Feb 052016

TGIF!!  I did not get the sleep I needed yesterday, because my helper friend came a day late.  We washed my hospital bed sheets and made the bed.  I need her help, because there is one corner where I cannot place the fritted sheet.  There is no room to get close enough in my chair.  That took up most of my afternoon nap time.  Then I watched the debate, and I won’t take today off, because it may be the last time Bernie and Hillary debate head to head. so I have to report on it.  Jeannie (Shower-Aide) has come and gone.  Arvilla (PT) was due in fifteen minutes  (now gone), and Tracey (OT) comes right after Arvilla!  When I finish blogging, I’m going to hide!  TGIF!!

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Short Takes:

From The Jeff Merkley Channel:

Merkley: Stop the wave of dark money in politics


Amen Jeff!!  He’s one of the reasons that Oregon leads the way!

From The New Yorker: In a feat that some observers called nothing short of miraculous, the embattled pharmaceuticals C.E.O. Martin Shkreli single-handedly made the American people side with Congress on Thursday morning.

According to polls taken after his appearance before the despised legislative body, Shkreli’s smug, smirking, and utterly douchey performance had the effect of temporarily transforming members of Congress into marginally sympathetic figures.

The University of Minnesota’s Opinion Research Institute, which tracks the American people’s attitudes toward the legislative branch, said that after Shkreli’s appearance Congress’s approval rating surged from eleven per cent to fourteen per cent.

Well the guy is an asshole (syn, Republican), but frankly, I think Andy has been smokin' that Wacky tobbacky. The only thing that could make Congress more popular is a Democratic majority!

From FAIR.org: A few months ago, I raised concerns about Washington Post food columnist Tamar Haspel (FAIR.org, 10/28/15) after she admitted taking money from agribusiness interest groups that she covers.

I pointed out that her columns are biased in favor of those industry groups, particularly on the topic of GMOs, even though her column is presented to readers as an unbiased effort to find middle ground in debates about our food system.

My article was met with crickets of silence from Haspel, her Post editor Joe Yonan and the band of biotech promoters who prolifically praise Haspel on Twitter. I figured that, soon enough, Haspel might write another column that would warrant raising the concerns another notch up the pole. She didn’t disappoint.

In her January column (Washington Post, 1/26/16), Haspel offered an investigation (“the surprising truth”) about the food movement—without speaking to anyone in the food movement—concluding that there isn’t much of a food movement after all, and most people don’t really care about labeling genetically engineered foods (GMOs).

Her sources? A two-year-old survey, another survey conducted by a food-industry front group, and consumer research by the agrichemical industry’s public relations firm.  [emphasis original]

Busted!! GMOs must be contained where grown and labeled for consumers. Click though for the rest of this extensive exposé.



Jan 222016

One issue this week, represented by multiple persons in one article with its comments, seems to me to call for the efforts of the Greek Furies (Erinyes) to come and deal with. Just as a reminder, though no one really knows how many there were supposed to be, the three names we have are Alecto, Megaera, and Tisiphone. These roughly translate as "unceasing," "grudging," and "vengeful destruction."

You ladies weren't interested a couple of weeks ago when I brought up the spoiled brats in Oregon (not FROM Oregon, just invading it) who think they ought to be in charge of public lands.  But as the story takes more and more turns, let me call your attention to this:

Arizona rancher LaVoy Finicum told Oregon Public Broadcasting that his four current foster children have been removed while he's in Oregon:

Robert “LaVoy” Finicum and his wife Jeanette were foster care parents for troubled boys. Finicum estimates that over the past decade, more than 50 boys came through their ranch near Chino Valley, Arizona. The boys often landed there from mental hospitals, drug rehabs and group homes for emotionally distressed youth.

“My ranch has been a great tool for these boys,” Finicum said. “It has done a lot of good.”

Finicum runs a cattle ranch in Arizona where he says he barely breaks even on the cattle and the loss of 50 extra foster ranch hands children is going to make it financially difficult on the Finicums…

How much money is involved here?  Well a 2010 tax filing shows that in 2009, Catholic Charities paid the family $115, 343 to foster children.

User "a2nite" comments – "Wow, another welfare queen gets exposed. He's stupid & I'm glad."

"CyberMindGrrl" – "Yes this guy just openly admitted to scamming the foster care system. But will he get investigated? I highly doubt it unless he continues to open his stupid mouth…. Remember, you can screw the government and it’s ok if you’re white and Republican."

But "Fordmandalay" elaborates:  "My expectation of the kids typical day; up at 4:00AM for a hearty breakfast of lightly buttered toast and grits with coffee, then out to the fields. Work until noon, then a 15 minute lunch break of a baloney sandwich and a (generic) coca-cola. Back to work until the sun goes down, 15 minute swim in the cattle pond as the nightly bath; dinner of canned spaghetti-os and bottom-shelf cookies, then locked into their bunkhouse for the night with a single 1972 5th-grade textbook to fulfill their ‘education’ requirement, along with a few David Koresh books and a 13” b/w tv that's able to pull in the single station receivable in the area. Electricity turned off at 9:00PM. Repeat daily until adult, then kicked out into the world."

So I assume you may now have an interest in at least one of these individuals, namely "La Voy" Finicum (the one under the blue tarp).  It sounds to me a very grudging way to handles one's personal finances, so Megaera, that would seem to be up your street, but Alecto, he hasn't stopped doing this in God knows how long, and appears to have no intention of stopping – once he gets all the candy he's committing treason for and goes back home.

But wait – there's more!  User "AntonBursch" commented multiple times with information from his own experience as a former foster child.  Warning – hanky alert – as you read just a few of the things he has to say about his childhood.

"i was adopted by foster parents who saw foster children as a source of income.  and they always got special needs kids to get the max money and then neglected the hell out of them and spend all the money on themselves.  and when anyone noticed the poor shape the kids were in, they would say it was due to the problems the kids had.  then they would get patted on the back for being so wonderful for taking care of such troubled kids.  makes me angry just thinking about it.  even when they adopted my brother and I, the adoption was held up until they had a signed agreement that they would get money to take care of us until we were 18.  it was just as that kind of payment was being ended in WA state, so, they wouldn’t pull the trigger adopting us unless they had an absolute legal guarantee of payment over the years.  i found the documentation of all of that in my foster records when i got them a few years ago.  i don’t know how you get more horrible than using children who are already suffering to get money.  and they knew just how to max out the money by claiming they had to provide special care…"

"i was 13 months old.  i never knew a different life until my mid 20s.  i watched Good Will Hunting and the scene where Robin tells Will that it wasn’t his fault hit me like a ton of bricks through my chest.  i told friends of mine what it had been like growing up and they were horrified.  i still remember the moment listening to them when i realized that not all parents treated their kids that way.  it was a revelation to me.  i didn’t believe it at first.  i asked them and told me it was true, but i didn’t believe them, because it was too good to be true.  i had always thought it wasn’t right to hurt your children and suddenly i found out that i wasn’t alone believing that.  i felt like i had crawled out of a dark cave into the light for the first time in my life.  thinking back now, i think that’s exactly what happened to me."

Even the fact that he has grown up and learned to cope, even to be a wounded healer, is tough to read about:

i have to try not to cry thinking about how you [user srluke] shared your lunch money with them [fostered kids who went to school with srluke].  what can i say to you, but thank you.  it’s things like that that make the difference between someone giving up hope for their lives.  especially at that age.

i have a pretty great life now.  but sometimes, you know, life is stressful, you’re being whiny about something, you’re just mad and you can’t shake it off.  then you see someone you can tell is hurting.  a child.  a teen.  an elderly person.  a single mom surrounded by kids in the supermarket looking through her cart before going to the line to make sure she can get everything.  you can see the pain in her face as she’s looking back and forth to her kids and having to put something back.  and all of your stupid bullshit doesn’t matter anymore.

i won’t lie and say i don’t still hurt from shit.  i do.  man, i can’t hold it together watching a tv show about someone without their parents.  and sometimes i wish i could just get passed it.  but not in those moments.  in those moments, as cheesy as it sounds, i am grateful that i know those looks.  cause sometimes, when it’s possible, i can help.  and even when i can’t help, it makes me appreciate what a wonderful life i have now.  that’s a gift right there.

I respectfully request that at least one of you ladies look up these – persons – who fostered "AntonBursch" – and – counsel them.  Please.  And there are many other shorter stories in these comments, some first hand, others from witnesses, which you might also want to look into.  Oh, and I have an unrelated request- I am passing it on from others but I am also 100% behind it   Your colleague, Charon?  Fella with the boat?  We realize it's his job, and somebody has to do it, but we kind of feel he's been overdoing it lately – taking too many people who are too good and doing it too fast.  Could you maybe talk with him nicely about giving it just a little rest?  Thank you.  From all of us.

We'll be back next time.


Jan 142016

Yesterday, after groceries came, I made five more suppers ns now have 12 meals prepared and frozen.  This afternoon I have a building community meeting.  I’m feeling very tired, so please pardon my brevity.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

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Short Takes:

From Daily Kos: Sometimes a small change in language can reveal an obvious truth.

As I have written about elsewhere, done interviews about, and discussed more generally, if the Bundy Brigands who are engaged in an armed "standoff" in Oregon were "Muslims" or people of color–especially African-Americans–they would at worst be dead by now or at the very least in jail.

The Bundy Brigands have begun to amplify their noxious, aggressive, and threatening behavior towards local authorities and residents who live in the area around Burns, Oregon.

I have made a small change in the language of a recent report from CNN about the Bundy Brigands in order to highlight how the double standard for white, right-wing, domestic terrorists enables their bad behavior and insulates them from consequences, i.e. what conservatives like to call "personal responsibility".

The author is spot-on. If Y’all Qaeda were black they’d be dead.

From PRWatch: Justice Samuel Alito has been scouring the land looking for a case to make his mark on history.

Could he find a way to hold a big bank accountable for ripping off millions of consumers? Could he interpret intellectual property law to give more desperately ill people access to essential medicines? Could he hold a chemical company to account for poisoning people and hiding it for decades?

No. Alito apparently decided to make his mark by helping a massive right-wing funding machine crush wages for teachers, nurses, firefighters, cops and prison guards.

The case is Friederichs vs. California Teachers Association will be heard on Monday at the U.S. Supreme Court.

Click through for more details of what could be Scalito’s legacy in the ongoing case, SCROTUS v. Constitution.

From NY Times: There is no longer any question that Gov. Matt Bevin of Kentucky plans to shut down the health insurance exchange his state built to enroll residents for coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Now that he has notified the Obama administration of his intention to do so, the question is, will it change the law’s substantial impact there?

It is hard to predict, partly because what Mr. Bevin is doing is without precedent. While a few states have been forced to largely rely on the federally run exchange after their own versions failed, Kentucky will be the first to abandon a homegrown exchange that functions well.

Condolences to the residents of Kentucky. On the other hand, they did this to themselves.



Jan 092016

Yes, we have no Erinyes, we have no Erinyes today.

I tried.  I really did.  I thought they would be interested in treason and sedition.  Dante would have.  He put traitors in the lowest circle of hell.





But when I started reading them this story, they started laughing.  I mean they were rolling on the floor.  And they wouldn't stop.  And I realized they were just not going to be willing to follow up on this one.

Here's how it starts (you'll need to click through for the whole thing because I don't want to violate Leonard Pitts Jr.'s copyright, but trust me, it's worth it.)  You be the judge.  Was I being unreasonable?

He brought his rifle up at the sound of footsteps crunching the Oregon snow.  "Who goes there?  Stop and be recognized."

A weary voice answered out of the darkness.  "It's me, Sam.  It's Bud."

"Give me the password."

"Come on, Sam.  Stop foolin' around."

"The password," Sam insisted.

Bud sighed.  "'Patriots act.'  Are you happy now?

Sam lowered the weapon as Bud stepped out of the trees into the meager circle of moonlight.

"Can't be too careful," he said.  He cupped his hands and blew into them.  It was cols out here.  "So where you been?" he asked.

"Down to the front gate."

Sam grinned.  "Bet you it's a zoo.  Bunch of satellite trucks and media elites standing around.  Who all's down there?  CNN?  NBC?  CBS  Sure hope Fox sends that Megyn Kelly.  That babe can interview me any time…."  (Click through for the rest.)

Well, right or wrong, the Furies are not interested.  And it's probably just as well.  There's a new wrinkle now, and really, this was all the story needed:

(Don't feel guilty about laughing – the humour is not at the expense of anyone but the haters,  I promise.  Read the comments if you don't believe me. Heck, read the comments anyway.)



Oops, this just in – trouble in paradise!  See TomCat's Open Thread also!



So, The long and the short of it is that I have nothing today for the Furies to do. 

I guess even they are influenced by the media, ya think?

But there is material out there.

We will be back.

Jan 092016

Yesterday my Prosthetist adjusted George, so he no longer leans me to the left, putting excessive pressure on the outside of my knee.  My friend that had a mastectomy called last night.  She had let worrying compound into the beginnings of panic.  I was able to help her restore calm.  Then I had trouble getting back to sleep, so I feel a bit pooped today. My helper-friend may be coming to do laundry. May the holy Ellipsoid Orb bless your team.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

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Short Takes:

From The New Yorker: A day after President Obama held a nationally televised town hall about guns in America, a new poll shows that a majority of Republicans would rather actually be shot by a firearm than agree with him.

In an indication of the challenges facing the President in persuading Republicans, those surveyed named a wide variety of specific guns that they would choose to be personally shot by rather than seeing eye to eye with Obama.

When asked to state their preference, forty-three per cent stated “handgun,” twenty-seven per cent replied “shotgun,” twenty-one per cent responded “assault rifle,” while only two per cent named “agreeing with Obama.”

Andy, with tongue deeply embedded in cheek, I think these Republicans should be accommodated.

From Daily Kos: There is new divide in the Oregon Y’all Qaeda militants who’ve taken over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. RawStory.com has the details:

Joe Oshaugnessy, an Arizona militiaman, has been actively seeking volunteers through social media to join the occupation of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

But his friends tearfully announced that Oshaugnessy, who is known as “Capt. O,” had left the refuge Wednesday and was instead staying at a motel nearby — as some others associated with the militants have apparently been doing, according to sources.

Some of the militants have reportedly been spotted eating at area restaurants during the standoff, as well.

A Y’all Qaeda spokesperson said he drank away the donations:

Peltier said Ritzheimer had confirmed that Oshaugnessy had kept the money he had raised through social media for himself and had spent at least some of it on a drinking binge.

Y’all Qaeda supporter Cai Irvin posted a tearful video (which has since been removed) saying Oshaugnessy’s betrayal “is like finding out there is no such thing as Santa.”

FOMCROTFPIMPLMAO!! Smile with tongue out

From NY Times: A combative Gov. Paul R. LePage of Maine, who has a history of making blunt, sometimes racially tinged remarks, found himself in a familiar position on Friday as he sought to walk back a comment that had drawn widespread condemnation for its racial overtones.

On Wednesday, he said out-of-state drug dealers come to Maine and “impregnate a young white girl” before leaving.

“These are guys with the name D-Money, Smoothie, Shifty — these types of guys,” he said while discussing the state’s heroin crisis at a town-hall-style meeting in Bridgton, Me. “They come from Connecticut and New York, they come up here, they sell their heroin, then they go back home. Incidentally, half the time they impregnate a young white girl before they leave, which is a real sad thing because then we have another issue that we’ve got to deal with down the road.”

On Friday, Mr. LePage, a Republican, characterized the statement as a slip of the tongue.

Rachel Maddow covered this well.

Rachel has him dead to rights. The rest of my comment is today's cartoon.



Jan 042016


There they are, the Better Bundys.  Al Bundy always got the fuzzy end of the lollipop.  Peggy Bundy was the worlds laziest wife.  Kelly Bundy was a stereotypical blonde.  Bud Bundy had his rubber woman with few prospects for improvement.  And rumor has it that Buck Bundy was actually a dawg!  But even Buck had more charm and intelligence, and fewer fleas, than Cliven and Ammon Bundy.

0104BundyA group of armed anti-government activists remained encamped at a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon on Sunday evening, vowing to occupy the outpost for years to protest the federal government’s treatment of a pair of local ranchers set to report to prison Monday.

The occupation of a portion of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, about 30 miles southeast of Burns, Ore., began a day earlier, after a small group of men broke off from a much larger march and rally held on Saturday evening

The armed occupation is being led by Ammon Bundy, an Idaho rancher whose father, Cliven Bundy, led an armed standoff with federal agents in Nevada in 2014 and who has described his supporters as “militia men.”

“Those who want to go take hard stand, get in your trucks and follow me!” Ammon Bundy declared to rally-goers at the conclusion of Saturday’s event, according to several people who were in attendance. Not long afterward, the group had taken over the federal wildlife preserve…

Inserted from <Washington Post>

In my opinion, and that of the local sheriff, these Republicans are using the larger protest as an excuse for armed confrontation.

0104GoHomeThe Oregon sheriff whose county is at the heart of an anti-government call-to-arms said Sunday the group occupying a national wildlife refuge came to town under false pretenses.

Sheriff David Ward said protesters came to Harney County, in southeastern Oregon, "claiming to be part of militia groups supporting local ranchers." In reality, he said, "these men had alternative motives to attempt to overthrow the county and federal government in hopes to spark a movement across the United States.”

In a statement issued Sunday afternoon, Ward said he was working with local and federal authorities to resolve the situation as quickly and peacefully as possible…

Inserted from <USA Today>

I have also heard that the federal land in the area has rich gold and uranium deposits, which the Bundys hope to acquire, if they can take control of the federal land, but none of the several sources I have are sufficiently familiar for me claim that this statement is true.  Nevertheless, I’ll choose the better Bundys over these Bundys anytime!

Dec 082015

Once again, this is today’s only article, as I have much to do to prepare for tomorrow’s trip home.  Color me in rush mode.  Expect only a brief Personal Update tomorrow.

Short Takes:

From The New Yorker: The billionaire Donald Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States has sparked deep disappointment among his supporters, many of whom had hoped he was planning to ban a sizable number of other religions.

In conversations with likely Trump voters across the country, reactions ranged from disenchantment to a sharp sense of betrayal as supporters tried to make sense of his decision to ban members of only one faith.

“I heard him on TV talking about banning Muslims and I was kind of like, ‘Is that it?’ ” said Carol Foyler, a Trump supporter from South Florida. “I mean, banning Muslims is a good start, but I thought a smart businessman like him would be a lot more thorough.”

Harland Dorrinson, a Trump supporter from San Antonio, Texas, agreed. “Saying you’re only going to ban Muslims when there are so many other religious groups to ban just feels like politics as usual,” he said. “I’ll give him a chance to explain himself on this one, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel burned.”

Andy has it spot-on. Republicans would ban all beliefs, except Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christianity, with their gospel of hate, greed and violence.

From NY Times: President Obama’s address to the nation Sunday was intended to reassure anxious Americans that the United States will defeat the Islamic State, known as ISIS or ISIL, “by being strong and smart, resilient and relentless, and by drawing upon every aspect of American power.” But success, he noted, “won’t depend on tough talk, or abandoning our values, or giving into fear. That’s what groups like ISIL are hoping for.”

If that’s true, ISIS must have been cheered by the presidential field, most of whom did their best to talk tough and stoke fear without advancing any workable ideas.

Donald Trump, a bigot without foreign policy experience, showed that there is nothing he won’t say or support to sow hatred. On Monday he outrageously proposed barring all Muslims from entering the country. There is no precedent for denying immigration based on religion, experts say, and any such test would surely be used as an excuse to attack Muslim Americans.

Ted Cruz, Twitter warrior, pledged after Mr. Obama’s speech to “direct the Department of Defense to destroy ISIS.” He played soldier all weekend in Iowa, spouting “We will carpet bomb them into oblivion,” to a tea-party crowd in Cedar Rapids, adding “I don’t know if sand can glow in the dark, but we’re going to find out,” whatever that means.

Marco Rubio took to Fox News [Faux Noise delinked] to remind Americans that they are, or should be, “really scared and worried.” He also said that “people are scared not just because of these attacks but because of a growing sense that we have a president that’s completely overwhelmed by them,” as if he alone had his finger on the pulse of America…

That’s what I would expect from the Clown Car.

From Blue Oregon: Merkley calls it: The Worst Idea from a Presidential Candidate. Ever.


That’s my Senator. Oregon leads the way.



Nov 202015

It looks like I’ll have another busy day, as both OT and PT are coming this afternoon.   I took it easy this morning and only made two laps.

Short Takes:

From YouTube: Merkley decries Republican efforts to slip Wall St. favors into must-pass spending bills


Oregon leads the way! “Must-pass” spending bill s must not pass, until Republican attempts to enable Banksters to prey on YOU are removed.

From Daily Kos: Since the map went live, Oregon has gone green, so to speak, on this map. And so has Colorado. You red states? Keep on cringing and cowering.


I had no doubt that Oregon would go green and refuse to surrender to the Daesh and their helpers to spread terror, the Republican Party.

From Media Matters: O’Reilly Once Said Terror Attack Would Get Bush Reelected, Now Says It Would Tarnish Obama As Worst U.S. President.

Barf Bag Alert!!


Is there any question as to why I call him O’Lielly? He’s a senior propagandist for the Republican Reichsministry of propaganda, Faux Noise!



Nov 142015

I just got back to bed after eating breakfast in a wheel chair and taking a hunting trip a around the unit.  I couldn’t ketch one today either.  Smile with tongue out    I’m hoping OT comes today so I can mount the porcelain throne to Republicate.

Short Takes:

From KPTV: In a unanimous vote Thursday, the Portland City Council passed a resolution opposing any project that increases the transportation or storage of fossil fuels in Portland.

Now, city workers will develop rules that move Portland away from projects that involve coal or oil.

Furthermore they recently passed a measure banning explosive oil trains from the city. Oregon leads the way.

From Daily Kos: That Ben Carson gets awfully creative with the truth is by now well established. Here’s one if his more interesting ones, that Medicare and Medicaid fraud  is “huge—half a trillion dollars.” Which is pretty much impossible, since total spending for the two programs is less than a trillion—$980 billion last year, to be exact. But here’s a new wrinkle on that specific claim: Carson has some very personal experience with Medicare fraud: his best friend and business partner has been convicted of it.

The friend in question, indeed Carson’s best friend and business partner, is a Philadelphia-area oral surgeon, Alfonso Costa. 

Carson and Costa have long been tight. They vacation together, and Carson holidays at an Italian resort villa owned by Costa’s company. Costa is president of the Pittsburgh chapter of the Ben Carson Scholars Fund, which awards $1,000 college scholarships to students who demonstrate good character and strong academics. And Costa’s real estate development firm helps to oversee a lucrative investment for Carson and his wife, one that last year netted the Carsons between $200,000 and $2 million, according to the GOP candidate’s financial disclosure forms.

As much as a quarter of Carson’s $8 million-plus personal wealth is tied up in various real estate ventures with Costa.

Why am I not surprised? If uncle Token weren’t a criminal, he wouldn’t be a Republican!

From NY Times: The Paris area reeled Friday night from a shooting rampage, explosions and mass hostage-taking that President François Hollande called an unprecedented terrorist attack on France. His government announced sharply increased border controls and heightened police powers as it mobilized the military in a national emergency.

French television and news services quoted the police as saying that around 100 people had been killed at a concert site where hostages had been held during a two-hour standoff with the police, and that perhaps dozens of others had been killed in apparently coordinated attacks outside the country’s main sports stadium and four other popular locations in the city. But estimates on the total number of dead varied.

Witnesses on French television said the scene at the concert hall, which can seat as many as 1,500 people, was a massacre, describing how gunmen with automatic weapons shot bursts of bullets into the crowd.

This is tragic. I’m sending thoughts and prayers to the survivors, the victims families, all who love them. However you connect with the infinite, please join me.



Nov 122015

It recently came to my attention that someone in the Oregon Department of Justice was racially profiling Black Lives Matter activists, making them targets for investigation by several law enforcement agencies.  I was appalled and almost blasted Oregon DOJ.  But I decided to wait and see how the Kate Brown administration dealt with the news.  I’m glad I did.

1112BLMAn Oregon Department of Justice investigator used a search tool to racially profile Twitter users who used the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag, the state’s attorney general said in a letter to a civil rights organization Tuesday in which she said she was “appalled” by the practice and has suspended the investigator.

Attorney General Ellen F. Rosenblum, responding to complaints form the Portland chapter of the Urban League, wrote Tuesday that she has ordered her department to stop using the online search tool and launched an investigation, saying the practice “raises many troubling questions” about law enforcement profiling throughout the state.

One Twitter account targeted by the probe belonged to Erious Johnson, director of civil rights for the state justice department and husband to Nkenge Harmon Johnson, the Urban League’s president.

“On a personal note, I have now seen firsthand how devastating profiling can be — written on the face of a member of my team,” Rosenblum wrote in the letter. “It must not continue.”

Rosenblum said she did not learn about the incident until she received a letter from the local chapter of the Urban League. That letter alerted her that it is “improper, and potentially unlawful, for the Oregon Department of Justice to conduct surveillance and investigations on an Oregonian merely for expressing a viewpoint, or for being a part of a social movement.”

We are concerned that such unwarranted investigations are racially motivated, and create a chilling effect on social justice advocates, political activists and others who wish to engage in discourse about the issues of our time,” continued the letter, which was also signed by the local affiliates of the NAACP, American Civil Liberties Union, and the AFL-CIO… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <Think Progress>

I’m please to report that, here in Oregon, Black Lives DO matter.  I called AG Ellen Rosenblum’s office and requested that the perpetrator, who was suspended, be terminated.

Oct 082015

The up-and-coming GOP star, Ben Carson, got embroiled in a heap of self-inflicted umbrage when he heartlessly berated the dead victims of the recent Oregon killings for not defending themselves like HE would.  His words:

CARSON: “I would not just stand there and let him shoot me”


He even felt obliged to gratuitously add his “staunch defense” of the NRA:

CARSON: “I never saw a body with bullet holes that was more devastating than taking the right to arm ourselves away”


[Well, of course!  I mean who among us wouldn't prefer that the US look more like Afghanistan or Iraq than like Sweden, Norway or Denmark?]

Well, as the adage goes – talk is cheap. 

Carson today tells the story how he was personally accosted by a gun-toting burglar.  And his admitted response is priceless – and led to some great Twitter rejoinders.

CARSON: "I have had a gun held on me when I was in a Popeyes in Baltimore.

"[A] guy comes in, puts the gun in my ribs.  And I just said,

'I believe you want the guy behind the counter.'"


Well, now there's a model of heroic bravery … NOT!

Like the Twitter universe, I’m going with “The Cowardly Lion!”


Aug 102015

Last night Bernie Sanders filled the arena, where the Portland Trail Blazers play basketball, and his rally was piped to thousands more, outside the venue.  I received an offer to buy tickets a couple weeks ago, and I was tempted, but from the place where one gets off the MAX train to the best seats is over a mile, and the cheap seats are much further.  So I had to pass.  But I stayed up late last night to watch the video, and I trust you will want to watch it too.

0810BerniePortlandVermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ insurgent campaign for president received a big boost Sunday when as many as 28,000 showed up for a high-decibel rally at the Moda Center.

The crowd packed the basketball arena – with a capacity of up to 19,000 — as thousands more couldn’t get inside and listened in on loudspeakers. A Moda Center official, Michael Lewellen, estimated the crowd at the free event totaled 28,000.

"Portland, you have done it better than anyone else," Sanders said as he opened a speech that lasted a full hour.

Sanders, who has been attracting the biggest crowds of any of presidential candidates this year with his slashing attacks on big corporations and the wealthy, vowed to push for a full range of cradle-to-grave benefits.

The senator received waves of thunderous applause as he vowed to fight for universal health benefits, paid family leave, paid sick leave, free public college tuition, a $15 minimum wage, expanded Social Security benefits and a major public works program to rebuild crumbling infrastructure… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <The Oregonian>

Bernie should not have been surprised that Oregon leads the way.  We usually do.  Here’s the complete video.  I searched high and low for a transcript, but was unable to find one.  I’m sorry.  Here’s the video.

Are you as impressed as I am?