Faux Noise Doubles Down on 1%

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Nov 122012

As an outside observer, I consider it obvious that the only way for the Republican party to survive, over the long term, is to moderate their policies and to govern for all Americans, not just the 1%.  It appears evident that they are not willing to do so, given the the stance of Fox, aka Faux Noise, the Republican Ministry of Propaganda.

Fox-News-purposeIf you don’t believe that Fox Newsies would love nothing better than to go back to the feudal system where those with money and property rule the rest of us, check out guest John Tamny’s remarks on Fox & Friends this morning where he pointedly said our country is “blessed by the efforts of the relatively few. (The) one percent.” Implicit in the sentiment is that the rest of us are just schlubs who should kowtow to their greatness – and give them more money.

Despite the fact that the election could be seen as a referendum on Americans’ support for the middle class, Fox has spent the days since then waging class warfare in an effort to paint Obama voters as welfare queens just looking for more stuff.

Meanwhile, they applaud those one percenters who want more stuff in the way of tax cuts. There’s no way that Fox & Friends didn’t know that was the kind of cheerleading they’d get when they booked John Tamny on the show this morning. This is the same guy who said just a few months ago on Fox that police and firefighters should be thanking us for their cushy livelihoods at our expense…

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Here’s the video:

Unless the Republican Party opts to change in fairly short order, I see no alternative to American voters sending them to follow the way of the Whig Party into oblivion.


  13 Responses to “Faux Noise Doubles Down on 1%”

  1. Faux News has been useless to anyone who has a mind  and thinks ; Faux News appeals to the same people who look to fundamentalist religion for their answers ; People with questions , but for many reasons want/need the answers handed to them ; Those who think in terms of black/white ; right/wrong- but without the desire or ability to find answers themselves ;  There are a lot of them running loose–They are easily manipulated—
    The GOP is dead , I think , not dying,  I do not see any indication a rebirth is coming— the inner resources do not seem to be present ; the  leadership , where once there were statesmen ,  now only empty suits stand–I am  thinking they did put their best up in the election; that is pretty sad—

  2. But for sheer hilarity, nothing has been funnier than Fox in the 2-3 days right after the election.  Saturday Night Live couldn't' parody the extreme bitterness and over the top rage – it was a caricature of itself.

  3. Fox news is just a comedy show trying to lead the stupid and give Rush his seat at the lead of the table

  4. You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but ONLY if they're FAUX News watchers!;) The only thing worth watching on FOX is the Simpsons! And They're more Realistic!:)

  5. The right sure has their knickers in a twist since the election!  And here I wondered what you'd be able to blog on after the election.  I needn't have worried!
    I find it offensive that Faux Noise even considers itself part of the Fourth Estate, let alone qualified to intelligently articulate and disseminate any information beyond Homer Simpson's shorts size.  They are clearly the propaganda wing of the Republican/Teabaggers.  I am sooooooooooooooo glad that they are not allowed to broadcast in Canada!

  6. It still boggles my mind that so many of the poor and middle class listen to this drivel and believe it. Are they really that stupid?

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