Dec 302017

Today’s the last day of the current humidity wave.  I hate feeling chilly and sweating at the same time.  Tomorrow is a holy day in the Church of the Ellipsoid Orb.  My Broncos play the Chiefs, who are sitting their starters, so my guys have an outside chance.  I’ll hurry along, as this weather has me big-time pooped.

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From YouTube (Inequality Media Channel): Robert Reich Googles Himself


Normally I don’t put up fundraising vids, but this one had so much interesting info about the Reich on the left that is right that I made an exception. RESIST!!

From Daily Kos: Hats off to the people of Maine for their unrelenting pressure on Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) for putting partisanship over people with her vote to give the Republican donor class upward of $2 trillion in tax cuts, while also eliminating health insurance for some 13 million people. Her efforts at self-defense have been at best naive, at worst duplicitous, and downright shameless to boot. Now that the vote is over and her constituents are rightly enraged at her, she’s taking another stab at it, penning an op-ed in the Press Herald in which she decides to fall back on lying.

I supported this legislation because it will help lower-income and middle-income families keep more of their hard-earned money, boost the economy and encourage businesses, both small and large, to grow and create jobs here in Maine and around the country.

Look, the people of Maine just aren’t that dumb.

They aren’t? Explain Paul LePage! RESIST!!

From NY Times: President Trump, in an impromptu interview on Thursday with The New York Times, rattled off at least 10 false or misleading claims about the Russia investigation, wars abroad, health care, immigration and trade. Here’s an assessment.

He inaccurately said the claims against Paul Manafort occurred “many years ago before I ever heard of him.”

The two men reportedly met in 2011. Paul Manafort joined the Trump campaign in March 2016, was promoted to campaign chairman and chief strategist that May and was ousted that August.

Mr. Manafort is accused of serving as an unregistered agent of Ukraine from at least 2006 to 2015, laundering payments from 2006 to 2016 and making false statements to investigators from Nov. 23, 2016, to Feb. 10, 2017.

He misrepresented what a senator has said about the Russia investigation.

According to Mr. Trump, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Democrat of California, appeared “on television saying there is no collusion” between his campaign and Russia in the 2016 election. Ms. Feinstein has said she has not yet seen evidence of collusion, not that the evidence shows no collusion.

“It’s an open question because there’s no proof yet that it’s happened, and I think that proof will likely come with Mr. Mueller’s investigation,” she said in an interview in October with CBS, referring to the special counsel overseeing the inquiry.

I shared two. Click through for the other eight Trump lies listed for that interview. RESIST!!




The Way Forward on Tax Scam

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Dec 202017

It’s a done deal.  Less than five minutes ago, the House passed the Republican Tax Scam, and it’s on the way to their Fuhrer’s desk.  For the way forward, we have a good head start, because the Republican Tax Scam is more unpopular than any tax increase has been.  Moving along, we need to hang this albatross on the neck of every Republican lawmaker at every level of government, as well as every Republican donor and corporate criminal, whose greedy threats drove passage of this disaster.


Foremost on many activists’ minds is how to make politicians rue the day they voted for this scam. The folks who organized the big Tax March last April are about to [sic] to coordinate 100 days of “accountability” events around the country, beginning in early January. Their aim: Make a “yea” vote on this stinker a mark of shame for candidates trying to get reelected in 2018 and 2020.

We should also be working to hold corporations that supported the tax bill accountable. Lobby groups representing nearly every large firm in the country, from the Chamber of Commerce to the Business Roundtable, fought full-throttle for this monstrosity, spewing one absurd claim after another.

Meanwhile, according to Marketwatch, corporations have been preparing to spend their tax savings not on job-creating investments or wage hikes but on stock buybacks, which will inflate the value of their CEOs’ stock-based pay…

Inserted from <The Nation>

Rachel Maddow gives us some excellent background on this mess.

Rachel explained that only 7% of Americans think the Republican Tax Scam is a middle class tax cut.  That’s a great start, and in the end, 60 percent of Americans get a tax INCREASE!  Are you ready?  Campaign 2018 just started in earnest.


Dec 202017

It’s another crazy day in the CatBox.  I had to split my grocery order into two deliveries, one from each of two locations, the Amazon warehouse and New Seasons Market.  The larger of the two from Amazon has already come, and it was so well packed and organized that putting everything away was relatively painless.  The New Seasons order is only three items, but one of them is a key ingredient for tonight’s supper.  That will come between 10:00 and Noon.  Tonight is a shower night, and I’m planning a special supper for WWW: bagels with lox, cream cream cheese, and onions!  Oy Purrrr!!!

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From The Atlantic: Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma put it a bit more succinctly. “God made Republicans to cut taxes,” he quipped to reporters.

Trump hasn’t even signed it in OUR blood yet, and Republicans are already trying to blame their albatross on somebody else. RESIST!!

From Washington Post: The White House has taken down a popular online tool created by President Barack Obama’s administration that allowed the public to create online petitions, some of which required an official response.

All of the petitions, including one that called on President Trump to release his tax returns — the most popular, with more than a million signatures — disappeared from Petitions.WhiteHouse.Gov as part of what a statement said was part of a maintenance effort to improve its performance.

The statement said that the site, as well as all of its existing petitions, would be restored by the end of January.

“All existing petitions and associated signatures have been preserved and will be available when the site is relaunched,” the note said. “Following the site’s relaunch, petitions that have reached the required number of signatures will begin receiving responses.”

I’ll bet a buck that, when the end of January comes, there will be a problem that will cause a "slight" delay in getting it back up. That delay will continue until Drumpfenfarten is no longer Fuhrer. Any takers? RESIST!!

From NY Times: The Democratic wave that rose on Election Day in Virginia last month delivered a final crash on the sand Tuesday when a Democratic challenger defeated a Republican incumbent by a single vote, leaving the Virginia House of Delegates evenly split between the two parties.

The victory by Shelly Simonds, a school board member in Newport News, was a civics lesson in every-vote-counts as she won 11,608 to 11,607 in a recount conducted by local election officials. [emphasis added]

How many times have you heard lazy lefties or third party fools say their vote doesn’t matter, because it will make no difference anyway. Bullshit! RESIST!!



Dec 202017

Within the past few days, JD mentioned Ady Barkan, a father, a husband, a son who has been stricken with ALS but is not taking things quietly.  Ady Barkan is an activist who was arrested on his birthday very recently for taking on the Republican party’s tax scam legislation.  Did I say ‘legislation’?  That is too legitimate sounding, too dignified for this piece of crap bill.  Thanks JD for the tip.

Disabled Activist Ady Barkan: ‘Republicans Don’t Have The Heart To Look Me In The Eye’

Ady Barkan is a fierce activist fighting for democracy, health care, and his own life. He suffers from ALS and will need a ventilator shortly to keep him alive and breathing while his 18-month old son grows up. Barkan is also the campaign director for Fed Up and Campaign for Democracy, and has been fighting in…



Posted from Crooks and Liars


So, what are YOU going to do?

As Ady says, it may not be today, but the People have the moral high ground now and must continue to fight for the political high ground in 2018.  In the end, it is the People who will win!

To honour Ady’s request, that website is:


The Corker Kickback

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Dec 182017

When I learned on Friday that Senator Bob Corker had flipped on the Republican Tax Scam, I wondered why.  He had said that he would not support a tax bill that added a penny to the debt.  $1 trillion plus is a lot of pennies.  That is in character for him, because he has been a deficit hawk throughout his career.  Trump could not threaten him, because he retires in January.  It just made no sense to me at all… until now.


Remember those five minutes when Republican Senator Bob Corker tried to position himself as the principled conservative opposition to Donald Trump? That ended this week, when the GOP bribed Corker into voting for his tax scam bill by adding a provision that benefitted him financially. It turns out Corker is nothing more than a financially corrupt conservative who happens to personally dislike Trump. Now it turns out Corker could be in actual legal trouble for his vote.

Corker, who is set to retire from the Senate in about a year, faced immediate blowback when it was revealed that he changed his vote to “yes” after the Republican Party made a change to the bill which sharply boosted Corker’s own personal financial prospects. There has been some debate in legal circles as to whether this qualifies an actual crime under the law, or merely a moral crime. But we may be about to find out – and Corker may be far from the only one facing potential reckoning.

The current Republican-controlled Congress naturally won’t investigate Bob Corker for any laws he may have broken in the name of voting for their corrupt tax bill. However, with Corker set to become a private citizen at the end of 2018, he could theoretically be prosecuted like anyone else who has committed financial fraud. If it can be demonstrated that he changed his vote specifically because he was offered a provision whose primary purpose was to personally enrich him, it could be categorized as a “kickback” or essentially a bribe…  [emphasis added]

Inserted from <The Palmer Report>

I disagree with the author about prosecuting Corker, because even when intent is obvious as it is here, proving it to a legal certainty is a virtually impossible task.

Amy Goodman covered the story, including Corker’s absurd protestations.

Now, if Corker were innocent of switching his vote for a bribe, all he had to do is present a viable reason for doing so.  He did not.  But if you believe that he didn’t do it, you probably also believe the the Pope is not Catholic, and that bears never, ever shit in the woods.


Dec 162017

I’ve had another busy day figuring out this week’s grocery list.  All the extra hassle is keeping me tuckered out.  Happy CATurday!!

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (Real Time Channel): Real Time with Bill Maher (2018) | Season 16 Trailer


I’m looking forward to his return in January. RESIST!!

From Washington Post: Congressional Republicans secured enough support Friday to pass their massive tax plan, a measure that would deliver a major legislative victory to President Trump and his GOP allies and make tax changes affecting nearly every American family and business.

Passage appeared certain after two critical holdouts, Sens. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), said they would vote for the bill next week.

They know what they are doing to America. They know they are bankrupting people. They know they are murdering people. They know they are making children go hungry. They don’t care. We must hang this around their necks, until me drive them the way of the Whigs. The survival of The Republican Party and that of the USA are mutually exclusive.  RESIST!!

From NY Times: The House Intelligence Committee is racing to complete its investigation of Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election, scheduling a host of witness interviews here and in New York for next week as Congress heads for its break, and, Democrats said, leaving other leads unfollowed.

Some of the most important witnesses are to be interviewed in New York by committee staff early next week, possibly leaving Democrats to choose between attending those depositions or voting on the massive tax bill coming before the House.

And in an indication that Republicans hope to wrap up their probe, the House committee has yet to schedule a single interview after the holidays, according to two committee officials familiar with the schedule. That has left Democrats fearful that the majority is trying to finish the investigative portion of its work by the end of next week, before the committee can connect the dots on one of the most serious efforts by a hostile foreign actor to hijack American democracy.

“I feel no need to apologize for concluding an investigation,” said Representative Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, one of the Republicans leading the investigation.

This is what they’re up to. When they are "done", Gowdy can declare Putin’s Piddle Puppet innocent, opening up more attacks on and possible action against Mueller. RESIST!!