Mar 062012

Yesterday I was able to get in a good nap after my appointment, so I’m able to blog now.  I’m current with replies.  Today I have a two week pile of mail to sort.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 4:00 (average 5:06).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From San Francisco Chronicle: Ten senators — seven Democrats and three Republicans –say they won’t face voters again in November, the largest number of elected senators eschewing re-election since 13 decided to forgo new terms in 1996.

It could not please me more that one of them is Benedict Nelson (DINO-NE).

From Raw Story: Republican presidential Rick Santorum is advising President Barack Obama not to raise taxes on the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans because “higher-income people don’t have to pay taxes if they don’t want to.” [emphasis added]

Santorum actually stated the Republican position precisely.

From Political Wire: Final Super Tuesday Polls



Quinnipiac: Romney 34%, Santorum 31%, Gingrich 15%, Paul at 12%.

American Research Group: Romney 35%, Santorum 28%, Gingrich 18%, Paul 13%.

Rasmussen: Santorum 32%, Romney 31%, Gingrich 13%, Paul 13%.

Merriman: Romney 38%, Santorum 33%, Gingrich 18%, Paul 8%.

Suffolk: Santorum 37%, Romney 33%, Gingrich 16%, Paul 8%.

CNN/Opinion Research: Romney 32%, Santorum 32%, Gingrich 14%, Paul 11%




Mason-Dixon: Gingrich 38%, Romney 24%, Santorum 22%, Paul 3%.

American Research Group: Gingrich 44%, Romney 24%, Santorum 19%, Paul 9%.




We Ask America: Romney 30%, Santorum 29%, Gingrich 29%, Paul 12%

It looks good for Rmoney, especially due to the terrible Republican screw-up in VA.




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  1. 4:07  Didn’t quite make it.   The one minute rule comes through again.

  2. Sorry Tom off topic….

    Would someone please let Jolly Rodger know that I have been blocked on his web site.  I get the following message when I try to access his site.

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    Jolly… This is not my IP address so I do not know why this is what your sites server says it is.  Please unblock me, thanks.


    Yep, today marks the 100th Anniversary of the introduction of America’s most popular cookie.  There’s quite an interesting backstory on the Oreo in “The Atlantic” – particularly WRT the evolution of its design – and CBS Evening News had their closing feature piece celebrating the Oreo’s Centennial. 
    When it comes to the best way to eat them (I’m a Twister/Separator/Stacker who eats the plain sides first and then devours the sides w/ the icing), I think we can agree there’s really no wrong way to enjoy these guys!
  4. Asleep at AIPAC!  And this is who some Americans want sitting with his finger on the red button?!

    The Senate — “. . .Snowe, a three-term Maine Republican known for voting with Democrats on some high-profile issues, said her decision was driven by frustration over partisanship and lack of compromise in the Senate. Other departing senators who seek consensus on such issues as debt reduction say they share her view. . . .”

    So it appears that many leaving are centrists.  That will make it very hard to get anything done unless the Democrats can really pull a big victory out of their hat.  If it becomes a deadlock or a Republican dominated Senate, there will be more rangor and nothing will get done for yet another 2 years until the possibility of change at midterms.
    Santorum — “. . . he’s [Obama] going to get the most productive people at creating jobs in this country to stop doing it . . .”  They haven’t created jobs yet except in other countries, so how can they stop?  Additionally, Santorum accuses Mr Obama of sending resources offshore — is that why Rmoney has vast resources offshore?  He did that before Mr Obama became president, and he keeps it there as part of his diversification and tax strategy.  Many wealthy people routinely do this.  And he tries to use the example of Britain as a failure of ‘tax the rich’ but he doesn’t articulate the differences between the 2 countries that would call his statement into question.  I must admit the title of the article is somewhat sensationalist, but it is in tune with the entitlement attitude of the 1%.
    Super Tuesday — I’ll be interested to see what happens as the results roll in.  Unfortunately, no TV so I’ll have to wait.  The only one I think is a sure bet is Newty in Georgia.  But if for some reason he doesn’t win Georgia, he’ll be gone.
    Cartoon — Yup, that sounds and looks about right!  Bomb, baby bomb!
    • There goes lunch!

      Democratic centrists have done ok, but txtreme right wingers like Benedict Nelson, not so much.


      Report coming soon.


  5. ap, not sure why. All spam catchers are imperfect, but this one usually does a good job. Will need actual IP address if the problem persists.

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