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Tuesday I went to the prison and met with a small group of the prisoners most dedicated to change.  Because the guys dig deeply into personal issues, I can say no more, except that I could not be any more proud of them.  When I returned home, having missed my afternoon sleep, I felt exhausted, ate and went to bed.  Yesterday I listened to the SOTU speech, caught up on comments, and prepared today’s articles.  I’m current with replies.  Today is another prison volunteer day, and I’ll be working with about one hundred prisoners.  I will get home late again and will be even more tired, so it is doubtful that I will have articles for tomorrow.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Yesterday it took me 4:03 (average 5:10).  To do it, click here.  Today it took me 3:27 (average 4:42).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: A new round of criminal charges is coming soon against at least a couple of Gov. Scott Walker’s former county staffers for doing extensive campaign activity while on the taxpayers’ dime, sources say.

The charges – which should be filed by District Attorney John Chisholm’s office in the next week or two – will be part of the long-running John Doe investigation of Walker’s aides and associates during his tenure as Milwaukee County executive.

Already, the probe has led to multiple felony charges against Walker’s onetime deputy chief of staff, Tim Russell, and former county veterans official Kevin Kavanaugh. They are accused of taking more than $60,000 in donations intended for Operation Freedom, an annual event at the county zoo for veterans and their families.

Goodie!!! 😀

From Business Week: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said he would veto a bill to allow same-sex marriage, even as Democrats in the Senate said they have enough votes to pass it.

For Republican politicians hate trumps what America wants.

From The Hill: Senate Republicans slammed their Democratic colleagues on Tuesday for not passing a budget in exactly 1,000 days, accusing Democrats of shirking their duty in a period of soaring deficits.

How ironic!  These Republican liars are accusing Democrats for not passing bills that Republicans filibustered and blocked.

From SPLC: A Georgia administrative law judge has ordered President Obama to appear at a hearing on Thursday regarding a “birther” complaint challenging the president’s eligibility for office.

Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi issued his decision Friday, writing that the president’s legal team “failed to enlighten the court with any legal authority” to back up its argument that no U.S. president should be compelled to attend a court hearing. They also failed to prove that attending the hearing would be “unreasonable and oppressive” and that the president’s testimony would be “irrelevant, immaterial or cumulative,” he wrote.

Orly Taitz, who filed one of the complaints and has for years led the farcical battle to prove that the president is constitutionally unqualified for office, called Malihi’s decision a “major victory.”

Teabuggery most foul!

From MoveOn: About that liberal media.


This was immediately after Obama took office with a Democratic majority in both Houses, so by rights, there should have been more Democrats on TV that weekend.




  19 Responses to “Open Thread–1/26/2012”

  1. Great comment Tom, on Repug tactics. I couldn’t even listen to the response after SOTU address…Get some well deserved and needed rest!!!

  2. Puzzle — 4:27 on an average of 4:55 — cute squirrel!

    Wisconsin — Sounds like a good plan!  Now if they could somehow tie in Walker, that would probably put the kibosh on his political career.

    New Jersey — Damn Republican/Teabaggers!  They figured if they can’t be happy, then no one should be happy!  Their hate fills them up so much that there is no room left for anything else.  If the state Senate clearly passes the bill, and Christie vetoes it, what are the options?  Refer to the state Supreme Court?  Other?

    The Senate — OK so Republicans are accusing the Democrats of not passing a budget and not doing enough to rein in the deficit!  But correct me if I’m wrong, was it not Republican presidents that run up the deficits the most with illegal wars etc?  And wasn’t it  the banksters supported by Republican/Teabagger politicians that created the financial crisis that brought on stimulus spending to kick-start the economy?  And isn’t it Republican/Teabagger legislators that continue to block job creation etc which would add revenue into the budget?  And isn’t it Republican/Teabaggers that keep adding contraversial caveats to various bills in order to try to squeeze a camel through the eye of a needle?  Did I miss anything?  Jabber jowls McConnell and his band of sad-sack senators better take a look in the mirror before making accusations.  I think their hate of Mr Obama has driven them dotty!!!!!

    . . . the minimum thing that Congress should do – is follow the law that it passed to put discipline on itself,” said Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), who also called the lack of a Senate budget “a national scandal.”

    A national scandal!  The scandal is the obstructionist Republican/Teabaggers in the Congress who have held up the work of the nation.  And this Wisconsin Senator needs to chill.

    Birther Crap — If Republican/Teabaggers spent as much time on productive issues that affect all Americans as they do on continually pushing this birther crap, they might even get something done and put the country in a better space.  Based on the volume of birther crap that continues to come up because some Republican/Teabaggers, like Orly Taitz, are misguided fools, President Obama is a saint!  I would have blown my cool by now.  It is so unproductive!  And of course it would be in Georgia, the den of Republican/Teabagger iniquity!  Why is this in a Georgia court when Taitz is a “lawyer” (she did her law education on-line according to one article I read) in California?  Is that perhaps where one of the complainants resides?

    In an article I read about Taitz, she said she regretted the lost time with her 3 sons, time she will never get back.  If she hadn’t been so obsessed and misguided, she would not have missed that time.

    Teabuggery most foul is an understatement!

    Cartoon — Right on!!!  Somebody needs to duct tape that woman’s mouth shut!

    Cable News Appearances — Although 3 years ago, to me it shows that the Republican/Teabaggers were already grinding an ax and wanted to get their 2 cents in early.  Probably ticked that they had a Democrat for president.


    • Way to go!!


      I fully agree!

      I agree, but to correctly state it, the torrent of obscenity would have overheated the Internet.



  3. That Jan Brewer is a real demented bitch!

  4. 3:18 I’m hot today!

    Stealing from Veterans? For shame! Throw the book at ’em!

    Christie is a boil on the ass of the world.

    The RepublicanTs are like the Joker in the Batman series. They twist everything to suit their own agenda and back their statements with lies and talk of doom and gloom.

    Birthers should be deported to the Newtsters proposed colony on the moon.

    Jan Brewer should lead the expedition to the moon.

  5. Nice to have you back TC, even if only for a day – you need your rest, but are doing some wonderful work – admire it!

  6. We must thank Bush for teaching that disrespect is cool(not)  This woman is a disgress and an embarrassment to the country as alot of the republians/tea party members are.

  7. 4:27 yesterday, and 3:24 today.

  8. What about Obama!!  Do you forget he is the one who was complaining to her about her book.  Oh my, poor guy.  He needs to get out since he does not enforce immigration laws!!

    • Welcome Patty. 🙂

      Let’s be real here.  Brewer asked Obama to break from his schedule to meet with her.  He reminded her that the last time he had met with her she had misrepresented that meeting in her book.  That’s when she went off on him.  Also, he has taken heat from progressives, including me, because he had deported more undocumented workers in three years than Crawford Caligula did in eight.  I’m sorry, someone has misinformed you.

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