GOP Misery in Missouri

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Mar 182012

I’ve been watching the Republican Party campaign clown show with a growing sense of amazement that any group could be so thoroughly disorganized.  The largest caucus in Missouri will have no representation at the Republican convention, because the Republican Party of Missouri could not bring the caucus to order.

18missouri3Voters here in St. Charles County did not get a say on Saturday in who will be the next Republican presidential nominee after a disorderly caucus caused organizers to adjourn before delegates were selected.

The unrest began as the caucus at Francis Howell North High School was called to order more than a hour late, then delayed again when a member of the crowd refused to put away a video camera, as required by the rules outlined by the local Republican Party.

“People attended the meeting with an agenda,” said Eugene Dokes, chairman of the St. Charles County Republican Central Committee. “When that happens, it’s really hard to accept the authority of the room.”

Members of crowd began shouting, “We make the rules!” among other chants as organizers tried to regain control, which they did briefly. But the shouting quickly escalated when it came time to appoint a chair of the caucus.

The police were called in, and two people were arrested on trespassing charges after being asked to leave when the meeting was then called to an early close.

“The police officers were worried about people’s safety and asked us to shut it down,” the event coordinator for the caucus, Bryan Spencer, said.

But some supporters of Ron Paul and Mitt Romney, who said they previously worked out a deal to nominate someone to chair the caucus, claimed that organizers broke procedural rules and that Mr. Dokes was “railroading the caucus” by closing nominations for the chair too quickly.

St. Charles was supposed to select the most delegates of any single caucus in the state, and turnout was much higher than expected… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <NY Times>

Here’s the video.

If this was the only example of Republican incompetence, it might be excusable, but in state after state, the Republican Party has repeatedly demonstrated, beyond contention, that they are not fit to run a caucus or primary, let alone the United States.


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  1. Only goes to show the stupidity doesn’t stop at just the highest levels. The whole party is rotted.

  2. HA-HA   That’s Hilarious

  3. “Members of crowd began shouting, “We make the rules!” among other chants as organizers tried to regain control, which they did briefly. ”

    We’ve got to help these spoiled wealthy kids, I’m worried…. rolling eyes’

  4. When do we have the wake and funeral service for the GOP– ??


  5. gutless repukes, sit down and let the cops deal with a hundred protesters. Maybe OWS could be a template?

  6. So many of the caucaues have had problems starting with Iowa.  If they can’t operate a simple caucus meeting and vote, what makes them think they can run a country with all its challenges?  What a gong show!  I suppose they will find some way of blaming their ineptitude on the Democrats.

  7. Repubicans hold a more than “Raucous Caucus” that gets entirely out of control. The cops had to be called to restore order, and yet no pepper spray … no handcuffs …. no tazing …

    Oh, yeah – silly me … St. Charles County is a very affluent and very WHITE suburb of St. Louis.

    Never mind. Carry on, repubicans.  (And thanks for helping out us Democrats with another “Endless Episodes of the Klown Kar Kooks”)

  8. People think that “The Walking Dead” is a comic book/TV series. Oh no, boys and girls, it is so much MORE than that. They represent a large ideological section of American political participation.

  9. What a bunch of idiots!

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