A Time for Remembrance

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Nov 042012




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  1. Since I got only an hour or two of sleep last night, I fell back early.  I did fall back and have voted.  OBAMA-BIDEN got my vote.
    Thanks TC

  2. Meoooooow !!  What time is it anyway-!!

  3. I actually forgot.  I was wanting to watch "The Chris Matthews" talk show this morning, which comes on at 6:30 AM, and was disappointed when they were running an infomercial.
    I thought maybe they had switched broadcast time because they were going to cover the NYC Marathon, and didn't have time to switch back once it was cancelled.
    Not until I finally looked at my COMPUTER clock did  realize it was only 5:30 AM.
    I don't know about you, but I'm starting to find those little "Senior-Moment" breaks from reality quite refreshing.

  4. Yes I fell back!  But the critters didn't!  They were up begging for breakfast an hour early.  My conversation went like this:  "Uhhhh . . . harumph . . . it's too early!  Go back to bed!"  then I put my head down.  I guess they got the message because they went back to bed until I woke up again.  Cats are so smart!

    • Lynn, 
      Your cats are waaay more forgiving than our resident feline/overlord. Got the same wake-up call – "my food bowl is empty, fill it NOW!"
      Looked at the clock, rolled over in a futile attempt to take advantage of that extra hour.
      Paws up on the edge of the bed, bright green eyes boring into the back of my head , plus that almost subliminal growl promising exquisite and inventive forms of harassment until I fill the aforementioned bowl.
      OK, so I'm a wuss, I caved. 

  5. PS: Your graphic reminds me of the classic "Buttered Cat Paradox".
    We all know that if you drop a cat, it'll ALWAYS land on its feet.  We also know that if you drop a piece of toast, it'll ALWAYS land jelly-side down on the floor.
    So what happens if you strap a slice of jellied-toast on the back of a cat, and then drop it?

    • With any other animal, that might be a conundrum, but these are cats we're talking about. 
      #1, you have to strap a slice of toast on the back of the cat.
      #2, after you have finished applying antiseptic and bandages to the wounds incurred while attempting to accomplish #1, you have to find a place from which to drop a very pissed-off cat.
      #3, you have to locate the aforementioned pissed-off cat, who has vacated the premises at a high rate of speed upon being dropped, to determined if the piece of toast landed up or down.
      #4, good luck with #1 through 3, you will need it 🙂

    • We solved that paradox a long time ago.  We eat the toast on the way down and land on our feet.

  6. Stupid me! I forgot to turn the clocks back. That's not the bad part though.
    I forgot to teach the cats how to tell time so they woke me up at their usual 5:30 AM which was actually 4:30 AM. Today we reached a happy medium of 5 AM. Hopefully we'll even out even better as the week progresses.

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