The Mannequin Lied

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Aug 312012

For the last few days, we have been privileged to view the most dishonest party convention in my memory, as a parade of Republican politicians and pundits compete to be the biggest liar of all.  The mannequin candidate, Willard Romney, may not have won the contest, but he came close.

31SpeechMitt Romney wrapped the most important speech of his life, for Thursday night’s session of his convention, around an extraordinary reinvention of history — that his party rallied behind President Obama when he won in 2008, hoping that he would succeed. “That president was not the choice of our party,” he said. “We are a good and generous people who are united by so much more than divides us.”

The truth, rarely heard this week in Tampa, Fla., is that the Republicans charted a course of denial and obstruction from the day Mr. Obama was inaugurated, determined to deny him a second term by denying him any achievement, no matter the cost to the economy or American security — even if it meant holding the nation’s credit rating hostage to a narrow partisan agenda.

Mr. Romney’s big speech, delivered in a treacly tone with a strange misty smile on his face suggesting he was always about to burst into tears, was of a piece with the rest of the convention. Republicans have offered precious little of substance but a lot of bromides (“A free world is a more peaceful world!”) meant to convey profundity and take passive-aggressive digs at President Obama… [emphasis added]

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The most concrete promise I heard from Willard was a statement that he has a plan to create twelve million new jobs as President.  As impressive as that sounds, you may not know that leading economists from both sides of the aisle have projected that the economy, as is, will produce twelve million jobs over the next four years, anyway!

Here’s Rachel Maddow’s reaction to Willard’s speech, with commentary from Chris Matthews.

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My reaction to the speech and to the convention as a while is that Romney and the Republicans failed to give any details regarding their intent.  The convention may have fed red meat to their rabid base, but it may sway only undecided voters too lazy to check their claims for accuracy.


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  1. I have avoided watching even a second of this travesty of a convention. I even feel sorry for Ron Paul. He and Clint are both losing it if they think the Republicans have anything to offer libertarians.

  2.   The GOP, and the Right Wing Media, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, et al, have been propagating a campaign of irrational fear and hate against President Barak Obama, since 2007. These purposely devious and dishonest attacks are designed to delegitimize the Presidency of Barak Obama, and to characterize him as; the other, foreign, un-American, non-Christian, and  alien. He has been called socialist, communist, fascist, The New Hitler, Marxist, Stalinist, Muslim, African Anti- Colonialist, Anti-Christ, baby killer, gay lover, uppity, The Food Stamp President, and nigger. The base of the GOP is clearly without any morality, their claim to Jesus and God rings hallow as they practice Anti-Christ in the name of Jesus. This constituency has been duped with fear, into a position of unfounded distrust and hate. In their zealotry, they express a fanatically willingness to vote against their own self interest. The Conservatives have been conquered, their party has been taking over by the Corporatist in a pact with the Theocrats and the Objectivist. Watch this video and tell me how anyone with a modicum of intelligence, or any degree of honesty, could vote for a Republican.

    Misinformation, Fear, And Hate In America

  3. I didn't watch any of it, either.  My blood pressure goes up everytime Rmoney or Ryan open their mouthes.  Lies, lies, and more lies.  Even Faux news has a piece about the Ryan lies.  That speaks volumes.

  4. Have to say that that picture of Rmoney on TRMS makes him look like a baby buzzard on a cartoon from when I was young.  Mama buzzard wants baby to fly, but baby is so slow to pick up on flying.  He walks along a branch singing "Da doop da doop da doop doop da da doop . .  ." until mama comes up behind him and puts her size 9's right up his keister.  Anybody know the cartoon I'm talking about?
    The few little snippets of coverage I have heard have certainly not been encouraging.   I heard one Canadian radio newscaster refer to Romney in very flat tones being Romney.  Made me think that they must have electrified the seats to get everybody up and cheering!  Mind you, that is the dedicated base at the convention.
    All I can say is:
    Vote Democratic 2012!!!!!     Vote Obama/Biden 2012!!!!!

  5. I'm sure Mitch, the turtle meant  "his party rallied behind President Obama when he won in 2008, hoping that he would succeed" when he said he was going to make sure President Obama was a one term president.
    Really now! Do they think we have our heads stuck where theirs are?

  6. I have said many times and I betcha gettin' tired of hearing it ; Take nothing for granted-!  These Repigs are playing with loaded dice–defining dishonest tricks— They are not to be trusted ; Mutts lies , so blatant – will still be accepted by his "Base" Whatever the hell that is–
    Be sure you are all registered according to your state laws ; help others be sure ; Then  get your butt out and VOTE- help others vote also–

  7. "The convention may have fed red meat to their rabid base, but it may sway only undecided voters too lazy to check their claims for accuracy."
    Saber rattling foreign policy, cold war talk for the military industrial complex…?

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