Personal Update–4/10

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Apr 102012

My strep and bronchitis are both improving rapidly.  The only thing preventing my return now is lack of sleep, because diarrhea is a side effect of my antibiotic.  As a result I am unable to go over 90 minutes without a trip to the throne.  I will run out in three days.

Nevertheless I will share some breaking news.  I thick layer of froth has been lifted from the American landscape as Rick Santorum suspended his campaign.  In retrospect it is amazing that he survived this long, and he did so, because he was the last vain attempt of the Theocon and InsaniTEA wings to unite behind a fuehrer, leaving the Neocons, Corporacons and Plutocons with the candidate none of them want.  Their inability to manage their own affairs punctuate their unfitness to lead.


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  1. That’s a relief. Both you getting better and Torquemada Rick “suspending” his campaign. At least with Mr. Etch-a-Sketch, the campaign will head left a little.


  2. Santorum’s Address at Gettysburg was OK … but I’m sure we can agree that we’ve all heard better.


  3. I find that yogurt relieves some unpleasant effects of antibiotics. It restores beneficial bacteria to your system as well.

    • Heavy duty pro-biotic yoghurt or acidophyllis capsules — work for me everytime.  I find that being diabetic is a pain with anti-biotics.  I find acidophyllis works best for me but the yoghurt will also give your body some nutrition.  Hope to see you back in a few days!  Take care!

  4. Arghhhh!!!! Have to start again as the internet terminated and I was at the end.  Phone rang and poof!!!

    Santorum — Well I guess the GOP race is down to 3 — Rmoney; Gingrich who has been laying low but didn’t withdraw; and Ron Paul who I don’t think has a hope in hell of making a further dent in the delegate race.  As wrecks go, Paul is just a fender bender!

    The original Gettysburg Address some 149 years ago was made famous by the words “government of the people, by the people, for the people”, but if anything, Santorum’s withrawal from the GOP nomination race and the divided GOP, means his Gettysburg address gives more chance for the restoration of “government of the people, by the people, for the people”.  He seemed to be the most strident in the war on women and the LGBT community.  But let us not forget the GOP war on the Girl Scouts of America, those radical feminazis of puberty!

    In his address, Santoum summed up with:

    … stand for the values that make us Americans;

    that make us the greatest country in the history of the world;

    that shining city on the hill;

    to be a beacon for everybody for freedom around the world.

    It is disappointing that these Greedy Old Pharts can’t see that with the war on women, the war on the LGBT community, the war on the GSA, and their push for a Xtian theocracy (contrary to the 1st amendment of  the constitution), the US is not the beacon for freedom.  The US of the GOP is like ancient Rome, rotting from the inside out. 

    When I thought of Newty’s reaction, I could picture him rubbing his hands together in glee, adding Santorum’s delegates to his and giggling about the ‘easiest 285 delegates he ever acquired.’    If he manages to snag Santorum’s delegates, he’ll still only have 421 to Rmoney’s 661.  But there are still primaries and caucuses to go.  If Rmoney gets them, he’ll have 946, still short of the required 1,144 but with primaries and caucuses still to go, I think he would easily win the nomination.  Here’s his statement.

    Newt Gingrich weighed in during a press conference on Tuesday:

    “I think it makes it clearer that there’s a conservative, named Newt Gingrich, and there’s Mitt Romney,” he said, according to Justin Sink of The Hill. “I have a great, great respect for how hard Rick worked, he was the personification of courage.”

    To my knowledge, Santorum hasn’t assigned his delegates to anyone yet but is scheduled to talk to Rmoney later this week.

    Oh the games that are being played out!  Let’s just hope they remain fractious with eachother.

    And to the electorate, make sure you have the correct documentation for voting in your state, know where you are to vote, and make sure your neighbours and friends are properly prepared.  Above all, vote Democrat in 2012!  Well now I am off to vote in my provincial by-election!

  5. Great news that you are feeling better.  If all else fails, Imodium does wonders for diarrhea.  I was surprised that Santorum hung in as long as he did.

  6. I was hoping Rapture Rick could hold on for another month or two. He was keeping the Rushpubliscum Jesusistanis stirred up.

  7. Good riddance and stay away, Santorum! Now all we have to do is to defeat that 1%er Romney. It won’t be easy, but it must and will be done!

  8. Glad you’re feeling better, Tom. Get some yoghurt. It does wonders for the GI tract.

    Newt bounced a $500 check when he applied for the primary in Utah.

    Hey Santorum ~ “Thanks for the Frothiness…” Google Mike in Raleigh and listen to this song. It’s great!

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