Apr 232018

Here is the one hundred thirteenth article in our Republicans on Parade series, featuring individuals who personify what the Republican Party has become. Today’s honoree is Republican Faux Noise host, Bullshitologist, Trump Sycophant, and Welfare Queen Sean Hannity. He is so honored for his Republican hypocrisy and greed.


Fox News Sean Hannity was outed Sunday for having vast real estate holdings, including properties that take government money for HUD approved housing. It was those $90 million in holdings that were outed by the investigation into Michael Cohen.

According to the report broken by The Guardian, Hannity has several shell companies set up to navigate 470 different homes in 7 states.

“First, I want to apologize to Sean,” New York Times op-ed columnist Bret Stephens began. “I once called him Fox News’s dumbest anchor. He’s clearly the shrewdest real estate developer. I think it’s funny Sean Hannity turns out to be a welfare queen for HUD, having taken advantage of guarantees that were put forward by none other than the [Barack] Obama administration.”

Stephens noted that Hannity has said over and over he isn’t a journalist, though his determination seems to shift back and forth depending on what is the most expedient at the time.

“He proves it every single day,” Stephens continued of Hannity’s lack of journalist chops. “The question for Fox News is whether they want to consider themselves a journalistic institution and continue to employ as an anchor a guy who clearly is better at real estate than he is, at reporting.”

After spending most of her career in banking, MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle noted that when bank employees have a conflict of interest, regulators and the FCC get involved… [emphasis added]

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The following video is identical to the one in the article, but is from YouTube.

I’m amazed that I’ve never paraded Hannity before, even though I have covered him dozens of times, which I can document as far back as 2009.

On many occasions people with whom Hannity had business dealings appeared on his show, and Hannity never disclosed it.  His hypocrisy is exceeded only by his greed.


Apr 232018

I must have been more tired than I realized, because I overslept big-time this morning.  Instead of my normal 4:45 AM, my eyes opened at 6:30.  I must have tired myself trying to boost green clouds on their way north.  We’re about to enter a heat wave with 80° highs on Tuesday through Thursday, so I’ll be buttoning up and running the AC.  Otherwise, I don’t have much on tap this week.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (Vox Channel): Why Atlantic fish are invading the Arctic


What the Republican Reich fails to see is that protecting the arctic is necessary to protect us. RESIST!!

From Washington Post: Senior White House officials on Monday urged Democrats and a key Republican to reconsider their positions on Mike Pompeo’s nomination as secretary of state ahead of what could be an unfavorable committee vote later in the day.

“We certainly hope that some members will change their minds,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said during a morning interview on Fox News, in which she accused Democrats of playing “political games” with Trump’s nomination of Pompeo, the current CIA director.

The more Democrats reconsider him, the more opposed they become. State is a soft-spoken diplomatic post. Pompeo is a blithering absolutist hatemonger.  That is NOT a match! RESIST!!

From TPM: The man who allegedly shot and killed four young people of color in a Nashville Waffle House early Sunday identified himself as a “sovereign citizen” last year, multiple outlets reported Monday.

The outlets cited an arrest report covering the alleged gunman’s confrontation with Secret Service officers outside the White House in July of last year.

CNN and USA Today reported that the alleged gunman, Travis Reinking, told Secret Service officers that he had to get onto White House grounds to speak to President Donald Trump. The reports also said he identified himself to Secret Service as a “sovereign citizen” and that he therefore had a right to access the White House grounds.

What we have here is another Republican Ammosexual terrorist. RESIST!!



Earth Day Tears

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Apr 222018

EarthDay1 EarthDay2

This is almost a complete republish of last years article.  In recent years, I’ve greeted friends with Happy Earth Day.  We were beginning to recognize the importance of climate change and take steps to minimize the damage.  But that was before less than 1/4 of American eligible voters got away with installing Donald Trump in the White House and giving the Republican Reich control of both branches of Congress.  God help us!


[3/31/2017] In the past few weeks, the Trump administration has ramped up its efforts to make good on campaign promises to dismantle President Obama’s environmental legacy. Congressional Republicans have enthusiastically hopped on board, seizing the opportunity to repeal any environmental rules vulnerable under the Congressional Review Act and gunning to slash funding for critical environmental and scientific agencies and programs. The Trump Administration appointed Scott Pruitt, a man with well-established ties to the fossil fuel industry and a history of suing the Environmental Protection Agency, to chair the Environmental Protection Agency. On Wednesday morning, the Republican leadership of the House Science Committee convened a hearing for the sole purpose of challenging widely accepted climate science. And this past Tuesday, surrounded by coal miners and bosses, Trump issued an executive order on “energy independence” which, among other things, places President Obama’s landmark Clean Power Plan directly in the line of fire and temporarily lifts the moratorium on new coal leasing on federal public lands. Most of these developments have been months in the making. Trump and Congressional Republicans have never been quiet about their environmental agenda — namely, doing the bidding of the fossil fuel industry and making grandiose but ultimately empty gestures to prop up coal. Bottom line: it’s been a discouraging few months. This week alone has been bruising, and we’re in for a tough fight going forward. But the persistently negative headlines, emphasizing only the administration’s determination to wreak havoc on our environment, are misleading and can be counterproductive. Not because they misstate the priorities of Trump’s White House and Congressional Republicans; those are well established. But we can’t lose sight of D.C.’s real influence, or lack thereof, over energy markets and international environmental commitments — or of the power our towns, cities, and states can wield in this fight…

EPA Fuhrer, Scott Pruitt, may well be the most corrupt department head in US History.

I looked for a protest video more appropriate to 2018 and could not find one.

From <ExtraNewsFeed> We must all do every thing we can do at every level, because Trump and his Reich won’t quit. Donald Trump Is F***ing Our Planet, Happy Earth Day!

The time is now!


Apr 222018

I’m still quite tired.  Wendy is on her way to destink the foul TomCat and help with chores, including the dreaded task.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (CNN Channel): New forecast predicts trillion-dollar deficits

The first step to economic health has to be removing every Republican from office from Dawg Catcher to White House Resident. RESIST!!

From Huffington Post: A heavily militarized police force of some 400 officers aggressively patrolled a small neo-Nazi rally in this city 40 miles southwest of Atlanta on Saturday and arrested about 10 counterprotesters, many for the crime of wearing a mask.

Police officers arrived before the rally began and approached a group of about 50 anti-fascist protesters. They demanded the protesters remove their masks or face arrest. The officers — who wore bulletproof vests and helmets, and carried semi-automatic rifles — cornered the anti-fascist protesters, then grabbed those who were still masked, tossing them to the ground and handcuffing them.

At one point, an officer pointed what seemed to be a modified AR-15 at the faces of counterprotesters, none of whom appeared to be armed.

This was all the Republicans demonstrating,…


…expect for the police that sided with them against the people demonstrating for freedom. RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: The independent counsel, Robert Mueller, told reporters that, prior to news reports on Thursday, he had “almost forgotten” to investigate the former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

“Like most Americans, I had totally forgotten about Rudy Giuliani’s existence,” he said. “But then when he popped up on the news I was, like, ‘Hold on—shouldn’t we be investigating him?’ ”

Mueller was at a loss to explain why he had failed to investigate Giuliani earlier. “I have no idea how it could have slipped my mind,” he said. “His role in Trump’s campaign was as fishy as all get-out.”

Andy, I suppose we can forgive Mueller’s oversight, considering how much more important the other Republican criminals are than Rudy 911. RESIST!!



Bill Maher from 4/20

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Apr 212018

It’s that time of week again, so here are four fine video clips from Bill’s show last night.  Enjoy!

Monologue: Apprentice: White House Edition


Who is the biggest criminal, Cohen or Giuliani? Neither.

Jordan B. Peterson


He does have a point. A lot of my writing is intentionally offensive, because that’s often the only way to get folks to pay attention, but I have no hatred of people.  I hate some of the things people do.

Michael Avenatti


Oh Stormy! Oh Stormy! Bring back that Stormy day! I look forward to the lawsuit’s discovery process.

New Rule: Grass Warfare


Stoners did a dumb thing by picking 4/20 as a day to celebrate weed. It’s the day Republicans celebrate Hitler’s birthday. I like supporting legalization.  However, if it is the core issue, I’m concerned the election might go up in smoke.

Good one, Bill!


Apr 212018

Yesterday I went to my Prosthetist, and I’m pleased to report that once again, George is a happy camper.  It was the warmest day of the year to date, and I had to button up the room, turn on the A/C and leave it on all night, because the superheated brickwork on my wall was still radiating heat at midnight.  Not used to the A/C yet, I slept poorly and am feeling worn out.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (Parody Project Channel): YOU WANNA LIE US INTO WAR – (Parody of) Don’t Come Around Here No More


Vietnam, Iraq, and all wars in between are a pattern we must break. RESIST!!

From YouTube (MSNBC Channel): DNC Files Lawsuit Against Trump Camp, Others Over 2016 Hack


I look forward to the lawsuit’s discovery process. RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: The White House announced on Thursday that Donald Trump had successfully secured the services of Rudolph Giuliani, after an exhaustive search for an attorney with fewer clients than Michael D. Cohen.

“President Trump had become concerned in recent days that Mr. Cohen might be too distracted to pay full attention to his case, what with him having two other clients and all,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, said. “So the search was on for a lawyer with zero clients, and with the hiring of Mayor Giuliani, the President believes he has hit the jackpot.”

Andy, may Giuliani give the Fuhrer the representation he deserves. RESIST!!