Feb 152012

Yesterday I felt so tired when I returned home from the prison that I wrote this, set it to be published right after midnight, and went to bed.  The meeting was excellent.  Three new men joined our CoDA group there.  We did some insightful digging and made excellent progress.  I cannot say more without violating confidence, except that I could not be more proud of my guys.  I am not current with replies.  Today is a day for catch-up and recovery.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

It was not out yet.  I’ll put up two tomorrow.

Short Takes:

From MoveOn: What If Everyone Saw This Message From Robert Redford?


Keep saying NO to Big Oil!

From Business Week: The New Jersey Senate passed a bill that would allow gay and lesbian couples to marry, in the face of Republican Governor Chris Christie’s promise to veto it.

The Senate voted 24-16 in favor of the measure, sending it to the Assembly, which plans to consider it Feb. 16. Democrats, who control both houses of the Legislature, have made gay marriage a priority for 2012, two years after they failed to pass a similar bill supported by then-Governor Jon Corzine.

When Christie vetoes it, pass it again!

From Truth Dig: The prolonged Republican primary campaign appears to be taking a toll on independent voters’ faith in Mitt Romney. According to the latest Pew poll, only a minority of independents now describe Romney as “honest and trustworthy” and slightly more than half of independent voters now favor Barack Obama in a race against Romney, who led the president in that category only a month ago.

As is pointed out every four years or so, so-called independent voters typically decide presidential elections.

It’s still way too early to depend on polls, but this is positive news, especially since Obama does even better compared to the Frothmeister.




  15 Responses to “Open Thread–2/15/2012”

  1. The people who decided that Willard should be the standard-bearer this year seem to be as disconnected from reality as the candidate himself is.

    Were they expecting hatred of that n_____ to carry the day?

  2. We can alll see you had a very busy day, and need your rest …


  3. Keystone XL — Good PSA by Redford but I do wish he would have clarified, for example, the employment numbers since they are all over the place — the Republican/Teabaggers can’t even agree with each other.  I liked that he mentioned that the oil isn’t destined for US markets which the Republicans are trying to deny by talking up national energy security.  He pushed alternate clean energy which is good because too many ordinary people are still stopping at the ‘oil’.

    No to Big Oil is one rerun I’ll gladly keep on.

    New Jersey — Hooray for the New Jersey Senate passing a bill authorising gay marriage!  May the House be of like mind.  If Christie vetoes it, then keep pushing!  Maybe he should listen to the impassioned speech of a Washington State Republican legislator taking about spousal love and companionship and wanting that special bond for her gay daughter. 

    This is another rerun that I’d gladly keep on until New Jersey joins the 21st century.

    Pew Poll — This might be one time when the long, very, very long election process is good — it is showing up the lies and flip-flops in grand old fashion.  I do so hope that the Democrats take control of the Congress and that Mr Obama is re-elected.  After watching a Wisconsin video and subsequent radio discussion of the Kochs by Mike Papantonio and Ed Shultz, it makes me wonder if the Kochs etc will try going after more Democrats to get their way?  Just thinking because I don’t see them giving up on power.

    Cartoon — I take it you found this in Sanctomonious Santorum’s political bag of tricks?  Great cartoon.

    Personal — Glad you rested rather than trying to get everything done.  Good TC looking after yourself!

  4. I know that Santorum is a big dick, but I could have done without the visual.


  5. 4:45  Average time – 5:30.

    Robert Redford speaks the truth.

  6. Christie is out of touch with reality. He’s hoping Mittens wins the primary and will tap him as the Veep candidate so he can kiss NJ good-bye.

    I could have done without the visual on Sanctimonious Santorum too.

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