Nov 162017

Each day I continue to improve, but my stamina remains horrid.  The plan is to love my bed to avoid a relapse.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (Daily Kos Channel): Rep. Jackie Speier on harassment in Congress


I fully agree with her, but am sick of Republicans and biased media using Clinton as an endless equalizer for scores of Republican perverts. RESIST!!

From Houston Chronicle: A Houston-area sheriff said Wednesday he’s concerned the driver of a truck displaying an expletive filled message against President Donald Trump and those who voted for him is creating a situation that could lead to confrontations with people offended by the sign.


Best window sticker I’ve seen! RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: Breaking his silence on Alabama’s embattled Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate, Donald Trump warned on Wednesday that dumping Roy Moore could start a “dangerous trend” of believing women.

“I think we need to be very, very careful here,” Trump told reporters. “This is not just about Roy Moore. This is about our country deciding that we are going to start believing women, something that we have never done before.

“This is a very dangerous road we’re heading down,” he said.

Trump cautioned that, if instituted, a new practice of believing women would “totally destroy” the system that the country already has in place. “For years we’ve had a system of believing men,” he said. “It’s worked very well. It’s done a great job.”

Kudos to Andy for channeling Trump perfectly! RESIST!!



Nov 032017

It’s a busy day for me.  I’m skipping my morning nap as I have so much writing to do, so please pardon my brevity.  I’m also preparing for National Barf Day tomorrow.  TGIF!

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (PBS Channel): Elizabeth Warren says 2016 Democratic primary was rigged


See my Open Thread from yesterday. Liz admitted it and wants to face it, understand it and make sure it never happens again, exactly like I recommended yesterday. Great minds really do fall in the same ditch. RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: After a memorable Monday, in which the special counsel announced criminal charges against three men associated with Donald Trump’s campaign, millions of Americans were sort of hoping that Robert Mueller would arrest someone new every day, a new poll indicates.

According to the poll, Monday’s news that Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, and George Papadopoulos had been charged may have unfairly raised Americans’ expectations that Mueller would be generating new arrests at the rate of at least three a day.

“Monday was one of the happiest days of my life,” one poll respondent said. “It started out great with Manafort and Gates, and then, bam, out of nowhere, Papadopoulos. I guess I started hoping all days would be like that.”

Andy, One a day just isn’t enough! RESIST!!

From The Miami Herald: This person managed to do the impossible: Shut down the Twitter account of the most powerful man in the world.

On Thursday, Trump’s digital mouthpiece vanished from cyberspace at around 6:45 p.m.

If you were looking for the president’s latest diatribe, you got the notice, “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!”

Whoever that employee was, give him/her a promotion and a raise! RESIST!!



Oct 292017

Wendy is due in about an hour, and when she arrives, I shall stop writing and finish when she leaves.  Tomorrow I’m meeting an old friend, with whom I do volunteer work, for lunch.  Depending on how long I’m gone, I may have no more than a Personal Update.  May the holy Ellipsoid Orb shine its blessed light on your team.  My Broncos play the Chiefs in the Monday night game.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (RWW Channel): RWW News: Matt Barber Cites Hoax News Story To Link LGBTQ Activists To Pedophilia

Barf Bag Alert!!


Contrary to the this Republican liar’s claims, there is no link, between homosexuality and pedophilia, but 93% of all pedophiles describe themselves as ‘religious’. RESIST!!

From Newsweek: Donald Trump’s motorcade departing from the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia had an extra add-on Saturday, after the president spent the 96th day of his presidency visiting one of his own properties. That addition came in the form of a female cyclist, who had one goal in mind: to flip off the president of the United States.

Pool reporters first noticed the cyclist trailing the motorcade before she managed to snake her way next to the president’s car just outside of the Trump National Golf Club. "A female bicyclist along the motorcade route, just outside the golf course, traveling in the right lane repeatedly extended her middle left finger towards POTUS," the pool stated.

Whoever she is, I’m sure glad that she had her cortisone shot, if she needed one!  Winking smile  RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: A crowd estimated in the hundreds of thousands has gathered outside the office of Robert Mueller in eager anticipation of the special counsel’s first arrest in the Russia probe.

Minutes after news was leaked that charges had been filed, Americans from across the country descended on Mueller’s office to witness firsthand what many called the beginning of the end of the nightmare.

“I can’t believe this day has finally come,” Carol Foyler, who drove from North Carolina, said. “My husband is having surgery today, but I didn’t want to miss this.”

Andy, millions of us wait with high anticipation. RESIST!!



Sep 282017

I’m running late today.  I overslept, and have more to share than I can fit in my normal two articles.  Wendy thanks you for your support for her proud but empty nest syndrome.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): How the Pittsburgh Penguins Became Trump’s Political Pawns


Before I can say whether or not I agree with Keith, I need to know what the players’ position is here. If any wish to attend, given the clear statement that it implies no support of the Fuhrer and his deplorable ways, that must be their choice, even though I disagree.  If any wish not to attend in protest against the Fuhrer and his deplorable ways, that must also be their choice. RESIST!!

From YouTube (Liberal Redneck Channel): Take a Knee, Y’all


Amen Y’all! RESIST!!

From Exposed by CMD: A new study of registered voters in Dane and Milwaukee Counties who did not vote in the 2016 presidential election found that approximately 17,000-23,000 eligible voters in those counties were prevented or deterred from voting by Wisconsin’s voter ID law. Due to financial constraints, the social scientists were only able to do a study of two of Wisconsin’s 72 counties, but the authors say that extrapolating statewide as many as 45,000 people stayed home because of the law.

Donald Trump won the state of Wisconsin by only 22,000 votes, the first GOP presidential victory in the state since Ronald Regan in 1984. The shocking upset garnered national attention and helped deliver the electoral college to Trump as the popular vote went to Clinton.

Republicans plan to establish a permanent, fascist Republican Reich in which elections exist for show only, because Republicans would control who may vote, and who may not! RESIST!!



Sep 262017

The sun has returned, and it hit the wall this morning, so I had to button up and turn on the AC again.  Starting tomorrow, we have a two day heat wave, but a couple 85° days is a lot more bearable than a couple weeks at or near 100°.  I tried a Quicken replacement.  It screwed the pooch.

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Fantasy Football Report:

Here’s the latest from our own fantasy football league, Lefty Blog Friends.



Can anyone spare some Vaseline?



Congrats to Pam for leading the league.  And look at Wendy go!  Also, congrats to our beloved Sasquatch for getting some underfooting.  I’m speeding toward her.

Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): We Will Not Stand for Trump


I could not have said it better. In a wheelchair, nobody asks me to stand anymore, but I would put my hand on a shoulder, or if I had someone to help me back up, I would take a knee. RESIST!!

From The Rachel Maddow Show: Trump dangerous bellicosity raises nuclear war risk with N. Korea

Joe Cirincione, MSNBC nuclear security analyst, talks with Rachel Maddow about how Donald Trump’s insult-comic threats against North Korea have only escalated the threat of war with North Korea.


We are closer to nuclear war than we have been at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis, because the greater idiot took a break from tweets applauding Nazis and tweets demeaning women to provoke the lesser idiot. RESIST!!

From Upworthy: Down Under, Bernardi is known for, among other things, pushing climate change denial, vehemently opposing LGBTQ rights, and calling proponents of abortion access "pro-death."

So, at face value, a tweet he published on Sept. 20 probably wasn’t all that surprising.

"This gender morphing is really getting absurd," Bernardi said, linking to a story about a school in South Australia holding a "Wear a Dress Day."

The first problem with Bernardi’s tweet is that it’s wildly transphobic. The second problem is that it … sort of totally missed the whole point of what "Wear a Dress Day" actually is.

"Wear a Dress Day" has nothing to do with any sort of LGBTQ awareness campaign like Bernardi’s tweet suggests. It’s about girls’ education.

Student leaders at Craigburn Primary School near Adelaide had chosen to support One Girl’s Do It in a Dress campaign on their last day of term — a day in which students are typically allowed to wear casual clothes to class. 

Students who want to wear casual clothing can certainly still do so. But, in recognition of the campaign, students of all genders are also allowed to wear dresses — only if they wish to do so — to boost awareness of girls’ lack of access to education globally, a blog post by the school points out.

Condolences to my Oz friends, because you clearly have Republicans on your side of the world too. RESIST!!



Sep 242017

It’s a holy day in the Church of the Ellipsoid Orb, and my Broncos are worshiping with the Bills.  The game is not televised here Sad smile, but I shall meditate as well as I can.  May the divine Orb shed its blessed light on your team, unless they create a bison plucky hazard.  Today is a Wendy day, and I’m totally ready for a shower.

I let Wendy go a half hour early, as she has a busy day.  My Broncos are currently down 4. Crying face

Jig Zone Puzzle:

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Short Takes:

From Washington Post: Oakland Athletics catcher Bruce Maxwell catapulted himself into the national political discourse on national anthem protests, one intensified by President Trump’s comments over the weekend, as he knelt for the song preceding a game against the Texas Rangers.

Maxwell, a 26-year-old rookie whose family has military roots, is the first MLB player to kneel during the anthem, following in the footsteps of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who began kneeling during the anthem ahead of the 2016 NFL season. Since then several dozen athletes, mostly NFL players, have followed suit, using the gesture to protest police shootings of unarmed black men and to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Maxwell, however, knelt also to protest comments by President Trump, according to his agent, specifically Trump’s call on NFL owners to fire or suspend players for kneeling during the anthem. Trump continued that call Sunday morning on Twitter.

“Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners,” wondered the president at a Friday night rally, “when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now, out. He’s fired. He’s fired!’ ”

Kudos to Maxwell. Professional athletes have a guaranteed 1st Amendment right to speak out against the Fuhrer and his Republican Reich. Kneeling in protest does not disrespect the flag, and Trump would not care if it did. He cares only because it disrespects him by opposing the Republican de facto position that cops should kill minority demonstrators. RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: Donald J. Trump on Friday capped a busy week of diplomatic activity by naming the former Alaska governor Sarah Palin the United States Ambassador to Nambia.

By naming Palin to this diplomatic post, the United States has become the first nation in the world to formally recognize Nambia’s existence.

In a joint appearance with Trump at the White House, Palin acknowledged that she “didn’t know a lot about Nambia” but said that she was looking forward to receiving a comprehensive briefing on the nation’s history, culture, and customs from the Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos.

“Then it’s Nambia, here I come!” Palin exclaimed.

Dang Andy! This is the only time I have ever agreed with the Fuhrer. Nambia is the perfect post for Bloody Bullseye Barbie.  RESIST!!

From NY Times: In an unpredictable political year across Europe, the German election on Sunday has been considered the boring final act. Angela Merkel, the Continent’s most powerful figure, is expected to win a fourth term as chancellor after a colorless campaign. Yet if many Germans seem satisfied enough with their leader, others are unhappy with the wishy-washy consensus of the main political parties.

Troubled by her migration policy and her long tenure, some Germans are turning more toward smaller, more ideological parties. For the first time in more than 60 years, they are expected to vote a far-right, anti-immigration party — the Alternative for Germany, known by its German initials, AfD — into the federal Parliament.

In recent weeks, the party has regained lost ground in the opinion polls. It could emerge as Germany’s third-largest party — and even become the leader of the opposition, if the current coalition of the two largest parties falls apart.

Such a scenario would represent a big shift in the consensus-driven style of politics in Germany. And the historical import is undeniable in a country still shadowed by the Nazi legacy of World War II, which is why the election is generating some angst.

Even the party’s entrance into Parliament “would be a dramatic milestone,” said Frank Decker, a political scientist from the University of Bonn. “In the past there were a few individual old Nazis who made it into the national Parliament, but there has never been a party on the far-right of the political spectrum.”

Our own nation is a sad example of what happens when Republicans take control of a government. It is critically important that other Nazi parties, like the AfD, be denied even the slightest toehold elsewhere. RESIST!!