Nov 102012

Despite sleeping lots yesterday, I still managed to oversleep this morning, so I’m running behind.  I’m current with replies.  Tomorrow is a holy day in the Church of the Ellipsoid Orb.  Sadly the morning meditation between my Broncos and the Panthers will not be televised here. 🙁

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:13 (average 4:46).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From MoveOn: Is There Anything More Beautiful Than This?


Awe is an understatement.

From NY Times: There may have been a backlash against voter suppression laws, bringing more minorities to the polls, not fewer. The share of Hispanic voters rose in many states won by Obama. That can be attributed both to the surging Hispanic population in the country and to the Obama campaign’s incredible get-out-the-vote operation. It is less clear why the black vote held steady or grew in many of those states. In Ohio, for example, blacks jumped from being 11 percent of the voters in 2008 to 15 percent this year. Threaten to steal something, and its owner’s grip grows tighter.

This article is a treasure trove of interesting election facts. Click through.

From If anyone in Washington could have weathered a sex scandal, Gen. David Petraeus would seem like that person.

Yet the retired general who inspired admiration bordering on reverence from so many in the capital was abruptly out Friday as Central Intelligence Agency director, just one day after President Barack Obama learned of Petraeus’s extramarital relationship.

Intelligence community insiders say Petraeus was felled by an increasing sensitivity in the Obama administration to extramarital dalliances, stemming from recent cases in which officials at various levels have seen their careers scuttled for similar personal misconduct.

Marital infidelity could be Petraeus’ first step to qualify as a Republican candidate for President in 2016.




  19 Responses to “Open Thread–11/10/2012”

  1. I had to wonder if the "affair" was gay? Regular, run of the mill affairs are so NOT important these days..and Everyone Knows that sex is a Spy thing – from James Bond films to the Covert Affairs series, sex is a "trick of the trade" kinda wouldn't the Head of the CIA be "allowed", if not Expected to be a slut-puppy? *yawn*

  2. This business of Petraeus is very "Agatha Christie" – perhaps too much so! What CIA chief can't hide a "nooky"? What a 'tangled web"! Something's rotten in the state of Denmark (shall I go on?)
    The beautiful biographer's intimate approach to get to "know him",then hacks his computer?
    What part of this tale is true? Who is the "fallguy"?  I thought the Repugs had a copyright on this "field book"! Nice timing when P is to address court next week re Benghazzi, and O is riding on the crest of his second term!!
    Tune in next week for another sequel to the 24/7 news morsel you'll hear for the next month!!

  3. The video of earth is gorgeous.
    I shudder to think how many clips and film files they had to scour to come up with so many stunningly and hauntingly beautiful scenes.

  4. Puzzle — 3:14  Nipping at your tail TC!  Beautiful flower but red is not my favourite colour.
    MoveOn — I've seen this before.  Absolutely stunning . . . and to think how we rape and abuse her!  No wonder we have super storms, earthquakes, rising sea levels etc!
    NY Times — It will be interesting to see how the demographics have changed by 2016.  Of course the GOP has their knickers in a twist about the white race being a minority (O'Reilly is soooo over the top about this!) — probably fearing retribution for the centuries of discrimination by the white race!  Can you just imagine the reaction if the targets of the voter suppression laws had been mostly white?  Funny how that works when the shoe is on the other foot!
 — While such dalliances happen in the general population as a whole, they do leave people open to attack, some more than others, especially considering the nature of their work.  I give Petraeus credit for 'manning up' as it were and stepping aside.  I also agree with Patty's comment yesterday when she said "Too bad Gen. Petraeus couldn't keep it in his pants."
    Cartoon — Amen to the work and commitment of the Sufferagists!!!!!  The GOP would only take the US back in time, pre Sufferagists.  Obviously the party of grumpy old white men didn't learn a lot about history, nor good manners!

  5. I am so grateful for those women who fought for my right to vote.

  6. Question — We hear so much about Latinos, Blacks and Asians as minority voters, but we didn't hear anything, or should I say, I didn't hear anything about First Nations peoples and their voting etc.  To be sure they would be classified as a minority group.  When it comes to voting, what is the status of First Nations peoples?

  7. Lynn, if my understanding is correct, most Native Americans are not politically engaged on a national level, except for a few activists.

  8. Thank you for sharing this, Tom! The video of Mom was so very moving. I am sharing it with as many as I can, in hopes it will inspire action on Her behalf. 
    And! Just think of what could have happened if women didn't have the vote this election! We certainly illustrated what happens when you alienate women and all the other people you'd like to disenfranchise back into the dark ages! I hear the Repubs think they didn't  just didn't go far enough talking about rape, reproductive freedom (or lack thereof) and all their anti-gay, immigrant, anti everything and they are going to double down on it. I say bring it on! Make sure you get people out to vote your butts out of office in 2014! We can not let 2010 mid term elections happen again! 2014 can not be ignored and lost to more Tea Party when we will have an opportunity to get rid of them and some of the Governors that are doing so much harm. 
    Thanks again, Tom, always love your posts!

  9. Thanks Tom !  It's been a tough election..I've been busy..can not be complacent now tho.  Just taking a breather..Loved the short film – shared.  Seems there is a new battle to save "Mom" and her beloved creatures every day..Sometimes, also, I think of the environmental greats such as Jacque Cousteau, John Denver, Steve Irwin and so many others who strived thru films, song, and endless determination to stave off the events that occur with stunning frequency each day. People of passion…I try to look forward with hope that there will be a new awakening to the miraculous beauty that surrounds us each day…What I found most telling in the film was the "I Want" part…if we could only tone that down to " I Need"..
    Wishing you good health my friend..and as always, hoping for the future. 

    • Welcome, Bonnie. 🙂

      I so agree.  Most people think that, when the election is over, politics becomes unimportant.  I think it becomes more important.  Thank you!

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