally notified Congress on Wednesday that the government would hit its statutory borrowing limit on Monday, raising anew the threat of a federal default as the two parties remained in a standoff.

The fiscal speed bump is not my big concern , although unemployment and doc-fix need to be extended quickly, but the possibility that the Republicans will sabotage the US by adopting terrorist tactics on the debt ceiling again.  That frightens me considerably.

From MSNBC: Lawrence O'Donnell and panel on recent statement by Tagg Romney.

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Little Lord Willard did not want to be President, the Pope does not want to be Catholic, and bears do not want to shit in the woods. A PhD in Bullshitology for Tagg.

From NBC: According to House Republican leadership aides, House GOP leaders have not yet called their members back to Washington D.C., and WILL NOT be in session tomorrow for legislative business. According to one GOP aide, "It's up to Senate Democrats to act right now."

During the House Republican conference meeting late Thursday night, leadership told the conference that they would be given 48 hours before being called back to D.C. after Christmas. According to aides, leadership has not given that notice yet.

At the very least, Agent Orange should have put them on notice to report immediately, if called.




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  1. 3:30 I'm pretty speedy today. At least I'm not driving through Texas.

  2. NY Times ~ I would still rather see no compromise than a bad one that hurts us even more.

    Agent Orange will gavel the empty House to order and swiftly dismiss them. How idiotic is this man. I think he has alcohol brain syndrome. As described here:


    MSNBC ~ Taurus cacas!


    NBC ~ Don't spending and tax bills have to be introduced by the House as required by the Constitution? It seems to me Bonehead made a big stink about the Affordable Health Care Act because it was stared by the President and involved a "tax".


    Cartoon ~ And we still haven't learned. Sad, so very sad!

    • Exactly!

      If he wants to address the issue at all, he wants to be reelected Speaker first.

      Mierda del toro.

      you are corrent!


  3. Puzzle — 3:37 I'm behind you Patty, but not by much.

    NY Times — Yesterday I kept hearing McConnell say to Democrats to give them a bill that they would find acceptable and we'll vote on it.  I interpreted that as 'give us what we want and we'll vote on it'.  I also heard that Boehner has called the House back for Sunday night.  What kind of bear scat is that?  To me, it is clear, that although there might be obstinence on both sides, the Republican/Teabaggers are, yet again, being economic terrorists and holding the entire country hostage.

    Unfortunately, Geitner's message of the debt ceiling approaching adds more urgency to the picture.  Last time the debt ceiling was an issue, Republican/Teabaggers pushed the envelope resulting in a down grade of the US credit rating thus making it more expensive to borrow.  Will the same happen again?

    While the 'fiscal cliff' was a political issue, the debt ceiling is a real economic issue with serious ramifications.  Just think, that means for example, that federal employees would not get paid.  No biggy for the politicians which in my mind have not earned their keep anyway.  But what about your average government clerk that lives pay cheque to pay cheque?

    MSNBC — As you said, do bears shit in the woods?  Yes and anywhere they damn well please!  Romney is an ego maniac!  I agree with Lawrence when he was talking about the 'troops on the ground'.  Romney was so sure that he was the ONE, — such arrogance eh! — that he didn't have enough staff nationally, that he didn't have to run a campaign against Mr Obama like he did for the primary.  There is also another story from another son, Craig.  Craig Romney: My Dad Cheats & "That's What We Need in the White House." I posted at

    NBC — Republican/Teabaggers are digging themselves a grave, deeper and deeper.  This is the height of arrogance!

    Cartoon — And not to be outdone, the US followed suit!  The theme song:  Anything you can do, I can do better".  Well the Russians failed miserably, and the US is following in their footsteps.

    You know, the NY Times had another recommended reading: House Ethics Panel Finds No Loan Violations.  That got me thinking.  Perhaps this would be more appropriate:  People's Ethics PanelFinds Legislators in Contempt of the People

    • But way ahead of me!

      Your logic is perfect.  I would hope that Republicans would want to aviod a redux of the public outcry against them the last time they committed terrorism over the debt limit.

      We doged a bullet, didn't we?


      Amen again.'

      Good title!

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