Oct 202012

I guess I needed to take yesterday off, because I slept almost all day and all night.  I’m back on track today.  I’m current with replies.  Tomorrow is a holy day in the Church of the Ellipsoid Orb, but my Broncos are celebrating LGBT equality instead.  This is their bi week. 😉

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 4:06 (average 5:31).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From MoveOn: Real Complainers Vote


The duty to vote and the need to oppose Lord Willard are equally obvious.

From Minnesota Public Radio: Unemployment rates fell last month in nearly all of the battleground states that will determine the presidential winner, giving President Barack Obama fresh fodder to argue that voters should stick with him in an election focused squarely on the economy.

Every little bit of good news helps.

From Reuters: A federal judge blocked Arizona on Friday from applying a new law that bars Planned Parenthood clinics from receiving money through the state to provide medical care because the women’s health organization also performs abortions.

District Court Judge Neil Wake issued a temporary injunction after Planned Parenthood sued over the law, which would have cut off Medicaid funding for family planning and health services delivered by organizations offering abortions. Medicaid is a joint federal-state program that provides health care coverage for low-income people.

The law, signed by Governor Jan Brewer in May, is part of a national campaign against Planned Parenthood orchestrated by conservative Republican lawmakers who oppose abortion.

Woooo Hoooo!  It’s a great day for women in the Totalitarian Racist Misogynocracy  of Brewerstan, and I bet that the Death Angel, Jan Brewer, is having a hissy fit!



This may have been the beginning of standard practice for today’s Republican Party.


  18 Responses to “Open Thread–10/20/2012”

  1. Puzzle — 4:30 I'm green with envy of anyone who does better!
    MoveOn — Love it!!!  The only problem, he spoke too fast!  I was still laughing when the next zinger came along!  I have said many times that voting is a constitutional right but also a duty.  But I've said many, many times, if you don't vote, you can't complain.  That is a universal message!
    Minnesota Public Radio — Drops are obviously good, but even more important is why they have dropped.  People need to realise that it took 8 years of Baby Bush to trash the economy, it will take 8 years to get things going again at a good pace.  Add an obstructionist Congress that is more interested in themselves than the people, and of course recovery will be slower.  What is so hard to understand about that?  I wonder, had the Congress been more bi-partisan in the true sense of the word, not the Republican/Teabagger sense, just where in the recovery would the US be?  I think a lot further along the path to recovery!
    Reuters — This is good, but we haven't seen the end of things yet.  I'm sure it's on it's way to SCOTUS.  I love anything that get's Battle Ax Brewer's knickers in a twist!
    Cartoon — Tricky Dicky.  Never did trust nor like the man.

    • 4:19  You may be green, Lynn, but your still my "bud".  Us Northwesterners must stick together…although strictly speaking I guess you are a Southwesterner.  (I grew up in Seattle and you are in BC…I think.)

      • Thanks Jerry!  Actually, I am a Québecoise originally, raised in Ontario, but have lived in BC for 41 years now.  I guess since I have lived in BC for 2/3s of my life, I guess I am a westerner now — I even have the web feet to prove it!  BTW, northwesterner would fit too since I lived for 4 years up by the Yukon border in northern BC and spent time in central BC.
        So Jerry, if you grew up in Seattle, where are you now?  With your talk of boats etc, thought you might be in Florida. 

    • I think we all did.


      I agree.

      I hear you.  The fascist five always worry me.

      He is the prototype Republican, and they are now far worse.

  2. If you're wanting to do some prep work for Monday night's Foreign Policy debate, Pres. Obama has obliged by doing the work for you.  He's put together a pithy summary of Mittnocio's Five-Point Foreign Policy Plan:

    Step 1: Get the facts wrong.
    Step 2: Undermine long-standing relationships with your allies.
    Step 3: Frequently highlight your lack of experience.
    Step 4: Assemble a team of ideologues committed to endless war.
    Step 5: Mistake your enemies.

    And a YouTube ad of it:

  3. Loved the MOVE ON clip.  Absolutely right, if you don't vote, you got no right to complain! 

  4. Here's a video you may all enjoy!
    I like Conan O'Brien's comment — Mitt Romney's greatest opponent is the Mitt Romney from 4 years ago. 

  5. MoveOn ~ I love their new ad. Get out and vote. It's a privelege some people don't have. Guard it ad exercise your right to vote!
    Minnesota Public Radio ~ Every bit of good news for us is bad news for the reedy Obstructionist Pharts.
    Reuters ~ The Death Angel doesn't want abortions in her state but once the child is born he/she is on their own. They can starve to dearh for all she cares about human life.
    Cartoon ~  From the New York Time 'The Learning Network: 
    "On Oct. 20, 1973, in the so-called “Saturday Night Massacre,” President Richard M. Nixon abolished the office of special Watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox, and accepted the resignation of Attorney General Elliot L. Richardson and fired Deputy Attorney General William B. Ruckelshaus for their refusal to fire Mr. Cox. …
    The president was unable to stop the Watergate investigation, however. The new special prosecutor, Leon Jaworski, continued Mr. Cox’s work and forced the president to hand over the tapes in July 1974. Although 18 minutes of audio had been curiously edited out, the tapes did include a conversation in which Mr. Nixon suggested the C.I.A. shut down the F.B.I. investigation of the break-in. The so-called “Smoking Gun” tape was the final straw for Mr. Nixon, who resigned on Aug. 8."

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