Dec 172012

Yesterday I got up for a couple hours, and I’m clearly not ready yet.  I’m current with replies.  Maybe tomorrow.

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From MoveOn: Has Your Family Been Affected By This One Little Word?


To understand the full destructive impact of VS, just consider the Republican War on ______________.

From NY Times: One only has to read the Pentagon’s progress report on the Afghanistan war effort released last Monday to understand how pointless it is to keep 68,000 American troops there any longer. The mounting evidence makes it clear that they should be pulled out as soon as it can be done safely, instead of waiting until the end of 2014, the date set by the United States and NATO.


From Huffington Post: In the wake of the mass killing that claimed 26 children and adults at a Connecticut elementary school Friday, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) made the case Sunday that the answer to preventing massacres in the U.S. is for more Americans to carry guns.

In effect he is saying that the way to keep children safe from motor vehicles is to send them to play on the Interstate.



Nov 282012

Yesterday I was supposed to have a CoDA group in prison.  The prison had a power outage, so we could not get in to work with the guys.  How frustrating!  I’m current with replies.  I hope to get articles posted tomorrow, before I leave for another volunteer day in prison. 

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From MoveOn: KILLER ROBOTS: The Scariest Weapons You Have Never Heard Of


I have never made a big stink about drones, because every time a drone is used, there is a human flying it. The only difference between a drone attack and any other airstrike is the location of the pilot. Military robots are fine for such things as bomb disposal, but machines that can decide to kill without human intervention must never be allowed.

From NY Times: Seventeen months ago, President Obama said that the 30,000 American troops deployed to Afghanistan for the “surge” would be home by this September, and he made good on that promise. He also said troop reductions would continue at a “steady pace” until the remaining 66,000 were out by the end of 2014.

A “steady pace” should mean withdrawing all combat forces on a schedule dictated only by the security of the troops. That should start now and should not take more than a year.

This is huge, because it’s not just the view of a staff writer or Op-Ed contributor. This carries the weight of the entire editorial board and management of the Times.

From MSNBC: Rachel Maddow describes the Republican Party by showing what the people they have chosen to head House Committees in the next session have in common.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Note that there is not a single Black, Latino or Asian face in the bunch, and even an old TomCat can tell there are no kitties in that collection. I guess the next year’s Republican Wars on Minorities and Women start in the House.



Nov 262012

This is today’s only article, because I have routine minor surgery on my foot this morning.  I’m current with replies.  Tomorrow is a prison volunteer day, but I hope to post articles before I leave.

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From MoveOn: The Photo That Speaks A Thousand Words About Israel And Palestine


As I have said before, we need to support the people working for peace on both sides.

From NY Times: These are difficult times for the deficit scolds who have dominated policy discussion for almost three years. One could almost feel sorry for them, if it weren’t for their role in diverting attention from the ongoing problem of inadequate recovery, and thereby helping to perpetuate catastrophically high unemployment.What has changed? For one thing, the crisis they predicted keeps not happening. Far from fleeing U.S. debt, investors have continued to pile in, driving interest rates to historical lows. Beyond that, suddenly the clear and present danger to the American economy isn’t that we’ll fail to reduce the deficit enough; it is, instead, that we’ll reduce the deficit too much. For that’s what the “fiscal cliff” — better described as the austerity bomb — is all about: the tax hikes and spending cuts scheduled to kick in at the end of this year are precisely not what we want to see happen in a still-depressed economy.

Paul Krugman has done it again. Click through to read the rest of this fine editorial.

From The Daily Beast: Sensible Republicans seeking to renew the viability of a conservative party that seems out of touch after a stinging defeat at the polls are being denounced as ‘heretics.’

In the GOP, refusing to goose step without question is a mortal sin.



Republican elected officials/appointees have suggested similar solutions for AIDS Victims, LGBT people, and undocumented workers.

Mar 282012

Yesterday I had a COPD flare-up so severe, that I had to cancel my work in prison and return to bed.  Spring is usually the worst time of year for this.  Today I’m trying to get the blog up, and it looks like I’ve made it.  I’m current with replies, albeit tersely.  Tomorrow is yet to be determined.

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Short Takes:

From You Tube: We cannot allow Republicans to destroy this.

Stunningly Beautiful!

From MoveOn:


I could not have said it better!

From NY Times: After a series of violent episodes and setbacks, support for the war in Afghanistan has dropped sharply among both Republicans and Democrats, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

The survey found that more than two-thirds of those polled — 69 percent — thought that the United States should not be at war in Afghanistan. Just four months ago, 53 percent said that Americans should no longer be fighting in the conflict, more than a decade old.

It’s time to begin to withdraw troops and keep it up until none remain.



Feb 052012

Yesterday I got most of my research done before my groceries arrived.  Unpacking and putting them away took several hours.  I went to bed tired and overslept, so I’m running a bit behind.  I’m current with replies.  Today is the highest of all holy days in the Church of the Ellipsoid Orb, so I will be in deep religious meditation.  Will the Orb shine it’s glorious light on New England or New York?

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Short Takes:

From You Tube: War is a Racket by Smedley Butler


Hat-Tip to Phyllis for sending me this video that pegs war as only a retired general can.

From Washington Post: Six protesters were arrested in a pre-dawn raid on the Occupy D.C. encampment in McPherson Square Saturday, and police began clearing away tents, debris and some dead rodents.

U.S. Park Police on horseback and on foot clad in riot gear swept into the park around 6 a.m. Several square blocks downtown were closed during the raid, which was characterized as “further enforcement” of a no-camping crackdown that began Monday.

I characterize this as an injustice and a violation of the demonstrators’ rights to assemble.

From SPLC: A noose and two written threats directed at African-American students are triggering concern and an investigation on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside at the beginning of Black History Month.

A black female student found a noose made of rubber bands in a common area in her dormitory on the campus in Kenosha on Wednesday and later received a threatening note, WISN-TV, the ABC affiliate in Milwaukee, reported today.

After the initial threatening note and noose were discovered, “fliers were found listing several black students by name, (saying) that they would die in two days,” radio station WTAQ reported.

The minions of Fitzwalkerstan’s embattled Fartfuhrer, Scott Walker, are hard at work spreading the gospel of Republican Supply-side Jesus (the Republican invention, not the real Jesus).



Jan 292012

Yesterday I slept late and by the time I caught up my email, it was already well past noon.  I’m current with replies.  Today is a minor holy day in then Church of the Ellipsoid Orb.

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Short Takes:

From Yahoo News: There’s no gentle way to put it: People who give in to racism and prejudice may simply be dumb, according to a new study that is bound to stir public controversy.

The research finds that children with low intelligence are more likely to hold prejudiced attitudes as adults. These findings point to a vicious cycle, according to lead researcher Gordon Hodson, a psychologist at Brock University in Ontario. Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies, the study found. Those ideologies, in turn, stress hierarchy and resistance to change, attitudes that can contribute to prejudice, Hodson wrote in an email to LiveScience.

I can’t testify to the accuracy, but I have observed numerous examples.

From MoveOn: How To Explain Taxes And The Budget To Non-Economists


Note that taking everything away from the poor and middle classes, as Republicans are attempting to do will still not balance the budget.

From NY Times: President Nicolas Sarkozy announced on Friday that France would break with its allies in NATO and accelerate the French withdrawal from Afghanistan, pulling back combat troops a year early, by the end of 2013. Mr. Sarkozy also said that he and Afghanistan’s president, Hamid Karzai, would ask the NATO alliance for a similar speedup of the transfer of primary security responsibilities to Afghan troops.

If even the puppet Republicans appointed to betray Afghanistan’s people doesn’t want us there, we should accommodate his wishes.



Jan 222012

When Obama was running for President, he stated his intent to try to win the war in Afghanistan.  In his defense, I think that few knew just how much the total incompetence of the Republican Bush Regime had made the war unwinnable.  Nevertheless, Obama has failed to adapt to that situation.  Part of the problem is that he is working with other countries and has committed not to leave them hanging.  But conditions on the ground have gotten so bad that our allies are  tiring of this senseless conflict.

21sarkoPresident Nicolas Sarkozy of France suspended military operations as part of the American-led coalition in Afghanistan on Friday and said he was considering an early pullout of his nation’s forces after an Afghan soldier shot and killed four French soldiers on a base in eastern Afghanistan.

A Western official said Mr. Sarkozy’s threat could lay bare “real cracks in the coalition” at a time when the alliance is seeking a cohesive position to assure the Afghan government of its long-term commitment and to push the Taliban insurgents to negotiate a peace deal rather than continue fighting.

It was the second fatal attack in a month involving an Afghan soldier opening fire on French troops and came at a time when American forces are deeply concerned about increasing numbers of killings of American and other allied forces by the Afghan soldiers they fight alongside and train. It also comes as many European countries with troops here are facing unprecedented economic pressures at home and adds to public questioning of the value of continued involvement in Afghanistan.

If France, the fourth-largest troop-contributing country after the United States, Britain and Germany, were to reduce its numbers more than planned it could spur other countries to follow suit, leaving the Afghans feeling less secure, said Western and Afghan officials… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <NY Times>

When Crawford Caligula initially invaded, there were two announced goals: to capture or kill Osama bin Laden and to overthrow the Taliban.  Instead of following the primary goal, the Bush Regime installed one of their oil company buddies, Hamid Karzai, to turn Afghanistan into a puppet state and to facilitate another Republican pipeline scheme, but they lacked the competence to secure the route to build it.  If Karzai were not corrupt beyond measure, he would never have colluded with Republicans to screw his own people.  The people of Afghanistan perceive us as an invading enemy, because Bush shunned authentic freedom for their nation.

Now that the very troops we are training are turning on and killing the soldiers that are training them, it is time to recognize the futility of this war and work out a final withdrawal with our allies.  Since Obama eliminated Osama, the stated goals of our invasion have been met.  The Taliban is not in power.  Osama is dead.  Bring the troops home!