Thunder Returns!

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Dec 062016


It's been too long since I've been able to dedicate an entire article to Samantha Bee, but she has returned and is jumping on the Fuhrer and its Reich in a way that only she can.  She is holding onto a title a Republican gave her last season and has given the first Thunder award.  Please Pardon my abbreviation.

Eroding Electoral Confidence


God help the reflecting pool. Kudos NC for reclaiming McCrorystan.

The Big Lie


Sam did a great job of satirizing the Fuhrer's BS in Bullshitology!

\And the Thunder Cunt Goes To

Thunder Strikes Again!!


Dec 062016

It’s 36° in chilly Portland with a low of 25° forecast tonight.  Fortunately the heat is working properly.  I hope you survived Monday with a minimum of suffering.  Today is grocery order day, but because of a Fred Meyer event, Store to Door can’t shop and deliver until Friday.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

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Fantasy Football Report:

Here’s the latest from our own fantasy football league, Lefty Blog Friends.



Once again, there must be a tear in the space-time continuum, because I actually won!



Congrats to Rob for leading the league.  I’m still in the cellar.  This coming week is the last of our regular season.  After that, the top eight teams enter three weeks of playoffs.  I actually have a long-shot chance of sliding into eighth place.

Short Takes:

From The New Yorker: In his first public statement since Donald Trump chose him to be the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson said on Monday that the Bible “makes absolutely no mention of housing or urban development.”

Carson said that, when Trump initially asked him to accept the post, “the first thing I did was check the Bible to see if there was anything about housing or urban development in there, and much to my dismay there was not.”

“As you can well imagine, I did not want to be in charge of something that the Bible does not condone,” he said. “But then I realized that perhaps the Lord wants me to take this job so that I can banish housing and urban development from the earth.”

Andy, that’s not too far from the truth. He has said that forbidding racial discrimination in housing is "Communist" and must be stopped.

From YouTube (GQ Channel): Trump is Steering Us Toward International Disaster | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann


Amen Keith! God help us!

From NY Times:

Edgar M. Welch, a 28-year-old father of two from Salisbury, N.C., recently read online that Comet Ping Pong, a pizza restaurant in northwest Washington, was harboring young children as sex slaves as part of a child-abuse ring led by Hillary Clinton.

The articles making those allegations were widespread across the web, appearing on sites including Facebook and Twitter. Apparently concerned, Mr. Welch drove about six hours on Sunday from his home to Comet Ping Pong to see the situation for himself, according to court documents. Not long after arriving at the pizzeria, the police said, he fired from an assault-like AR-15 rifle. The police arrested him. They found a rifle and a handgun in the restaurant. No one was hurt.

In an arraignment on Monday, a heavily tattooed Mr. Welch, wearing a white jumpsuit and shackles, was ordered held. According to the criminal complaint, he told the authorities that he was armed to help rescue children but that he surrendered peacefully after finding no evidence that “children were being harbored in the restaurant.” He was charged with four counts, including felony assault with a deadly weapon and carrying a gun without a license outside a home or business.

Unbeknown to Mr. Welch, what he had been reading online were fake news articles about Comet Ping Pong, which have swollen in number over time. The false articles against the pizzeria began appearing on social networks and websites in late October, not long before the presidential election, with the restaurant identified as being the headquarters for a child-trafficking ring.

The articles were soon exposed as false by publications including The New York Times, The Washington Post and the fact-checking website Snopes. But the debunking did not squash the conspiracy theories about Comet Ping Pong — instead, it led to the opposite.

For the record, Comet Ping Pong is owned by a gay man and has been used as a venue for Democratic functions. That’s why Trump’s deplorables and Alt-Right Nazis at 4chan targeted it for violence.



Republicans are working hard for de facto repeal.


DAPL Down!

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Dec 052016

Since last month’s catastrophe, opportunities to share good news have been far too few and far too far between, so I take great pleasure in expressing my praise and admiration for the Standing Rock Sioux and their fellow protestors that may have just killed the Dakota Access Pipeline.


The Dakota Access Pipeline will not cross under Lake Oahe in North Dakota, it was announced Sunday in a stunning victory to the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and its supporters, who argued the project would threaten the tribe’s water source and cultural sites.

The US Army Corps of Engineers will not grant an easement allowing the pipeline’s construction half a mile south of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation.

Jo-Ellen Darcy, United States Assistant Secretary of the Army, said the federal agency will ‘explore alternate routes’ in an announcement that came just one day before the Corps was scheduled to cut off access to the protesters’ camp.

Thousands of demonstrators at the Oceti Sakowin campsite erupted into cheers and cries of Mni Wiconi – ‘Water is life’ – went up from the crowd as the news spread.

Moments after the decision was announced, Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Council Chairman Harold Frazier told that he was ‘shocked’ by the news… [emphasis added]

From <Daily Mail>

The news left me with several questions on what might happen going forward, especially since the Resident-elect has close financial ties with Energy Transfer Partners.  He hates losing money like this!

I found two videos that cover the story as well as any can.  The first from MSNBC deals with what happened.

The second from TYT deals with what it means.

Amen Cenk!  Once again, we owe a great debt to the Lakota people for showing us how to RESIST!

Dec 042016

Wendy just left.  After she scoured the stinky TomCat, we did the dreaded task, cleaned floors and counters, and had French Toast for brunch.  Today is a holy day in the Church of the Ellipsoid Orb.  My Broncos are meditating with the Jaguars as I write, but the game is not televised here.  I’m following it online.  May the Orb shine it’s blessed light on your team, unless they are spotted puddy tats.  Portland is under a Winter Weather Advisory.  It may snow.

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Short Takes:

From The New Yorker: President-elect Donald J. Trump drew a line in the sand on Friday as he warned that U.S. companies planning to ship jobs overseas will be slapped with enormous bribes.

“If you think you’re going to get away with sending jobs out of the U.S., think again,” Trump said. “You are about to be bribed, big league.”

He raised the cautionary example of Carrier Corporation, which this week decided to keep a few hundred jobs in the U.S. in exchange for a seven-million-dollar government incentive. “I warned those boys at Carrier: we can do this the easy way, or the hard way, where you get seven million dollars,” he said. “They backed down so fast—it was terrific.”

Andy, Fuhrer Drumpfenfarten was not even sufficiently competent to bribe Carrier. Vice Puke elect Pence had to do it for him.

From YouTube (SNL Channel): The Hunt for Hil


It’s OK with me, if she stays lost.

From NY Times: Senate Democrats concede they have little leverage to stop Donald J. Trump’s cabinet nominees. But that will not discourage them from trying to make life as uncomfortable as possible for many of his choices, with the hope of forcing their Republican colleagues and Mr. Trump to squirm along the way.

With nominees like Representative Tom Price, a proponent of fundamental changes to Medicare, to be health secretary, and Steven Mnuchin, a Goldman Sachs trader turned hedge fund manager, as Treasury secretary, Democrats hope to use the confirmation hearings to highlight the wide river of incongruities between Mr. Trump’s campaign promises and much of the team he is assembling. The goal: to fuel a narrative that the incoming president, and the Republicans who support him, cannot be trusted.

“President-elect Trump promised that he was going to clean up the swamp,” said Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the incoming Democratic leader, “and a whole lot of his nominees have had their career in the swamp.”

Making them squirm is not enough! A smaller Republican minority blocked virtually all of Obama’s appointees for years. Democrats should only obstruct the evil ones… ALL of them!! RESIST!!




Fuhrer Tanks China Relations

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Dec 032016

I, for one, have been concerned that Drumpfenfarten, Fuhrer of the Republican Rectum-Rage Reich, has been refusing foreign intelligence briefings, claiming to get information from other sources (Kremlin, perhaps?).  He just tanked our China relations so badly, that without major damage control, we may find ourselves back in a cold war with China. 


President-elect Donald J. Trump spoke by telephone with Taiwan’s president on Friday, a striking break with nearly four decades of diplomatic practice that could precipitate a major rift with China even before Mr. Trump takes office.

Mr. Trump’s office said he had spoken with the Taiwanese president, Tsai Ing-wen, “who offered her congratulations.” He is believed to be the first president or president-elect who has spoken to a Taiwanese leader since at least 1979, when the United States severed diplomatic ties with Taiwan as part of its recognition of the People’s Republic of China.

In the statement, Mr. Trump’s office said the two leaders had noted “the close economic, political, and security ties” between Taiwan and the United States. Mr. Trump, it said, “also congratulated President Tsai on becoming President of Taiwan earlier this year.”

Mr. Trump’s motives in taking the call, which lasted more than 10 minutes, were not clear. In a Twitter message late Friday, he said [Twit Tweet delinked] Ms. Tsai “CALLED ME.”… [emphasis added]

From <NY Times>

Lets dispense with the idiotic "called me" excuse.  First, if I called the Fuhrer, it wouldn’t pick up the phone.  The call would go to a low level aide, who would want to know who I was and what I wanted.  If that aide thought it worthwhile, I’d be passed to a mid-level aide, who would grill me for much more detailed information.  If i passed that test, I’d be passed to a high level aide for the final vetting of my call.  If I passed, we would find a time that fit both the Fuhrer’s and my schedules, and I’d be given a special number to call at that time.  I would call the Fuhrer at the appointed time, and only then would it answer the phone.  Second, given the long-term absence of US formal relations with Taiwan, Ms. Tsai would have no reason to call, unless she had reason to believe it would be well received.  In short, the "CALLED ME" claim is a Republican Lie.  That call was prearranged!

Rachel Maddow covered the incident in much more detail and discussed it with Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT).

Did the Fuhrer understand the impact of what it was doing? There is no way to tell. Fuhrer Drumpfenfarten is certainly devious enough to return us to a cold war footing with China intentionally. However, the Fuhrer is also stupid enough to have had no idea what he was doing.

Dec 032016

I’m quite pleased that the start of month rush is past.  I think I can safely say that the summer heat waves are also over, at least until February, and I need to adjust my thermostat, something that requires a long, difficult reach, even with George on.  The low is forecast at 25° F on Tuesday  night.  I have no appointments scheduled next week, so I’m looking forward to a restful time.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

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Short Takes:

From The New Yorker: A once-prominent political career came to a shocking end on Friday as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was arrested for keying the limo of President-elect Donald J. Trump.

The incident, which rocked political circles in Trenton and Washington, happened in full view of the midtown-Manhattan crowds outside of Trump Tower, where the vandalized limo had been parked.

“Suddenly, this guy broke through security, whipped out his keys, and made a gigantic gash along the side of the limo,” said Harland Dorrinson, a tourist from Missouri who witnessed the incident. “Police started wrestling him to the ground, and I was, like, ‘Holy crap, that’s Chris Christie.’ ”

Fellow-Republicans reacted to Christie’s arrest with sadness and sympathy. “This whole transition period has been tough on a lot of folks,” former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney said.

Sorry Andy! You can’t fool us into believing that PIGnocchio has the cojones to do such a gutsy thing.

From Daily Kos:

Trump knows very well about voter fraud. His people and the party he represents work diligently on suppressing the vote, while also engaging in some voter fraud themselves. Case in point: Brandon Michael Hall. The 27-year-old Trump supporter was convicted yesterday on 10 counts of election law fraud.

The 27-year-old Grand Haven resident, author of the West Michigan Politics blog and self-admitted political junkie, said the verdict wasn’t a surprise. Hall said that he had resigned himself to that possibility after the Michigan Supreme Court, during this past summer, determined his case should be tried as a felony.

In 2012, Hall forged signatures on a bunch of petitions in the hopes of placing a judicial candidate—Chris Houghtaling—on the ballot for Ottawa County District Court judge. Hall was done in when his cohort in the fraud Zachary Savage was granted immunity and agreed to spill the beans in court. Hall has a history of being a low-level corrupt little individual.

Hall had previous dealings with the law when he was convicted in 2010 for stealing from a school fundraiser while he was a member of the Grand Haven school board. He served two years of probation and performed 60 hours of community service.

When it comes to election fraud, Republicans are not only doing all the complaining about it, but also, committing all the fraud.

From YouTube (MSNBC Channel): Donald Trump Voter Lost Her Home, Blames Trump’s Pick For Treasury Secretary


I’m sorry she lost her home, but what a fool she is, just like everyone who believes the Fuhrer will help poor and middle class Americans!

From YouTube (MSNBC Channel): Bernie Sanders On Donald Trump’s Filthy Rich Cabinet


As always, Bernie hit the nail on the head.