Feb 192017

Wendy just left having destinked the foul TomCat, helped with the dreaded task and some light housework, and received a back rub with Icy-Hot, because she tweaked it in the bar last night.  That was the high point of my day.  She also had fried eggs and potatoes for brunch.  Now I have some catching up to do.

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Short Takes:

From Daily Kos: Ex-convict and white supremacist Benjamin McDowell, 28, was arrested after buying a handgun and ammunition from an FBI agent for $109.

McDowell had complained on facebook that fellow white supremacists were all talk and no action: "All they wanne (sic) do is stay loaded on drugs the Jews put here to destroy white man and they feast on the drugs. they should be Feasting on the enemy that stole their Heritage and their bloodline" he wrote, also citing Dylan Roof, the white mass murderer sentenced to death for the murder of a group of black churchgoers.

Authorities began investigating McDowell in December after he posted threats to a synagogue on Facebook.

Since President Trump was sworn in, vowing to keep America safe from terrorism, and issuing a travel ban against Muslim countries that was later blocked by the courts, this is the third white American to be investigated for a terrorist plot.

Click through for more terrorism by Trump Republicans.  It’s a good thing the FBI got this one before the Nectarine Nazi gave him Flynn’s job. RESIST!!

From Think Progress: Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort — which he refers to as “the Winter White House” — will bring in millions of dollars in membership fees each year while allowing members to have the ear of the president.

According to a New York Times piece published on Saturday, Trump’s son Eric told the newspaper that Mar-a-Lago admits about 20 to 40 new members each year. Considering that Mar-a-Lago raised its initiation fees to $200,0000 after Trump’s presidential inauguration, that’s up to $8 million dollars coming in from new members per year. And that doesn’t include taxes or the $14,000 charge for each member’s annual dues.

While clearly criminal, the likelihood that Beauregard will investigate, let alone indict him is nil. RESIST!!

From Raw Story: Almost all congressional Republicans are scared of facing voters in town hall meetings over the long President’s Day weekend. Only 19 representatives and senators—a tiny number—will hold town meetings during the first recess of the current session of Congress, according to the Town Hall Project. But the group’s listing of these democratic mainstays barely tells the story.

According to an eye-opening Washington Post account, Republican officeholders have been cancelling planned town halls because they don’t want to face critics upset that they may soon lose their health insurance or see an increase in costs as the GOP plans to undermine Obamacare. Even worse, they don’t want organized progressive groups to show up with posters and video camera and determination to challenge them in public and post the confrontations on YouTube.

“According to the Town Hall Project, which collates information about public town halls, there are no availabilities in Utah—where every federal officeholder is a Republican—over the coming week,” WaPo wrote. “That’s not a fluke. Just 19 Republican members of Congress have scheduled traditional town halls over the weeklong recess. Several more, like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), have listed ticketed events or “office hours;” a few more have announced tele-town halls, which allow constituents to lob questions without risking a “YouTube moment.”

This cowardly response is nothing new from immoderate Republicans; it’s in line with their partisan ethic that “anything goes” to win, except playing fair. They cannot win in many states without gerrymandering federal and state districts, which allowed them to seize power after the 2010 Census. They cannot win widely in high turnout elections, hence their efforts to limit participation by creating barriers like new voter ID laws or restricting voting options favored by critics, like early voting on weekends.

The bottom line here is this. Republicans don’t want to know what YOU think, because, unless you are a Nazi, a Misogynist, a pseudo-Christian, a Russian, or a billionaire, Republicans do not represent YOU! RESIST!!



Feb 022017

I’m running quite late, having just returned from Physical Terrorism with Courtney and exceeding previous benchmarks for speed and endurance. Due to the extra time spent in and waiting for Lift busses, it may be next week, before I have the Monthly Report done.  I’m already tuckered out, and I’m just starting to write.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): Donald Trump is Aiding the Enemy | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann


The Republican Reich is a terrorist organization and has been since the days of GW ChickenHawk and Al Dubya.  RESIST!!

From YouTube (Full Frontal Channel): The Not-A-Muslim-Ban Muslim Ban


This is a down payment. I’ll bring some more Sam tomorrow.  RESIST!!

From NY Times: President Trump, seeming to relish a fight with Democrats over his nominee to the Supreme Court, encouraged the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, on Wednesday to invoke the so-called nuclear option and abandon the 60-vote threshold for confirmation.

“If we end up with that gridlock, I would say, ‘If you can, Mitch, go nuclear,’” the president said.

I hate to say it, but I predicted Republicans would invoke the nuclear option for the Supreme Court if they ever managed to steal the White House again.  RESIST!!



Feb 012017

I’m waiting for Store to Door to deliver my groceries.  Wendy is coming this evening.  I’m swamped with tasks, so please pardon my brevity.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (RWW Channel): RWW News: Alex Jones Thinks Quebec City Attack Was A False Flag

Barf Bag Alert!!


This is how Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christians try to project their own terrorism onto others. RESIST!!

From The Rachel Maddow Show: Democrats vow to block Trump SCOTUS pick Gorsuch

Senator Jeff Merkley talks with Rachel Maddow about his intention to filibuster Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick, Neil Gorsuch, after Republicans refused to give former President Obama’s nominee a hearing.


Kudos to Jeff! Oregon leads the way! Just say NO to Neil Whoresuch! RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: Donald Trump fired the acting Attorney General, Sally Q. Yates, after learning that she had downloaded a copy of the United States Constitution to her computer, Trump told reporters on Monday night.

According to the Trump Administration’s code of ethics, established by Steve Bannon, a counsellor to the President, “possessing, reading, or referring to the United States Constitution” is a violation that is punishable by termination.

Suspecting that Yates was in breach of that rule, Bannon seized Yates’s computer at the Justice Department and discovered that she had secretly downloaded a complete copy of the 1789 document.

OK, Andy! It’s time to get back to satire. RESIST!!



Aug 172016

The day is going poorly so far.  My A/C tubing came loose last night.  I can’t see to fix it.  If I could, I won’t fit in that corner.  Building maintenance said they’ll come when they can, but are not sure when.  Portland is now under an excessive heat warning through the weekend.  In addition, today is a grocery delivery day.  Late this afternoon, Wendy will be here for my care.  I imagine I may be very stinky by then.

Maintenance arrived over two hours later.  Even though the temperature was still under 70° outside, it was over 85° in here, because the sun had hit the brickwork and was superheating it.  Fortunately, they were able to reconnect the exhaust hose.

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Short Takes:

From KP Daily Funnies: Funny or Die: Putin Loves Trump


That’s almost as absurd the third party propaganda Putin produces on RT.

From Daily Kos: Rudy Giuliani, stumping for Trump today.

"Under those eight years, before Obama came along, we didn’t have any successful radical Islamic terrorist attack in the United States. They all started when Clinton and Obama got into office."

And to think we used to call him Rudi 911! Nevertheless Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christian terrorists are a far more deadly threat to the US than the Republican Supply-side pseudo-Muslims of Al Qaeda and the Daesh.

From NY Times: Hillary Clinton does not dispute that the presidential campaign is going well for her at the moment.

But she would rather not dwell on it.

“Don’t be complacent, my friends!” she told supporters on Tuesday inside a high school gym in West Philadelphia. “Even though we’re doing fine right now, I’m not taking anyone, anywhere, for granted.”

As Mrs. Clinton seizes polling advantages over Donald J. Trump in essentially every traditional swing state, her team is working to keep supporters energized and engaged, reminding them that winning public surveys in August is worth exactly zero electoral votes in November.

She’s right!





I Am Heartbroken

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Jul 152016

Ever since "I am Paris", we have witnessed an ever increasing smorgasbord of terrorism that we might as keep a stock "I am __________!", so that we can fill in the blank with the targeted city du jour. We are seeing far too many victims in far too many cities!  I am heartbroken!


  • The truck deliberately zigzagged with its headlights off through a large crowd celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France.
  • At least 84 people were killed and at least 50 children hospitalized, French officials said.
  • The truck was “loaded with arms and grenades,” a local official said, but some were reportedly fake.
  • The driver has been identified as a 31-year-old French-Tunisian named Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel.

The vicious Bastille Day attack in the French city of Nice that killed at least 84 people was an act of terrorism, France’s President Francois Hollande said early Friday.

Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, a 31-year-old French Tunisian, plowed a vehicle-turned-weapon into a crowd of people who were watching fireworks. He drove for more than a mile before police shot him dead, Agence-France Press reported. The truck was loaded with “arms and grenades,” Region President Christian Estrosi said, but some of them were fake.

From <Huffington Post>

The US contributes to the problem in three key ways.  First, as long as we support an Israeli regime that oppresses the Palestinian people and violates international by pursuing a one state solution by military force, radical Muslims will attack us and our allies.  Second, as long as we support Saudi Arabia, that has financed more terrorism that any nation in the world, except the US, more funding and weapons will keep flowing to terrorists.  Third, as long as we lead the world in oil consumption, control of the oil fields of the middle east will be a US national security interest, putting us at odds with the people who want to control their own oil fields.

Jul 082016

I started the day very tired, because of my exertions for the last two days, and because my sleep has been intermittent due to muggy weather.  The day did not begin well.  My vision stinks, so I broke an egg on the floor.  For someone in a wheelchair, that's a very difficult cleanup, as all I have is a grab stick, paper towels and a foot.  Twenty minutes later, I finished cleaning and immediately broke ANOTHER egg on the floor.  ARGH!!  Cooking and eating breakfast took over two hours!.  I'm leaving for an appointment with Courtney, my Physical Terrorist, in about an hour, so I'll finish this when I return, and this is today's only article.

Later:  My Lift bus was an hour late, so I'm late getting this up.  The PT session went well, except that Georges new ankle went wobbly again, do I have to go bath to Sarah, my Prosthetist. 

Jig  Zone Puzzle:

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Short Takes:

From Daily Kos: Many are going to miss seeing political humorist Jessica Williams on The Daily Show. Her ‘Williness” has delighted audiences for years, first beginning with Jon Stewart and then Trevor Noah. Williams has tackled homophobia, racism, and other social issues, while bringing us a laugh or two to help audiences stomach some of the most ridiculous American culture.

For her last segment, Williams asked a group of Bernie Sanders supporters who say they are voting for Donald Trump — how they can go from supporting a Left socialist like Bernie Sanders to a Right racist like Republican nominee Donald Trump. One young man started off saying , “Trump has diarrhea of the mouth, but a lot of what he says are what a lot of people might think.” Williams retorts, “You mean “racist things?” He says, “Yeah.”


Dang! If only I had realized Hillary is a Leprechaun!! Scheesh!! Did Jessica show them for what they are, or what?  Those regressives, who put their hatred for Hillary above all else, are idiots!!

From NY Times: At least one sniper, who said he wanted to shoot white police officers, killed five officers and wounded seven others in a coordinated ambush at a demonstration in Dallas on Thursday night against police shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana, officials said. The sniper was killed, and three other people are in custody, officials said.

During an hourslong standoff after the attack, in which two civilians were also wounded, one suspect told police negotiators that “he was upset about Black Lives Matter,” the Dallas police chief, David O. Brown, said on Friday.

“He said he was upset about the recent police shootings,” Chief Brown said. “The suspect said he was upset at white people. The suspect stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.”

The police killed that suspect using an explosive delivered by a robot, he said, and arrested three other people. The chief said the snipers had worked together, firing rifles from triangulated positions, some of them looking down from elevated posts in downtown buildings… [emphasis added]


We shouldn't be surprised. This was bound to happen because Black after Black have been murdered by police, and the criminal cops have walked away unpunished. This, however, is not the answer. As easy as it is to understand why, the surviving Dallas shooters should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, except for the death penalty.

Correction 7/9: There were no other shooters.  The Chief's statement about multple snipes triangulating targets was not honest.

From Crooks and Liars:


Shame on Matt Drudge for that headline when no one knows yet who committed the horrible crimes in Dallas last night. Shame on him for assuming the shooters were Black people when there are no reports yet as to the race or even genders of the suspects. [There weren't then, but there are now.]

But the real walk of shame belongs to former Representative and Deadbeat Dad Joe Walsh, who tweeted threats to the President of the United States along with a stream of racist hate.


Republicans are going to have a field day misrepresenting this incident. I'm surprised I haven't seen any regressive lefties blaming it on Hillary.