Jan 212018

This is my only article today.  I have not slept well and am very tired.  It’s a high holy day in the Church of the Ellipsoid Orb with Conference Final meditations to watch.  I wonder if someone deflated Brady’s balls.  WWWendy is going to a temporary bartending job today, so she’s coming an hour early to destink the smelly TomCat and help with chores.  She will probably arrive before I finish this.  I hope you are having a great second day of the Republican shutdown.

WWWendy just left.  It feels so good to be clean again!!

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (Parody Project Channel): Song for Donald – Parody of Song of Roland



From YouTube (SNL Channel): Trump Doctor Press Conference Cold Open


That exam was almost as phony as the real one was. RESIST!!

From Bloomberg: President Donald Trump says on Twitter that if the shutdown stalemate continues, Republicans should consider the so-called “nuclear option” in the Senate, which would allow them to vote on a long-term budget with a simple majority and no more continuing resolutions. “The Dems just want illegal immigrants to pour into our nation unchecked,” Trump says to kick off a day seen as the final chance for a rapid end to the shutdown.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they did it. I am surprised they haven’t done it sooner. RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: Calling it “the least I can do for my country,” the White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said on Saturday morning that she would lie for free during the government shutdown.

“Now more than ever it’s important that the stream of falsehoods and distortions from this White House continues to flow in a steady and uninterrupted fashion,” Sanders said. “To achieve that, for the duration of the government shutdown I will be lying on a pro-bono basis.”

Sanders said that Donald Trump had asked that she keep a full accounting of the lies she told during the shutdown so that she could be reimbursed for them later, but she turned down that offer. “I’ve often said that I like to lie so much I would do it for free,” she said. “This is a chance to put my money where my mouth is.”

Dang Andy! For Upchuckabee-Sanders, lying for free is like a bear shitting in the woods for free. RESIST!!



I bet most wish they had stayed in Canada!

Jan 182018

It’s another super muggy day, and I’m very tired, because I slept intermittently last night.  So please pardon my brevity.

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From YouTube (Jimmy Kimmel Channel): The Porn Donald Trump Doesn’t Want You to See

Barf Bag Alert!!


Frankly, I don’t believe it. It overrated his performance. RESIST!!

From Daily Kos: Republican senators Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley have been back home in Iowa to hold small town halls in rural areas, places they probably thought would be ‘safe spaces’ from angry voters. WRONG. The rural voters who turned out were not happy with Donald Trump and they unloaded on Ernst and Grassley. In one particularly embarrassing moment for Sen. Ernst in Red Oak, Iowa (population 5,476), she drew laughter and scorn.

Pig Nuts Barf Bag Alert!!


Joni Pig Nuts is too stupid to know that both Sweden and Finland are between Norway and Russia. RESIST!!

From NY Times: It was a made-for-TV moment, perfect for a presidential campaign advertisement.

His fists clenched and his voice rising, Senator Cory Booker, Democrat of New Jersey, delivered a 10-minute verbal thrashing to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen this week, recalling his “tears of rage” when he learned that President Trump had used vulgarities to describe African nations.

Not to be outdone, Senator Kamala Harris, Democrat of California, who was seated next to Mr. Booker, also skewered Ms. Nielsen, suggesting that Americans could draw a “reasonable inference” that she is racist.

The next presidential election is nearly three years away, but in the Capitol the race is already unfolding, with no fewer than six senators — Mr. Booker and Ms. Harris, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Kirsten E. Gillibrand of New York and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota — eyeing the Democratic nomination in 2020, with each angling to get to the left of the others.

Personally I think this is premature. Our eyes need to be focused on 2018, not 2020. RESIST!!



Jan 172018

It’s another sweaty muggy day, and I am very busy.  Store to Door delivered groceries, and I just finished putting them away and having lunch.  WWWendy is coming this evening to destink the VERY smelly TomCat.  I plan to get us a pizza.

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From YouTube: Republican Tax Cut Song

Bush Barf Bag Alert!!


This six year old song illustrates that the only way Republicans have changed is in degree.  RESIST!!

From NPR: Three-quarters of the seats on the U.S. National Park Service advisory board are vacant following a mass resignation Monday night, citing Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s unwillingness to meet with them.

Nine of the panel’s 12 members, led by former Alaska Gov. Tony Knowles, handed in their resignations. The bipartisan panel was appointed by President Barack Obama and the terms of all members who quit were set to expire in May.

When they can’t even get a meeting with Republican park destroyer Stinky Zinke, mass resignation is a valid protest. RESIST!!

From Common Dreams: The win by a Democrat for a state senate seat in Wisconsin’s special election on Tuesday is being seen as the latest sign that traditional Republican strongholds, including districts where Donald Trump beat rival Hillary Clinton handily in 2016, could be up for grabs as the nation eyes this year’s mid-term elections.

The victory by Patty Schachtner, the chief medical examiner at a local hospital, over Republican Adam Jarchow, who currently serves in the State House, in Wisconsin’s 10th Senate District—where Trump triumphed over Clinton by 17 points—was an indication to many Democrats, as the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports, that they are "taking hold of the energy that benefited their party in special elections last year in Alabama, Virginia and Oklahoma." According to reported tallies, Schachtner beat Jarchow by approximately nine points.

Woooo Hoooo!! May Fartfuhrer Walker and Lyin Ryan be next to fall in Fitzwalkerstan, formerly Wisconsin! RESIST!!



Would that we had listened then!



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Dec 312017

This could not  have happened to a more homophobic Republican pseudo-Christian (the opposite of an authentic Christian).


[V]ice President Mike Pence’s Christmas vacation in Aspen was protested by the neighbors next to the private home in which he was staying.

A rainbow flag with the words “Make America Gay Again” was posted at the end of the driveway to both houses, the Aspen Times reports.

The banner was hung by the daughters of the homeowners — and one of their girlfriends.

“You couldn’t miss it,” Pitkin County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Buglione explained.

Deputy Buglione explained the homeowners brough chili and corn muffins to the deputies and Secret Service agents posted.

“They’ve been really nice to us,” Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo…

Inserted from <Raw Story>

Republicans are calling this priceless gag a "vicious attack" against Pence.  Kudos to the protestors that did it!


Dec 292017

It’s a very uncomfortable day.  The current temperature is 54°, about 10° above normal, but the humidity is 98%.  I’m not hot, but I’m sweating anyway, and I slept very poorly.  UGH!

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (Media Matters Channel): Some of the best moments of 2017


And in 2018, we’re not going to shut up either. RESIST!!

From USA Today: President Trump demanded Friday that Democrats approve a wall along the border with Mexico and other programs to tighten immigration before he supports a program designed to protect young people brought into the country illegally as children – all while promoting his agenda and attacking political critics on Twitter.

"The Democrats have been told, and fully understand, that there can be no DACA without the desperately needed WALL at the Southern Border and an END to the horrible Chain Migration & ridiculous Lottery System of Immigration etc. We must protect our Country at all cost!" Trump said during a wide-ranging tweet storm.

I have a one word reply!! NO!! RESIST!!

From NY Times: Alabama officials on Thursday unhesitatingly pushed aside a legal challenge from Roy S. Moore and certified Doug Jones as the winner of this month’s Senate election.

The action, during a brief meeting at the State Capitol, was essentially the state’s final step before the seating of the first Democrat elected to the Senate from Alabama in a quarter century. It was also a swift rejection, by some of the state’s most powerful Republicans, of Mr. Moore’s complaint that he was the victim of “systematic voter fraud.”

Mr. Jones’s margin of victory was 21,924 votes, with more than 1.3 million ballots cast.




Although I normally post my Wounded Knee graphic on the 29th, this year I thought it appropriate to resurrect my cartoon from 12/29/2011 in light of Republican stance on Jerusalem.

Dec 252017

Who would have imagined it.  Here in Portland, Oregon, infamous for liquid sunshine, we have a white Christmas.  I bet every Republican in town expects minorities to disappear.  My feast with Wendy was delicious, and we prepared a plate for the desk clerk who was stuck here for Christmas Eve.  She gave me a new bathrobe.  I gave her a necklace and jewelry for her piercings, some of which I’ll never get to see worn. Crying face  When we saw the snow was sticking, I sent her home early to keep her safe.

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Religious Agony:


We’ll get the best draft order we’ve had in years.

Short Takes:

From Politico: House Republicans are in trouble heading into 2018.

President Donald Trump’s unpopularity, voter distaste of Washington and a highly energized Democratic base have combined into a toxic brew for the GOP and its 24-seat House majority. A record number of Democratic candidates are piling into swing districts from Southern California to northern Maine and from the Florida Keys to suburban Seattle, and Republicans trail by double-digits in many national House polls.

But ultimately, the battle for the House is a district-by-district affair. And a handful of seats scattered across the country reveal the trends that will dominate those battleground races for the next year, including huge Democratic primaries, Republicans’ growing suburban problem, and the outbreak of sexual misconduct allegations roiling more and more campaigns every week.

Here are POLITICO’s 10 most important House races of 2018 — and why they matter in the battle for the House:

Illinois’ 6th District: Revenge of the suburbs

GOP Rep. Peter Roskam won reelection handily in 2016, but his Chicagoland district saw a big shift, with President Donald Trump losing it by 7 points after Mitt Romney carried the seat by 8 points in 2012. And since Trump took office, elections in Virginia, New Jersey and a handful of congressional special elections around the country have seen local candidates fall to or even below Trump’s levels in the suburbs.

That’s a big warning sign for Roskam and other Republicans in suburbs of New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Kansas City and more heading into 2018. Democrats have to wade through a crowded primary before they face Roskam. Kelly Mazeski, who picked up an EMILY’s List endorsement and raised the most money last quarter, is leading the pack, though anything can happen in a field of seven candidates. But even a bruised Democratic opponent may not stem the tide against Roskam and other suburban congressmen.

“Increasingly socially progressive, suburban voters have been drifting away from the GOP for years,” said Ian Russell, former Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee deputy executive director. “Trump dramatically accelerated this movement, and the tax bill will only further alienate them.”

I shared one. Click through for the other nine. RESIST!!

From BuzzFeed: Turns out, a guy named Robert Strong sent the Mnuchins a large wrapped box filled with horse poo in the name of the American people. Good, ole, organic horse shit that he "borrowed" from some friends to make a political statement…

…Strong also attached a hand-written card that read: "Dear Misters Trump and Mnuchin, we are returning your Christmas gift of the Republican tax plan because it’s complete horse shit. Sincerely, the American people."


Now you know who the hero is and what he looks like.  RESIST!!

From Common Dreams: In an interview on CNN’s "State of the Union" on Sunday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) slammed President Donald Trump for "bragging" about a provision in the GOP tax bill that could leave 13 million more Americans without health insurance and argued that the U.S. should instead be working toward guaranteeing healthcare to all Americans as a right.

"Instead of bragging about more Americans without health insurance, we should join every other major country on Earth, guarantee healthcare for all people, and end the absurdity of paying twice as much per capita for healthcare as every other major nation," the Vermont senator said.

Amen Bernie! Thank you! RESIST!!