Occupy Portland had the runs

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Oct 112011

Nope!  Not those runs.  We’re not talking about Montezuma’s Revenge, Republicitis or some other foul disease.  What happens when the marathon and the 99% need the same space at the same time?  In many cities, the conflict could be unpleasant, but not in Portland, OR.  The demonstrators, runners and police cooperated to share the space.

11occupypdx-marathonA compromise struck between the Portland Marathon and Occupy Portland, which had set up camp in park near the race’s finish line, ultimately brought the protest group its biggest public demonstration since Thursday’s debut march.

Hundreds of demonstrators met in the Rose Quarter and followed the route of the marathon across the Broadway Bridge and into downtown, where they returned to their camp in Lownsdale and Chapman squares.

Portland Marathon officials, too, declared the day a success. Event director Les Smith said the protests drew a great deal of attention to the race.

"The Occupy Portland people have been a godsend for us," he said.

Smith said the demonstrators had been very supportive, and about 40 had volunteered to help clean up near the finish line after the marathon.

Portland police initially told demonstrators they would have to leave the two squares to make room for the marathon, but city and race officials met with demonstrators to reach a comprise that allowed them to stay in Chapman Square. Access to the square was cut off during the race, so protesters couldn’t enter or exit except in emergencies… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <The Oregonian>

After the race, many of the runners joined the demonstration.   Kudos to Portland!!

Rachel Maddow discusses the spread of the Occupy movement and how it has Republicans running scared.


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I love the way this has spread all over the nation, but Portland does it best. 😉


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  1. Peaceful protests rule!

  2. Bravo Portland and OWS.

  3. We are perhaps witness to a New revolution , this is world wide— in our focus on what is happening here , we must not forget the rest of the world– The internet and instant communication is coming together to effect change our corporate masters , no matter what they do  cannot control :, they do not understand the gathering power–

  4. Wasn’t aware Grayson got a standing O. He deserved it.

  5. Yay Portland!  (I lived there for two years, and hence have a bit of paternal pride.)

  6. The adults were in charge handling the OWS protesters in Portland.  Boston? Not so much …

  7. Bravo to Portland — that is how you have a successful protest — coöperation from protesters, police, city officials, and in this case, marathon race people.  I am happy with protesters actions in New York that I have seen.  I’ve seen other very short clips of other proests and they seem to be relatively calm.

    Do I think that those that the protests are aimed at get it yet?  No, but the light maybe starting to flicker in the Republican camp as they start running a little scared.  Wall Street — ???

  8. I have been here a lifetime and am so proud of all of you who are protesting here in P-town.  We love you and your tenacity.  Thank you so much and keep up the good work.  The WORLD is watching.  Smile.

  9. TC, when I saw your first videos of Occupy Portland’s march, I LOL’d.  Up until the last few days, the MSM has been portraying the OWS as a bunch of “degenerate hippies” (60’s insult) and other fringe undesirables.  And of course Eric Cantor famously stated he is “gravely concerned about the mobs . . .”   The Portland protesters looked like any group of average Americans out at any gathering in the country.  I especially loved the interview with the “Greatest Generation” couple (both in their 80’s) who were there because of concern for their great-grand children’s’ future — they’re STILL the Greatest.  Occupy Portland is now the gold standard for the OWS movement — class act.

    I’ve heard that Eugene, OR has been the most mellow town in the country for eons, attributable to higher-than-average levels of lithium in the drinking water.  So, now I’m wondering what might be in Portland’s  . . .

    Eric Cantor needs to be concerned —  that’s his pink slip out there marching.

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