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Mitt Romney, just like all the other Republican candidates for President, is a comedian’s wet dream, and Bill Maher has a field day with Multiple Mitt.  He is sometimes offensive, and sometimes misguided, but usually quite hilarious.

MaherComedian Bill Maher blasted former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney on his show Friday night for claiming that people did not like him because they envied his wealth.

“Mitt Romney has to start understanding why people don’t like him. It’s not because he’s rich. It’s how he got rich,” Maher said.

Romney has taken heat for his time spent at Bain Capital, a private equity firm he founded. His critics have portrayed him as a man who made millions of dollars by being a corporate buyout specialist. In response, Romney has claimed his detractors are criticizing free enterprise and capitalism…

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Part 2:

Rmoney is a perfect candidate to receive abuse for financial hypocrisy.


  20 Responses to “Bill Maher New Rules Mitt Romney”

  1. I love Maher – of course I would, no other single comedian advances the cause of Atheists more!  That said,  he was right on in these pieces, unfortunately most of his humor goes over the heads of his audience.  America should reevaluate  priorities. No sooner did the Giants win last night than within 2 minutes they were advertising “champion” T-shirts and how to get them ! Predators are idolized in this country – workers are “embarrassing” – what do you do for a living? Why is it shameful to care for others for a living? It is in America! Someone you’ve cared for for several years may die in your arms – but people like Romney wait for “roadkill” to get a meal. People may take care of others until their death – 9 times out of a million they aren’t going to be “eating money”! Let me go meditate!

  2. Bill Maher cuts thru all the BS and tells it exactly like it is.

  3. Excellent rant by Bill Maher!

  4. Love Bill–Don’t always agree with him– but he says what needs to be said , in a way that his message is heard-

  5. Given how soundly Newt whooped Rmoney, is there any truth to the rumor that Mitt is now going to commit serial adultery to improve his chances with repubican hypocrites?

    • You would think that the Chrisofacists down in the south would have   nothing to do with him, his serial adultery  and his disposable wives.  Something has gone seriously wrong if those people would vote for Gingrich rather than Romeny in the primaries.  I think the sun has fried their brains.

      • But Lisa… He told Republican Supply-side Jesus (not the real one) he’s sorry and that he will never do it again… at least twice. 🙄

  6. Bet the money maggots wish this guy would just go away

  7. Funny and very irreverent!  The way it should be.

    I also like Nameless’s new spelling of Romney — Rmoney.  One thing occurred to me, (I guess I’m a little slow) Rmoney could be similar to Toys ‘R  US — ‘R Money or at least part of it in the form of his taxes which need to go up substantially!

  8. Bill Maher for president!!!

  9. Maher also pointed out the difference between Rmoney (I like that version too) and a real entrepreneur: the genuine article makes something besides money. Wall Street needs to get over the delusion that speculation is investment. Investment aims to produce real things usable by real people. Speculation aims to squeeze people; it produces nothing but alternating extortionate prices and economic crashes.

    My old dictionary says an entrepreneur assumes full risk and responsibility for his enterprise. I don’t quite see how the Publican ideal, bailouts, subsidies, and dismissing the people they trample as “economic externalities,” qualifies.

    • Thanks Thomas.  Good observation, and I agree.  We need to put people to work making things and providing legitimate services, not just vulching for profit.

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