Aug 232017

It’s been another busy day.  I have my groceries put away.  I exchanged my sharps container.  The 2 gal. size lasted about 18 months and cost me only $18.50 to exchange, including delivery.  Wendy is not coming until tomorrow, because we wanted to spread my showers out.  It only an 85° day today, but the humidity is 82%.  I sure am a sticky kitty.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): The Trump Resignation End-Game? | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann


OK, let’s assume Keith is right, Trump resigns, and Pence takes over. What will change? A Fuhrer that brags about Republican evil will be replaced by a Fuhrer that tries to hide Republican evil. All the reasons we have to hate the Trump Reich will still be there. Like Keith, I’ve also had a feeling that the end is approaching, which is why I’ve been stressing that it’s not a Trump problem. It’s a Republican problem. RESIST!!

From YouTube (Media Matters Channel): Fox & Friends: Depends On The Protest

Barf Bag Alert!!


Like the Republicans they represent, the Republican Reichsministry of Propaganda, Faux Noise, are lying hypocrites! RESIST!!

From Huffington Post: President Donald Trump suggested he will grant Joe Arpaio, the controversial former sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona, a pardon for criminal contempt.

During a campaign-style rally in Phoenix on Tuesday, Trump signaled a pardon could come soon.

“I’ll make a prediction: I think he’s going to be just fine, OK?” Trump said. “But I won’t do it tonight because I don’t want to cause any controversy.”

The message was clear. Get convicted for terrorizing Latinos in violation of their civil rights, and you’ll get protection from the Republican Reich. RESIST!!



Aug 222017

I’ve had a busy day.  Walgreens screwed up again.  My Providence Medicare Advantage Plan had told them that it was too soon to refill my Prednisolone drops until September 2.  That does me no good, when I need them for my 8/28 cataract surgery.  The problem was that it is unusual to schedule both eyes so close together, which we did to accommodate Wendy’s schedule.  I called Christine’s Assistant.  She called the plan, and they approved it.  Walgreens is sending it overnight delivery and paying the extra shipping, because they should have called me and let me know there was a problem.  Later Christine’s Assistant called and changed Tuesday’s follow up appointment from mid-afternoon to early morning.  I scheduled my Lift ride for that appointment.  Store to Door called for my grocery order for delivery tomorrow.  I called Providence Home Services to reorder diabetes test strips and lancets.  I called my sharps container company to come exchange a two gallon container of used insulin syringes tomorrow.  And I called my Providence prescription review for Thursday.  I researched today’s articles, and since there was not enough time for my morning cat nap, I spent 45 minutes at the site trying to clean up our TAGS.  I only got through G.  It’s another 90° day.  Tomorrow and Thursday will be cooler.  After that, we have at least ten days on the 90°s.  ARGH!  Would you believe that I’m tired?

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): What Happened to Trump’s Beef With North Korea? | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann


Small children have short attention spans. Being far less mature than a small child, Trump was easily distracted by bright shiny Nazis. While I agree with Keith about Trump, I reiterate: it’s a Republican problem! RESIST!!

From YouTube (Media Matters Channel): Trump is Fueling Hate

Barf Bag Alert!!


Long before Trump, using threats of violence had become just a normal part of politics: Republican politics. It’s a Republican problem! RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: Trump’s demonstrable inability to spell even the simplest words has reassured many that he lacks the aptitude to correctly enter the nuclear launch codes entrusted to the President of the United States.

While millions of Americans have lost sleep over the thought of Trump being anywhere near the nuclear codes, his failure to spell such words as “heal” and “tap” suggests that mastering a more complicated sequence of letters or numbers would be well above his grade level.

“Giving one person the power to launch the most destructive nuclear arsenal in the world has always been problematic,” Harland Dorrinson, the director of the Society for Nuclear Security, said. “In their infinite wisdom, the American people have solved that problem by electing someone whose brain would be utterly flummoxed by the task.”

Andy, that’s cute, but it’s actually much easier. For a nuclear attack, Trump need only read and recite two letters. RESIST!!



Aug 192017

I overslept this morning and have been running behind ever since.  Tonight my Broncos go to worship in San Francisco.  Rumor has it that their opponents are all tight ends and wide receivers. Winking smile  I shall be meditating on the Holy Ellipsoid Orb, of course.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): Still Making Excuses for Trump? | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann


Am I the only one experiencing Deja vu? RESIST!!

From Daily Kos: Brad Thomas is the author of The Trump Factor—whatever the hell that is—and an advisory member of Trump’s league-of-people-who-are-disappointing-their-families. He was on Velshi and Rhule’s MSNBC show trying to do some damage control for the Trump administration after a slew of CEOs decided being a part of the president of the United States’ council was bad for business.


All journalists should nail Republican liars to prevent them from spewing their disingenuous propaganda just like that! RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: Attacking the media for its “very unfair” coverage of Monday’s solar eclipse, Donald J. Trump said on Saturday that the sun was equally to blame for blocking the moon.

“The fake news is covering the eclipse from the sun’s side instead of the moon’s side, but if you look at it from the moon’s side the sun is blocking the moon’s side,” he said. “There are so many sides you can’t count all the sides.”

Additionally, Trump tore into the sun itself, calling it a “showboat” for its role in the solar eclipse.

“The sun thinks the world revolves around it,” Trump said. “Sad.”

Andy, after this week, even that could be straight news. RESIST!!



Aug 162017

It’s another busy day with temps in the 80°s and high humidity.  Store to Door delivered groceries, and I just finished putting them away.  In half an hour, I’ll break for lunch.  Boo Hoo!  I intended to have dawg, but that Sasquatch took it.  I have a haircut scheduled at Noon.  Then I finish writing, do some paperwork, and take a nap.  Finally, Wendy is coming to de-stink the TomCat!

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): More Moral Than Trump: The Red Wings and the Torch Maker | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann


The explanation is obvious. Unlike Trump, neither the Red Wings nor Tiki are Nazis. RESIST!!

From YouTube (RWW Channel): RWW News: Michele Bachmann Is Now Skyline’s Pastor To The United Nations

Barf Bag Alert!!



Is Batshit just like a bad penny, as evidenced by my 2012 April Fools graphic, or what?  RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: Millions of Americans would gladly work for Robert Mueller for free if that would help speed things up, a new poll finds.

According to the survey, a substantial number of Americans would leave their jobs, their homes, and even their families to join the special counsel’s team if doing so would help bring this nightmare to a swifter conclusion.

A spokesperson for the special counsel confirmed that his office has been receiving thousands of résumés a day from Americans begging to do anything to help Mueller “move things along.”

Dang Andy! Where do I sign up? RESIST!!



Aug 152017

Yesterday’s eye appointment was completely successful.  My right eye is 20/20, and my left eye is scheduled for cataract surgery on 7/28.  The only bad news is that I’ll need to wait six months before a plastic surgeon can correct the excessive droop in my eyelids, and three months after that before my left eye can be surgically repaired to point straight.  So it will be spring before the long process of seeing right again is finally done.  The temperatures are back in the 80°s, so I’m back on AC, but at least it isn’t murderous!  I hope you’re having a great day!

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Fantasy Football Update:

Lefty Blog Friends has a new team.  Welcome the Country Raiderettes.  It’s Wendy!

Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): Trump And Charlottesville: Too Little, Too Late | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann


Keith says what we have all been saying, buy more of it. However, calling Trump filth insults filth. RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: A disturbing hostage video surfaced on Monday showing an American man woodenly reciting words that were not his own.

The video, which was broadcast on all the major news networks, raised concerns for the man, whose robotic performance indicated that he was reading a prepared statement under duress.

While the man appeared well fed and, to a certain extent, healthy, his facial expressions and body language convinced experts that the act of reciting the prepared text was an extraordinary ordeal for him.

Harland Dorrinson, a forensic psychologist, compared the man’s performance with hours of earlier footage of him and said that the man had “never expressed these sentiments before.”

Dang Andy! That’s NOT satire! RESIST!!

From NY Times: The white supremacists and right-wing extremists who came together over the weekend in Charlottesville, Va., are now headed home, many of them ready and energized, they said, to set their sights on bigger prizes.

Some were making arrangements to appear at future marches. Some were planning to run for public office. Others, taking a cue from the Charlottesville event — a protest, nominally, of the removal of a Confederate-era statue — were organizing efforts to preserve white heritage symbols in their home regions.

Calling it “an opportune time,” Preston Wiginton, a Texas-based white nationalist, declared on Saturday that he planned to hold a “White Lives Matter” march on Sept. 11 on the campus of Texas A&M — with a keynote speaker, Richard B. Spencer, who was featured at the Charlottesville event.

These Republican Alt-Right Nazis are emboldened because they literally got away with murder with the tacit support of the US Resident. RESIST!!



Aug 082017

This morning I ordered my week’s groceries from Store to Door.  Yesterday’s 91° high just missed setting a new all time record for the first time in a week, and today’s 95° forecast is one degree short of a new record.  We’re still under an air quality warning, due to smoke from wildfires.  But we actually have a forecast high of 74° on Sunday.  I can’t wait!  I’m heat exhausted, because it has interfered with my sleep on and off for about two weeks.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): We Cannot Have A President Under Investigation | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann


LMAO!! Pirro is a Faux Noise Ammosexual, who has said her audience should be "primed to use" their guns. I’d love to see her confronted with that quote. Republicans are such hypocrites! RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: Vice-President Mike Pence is seriously considering running for President in 1820, various sources confirmed over the weekend.

According to several prominent Republican donors, Pence is already laying the groundwork for such a campaign, outlining what he believes are the most serious challenges facing 1820 America.

In a conference call with donors last week, Pence reportedly said that, as President, his No. 1 priority would be to repeal and replace the Bill of Rights.

He offered a sneak preview of a potential 1820 stump speech, in which he unleashed a brutal attack on the Bill of Rights’ author, James Madison, and called for the development of the telegraph key.

According to Harland Dorrinson, a donor who was on the conference call, “Mike believes he’s the right man to bring America into the nineteenth century, just like he did for Indiana.”

Dang Andy!! Considering his policies, was that year a completely understandable typo? Otherwise, it’s accurate straight news! RESIST!!

From Daily Kos:

Let’s hope that eight years of President Barack Obama was enough to not only recover the United State’s reputation internationally after George W. Bush, but to inoculate us for however long Donald Trump remains in office. Because after those horrifyingly hysterical transcripts of his calls with world leaders were released, damn.

WASHINGTON When Jorge Guajardo, one of Mexico’s most senior and seasoned foreign policy hands, got out of bed Thursday morning, a couple of interesting messages were waiting on his cell phone.

One was a link shared by a U.S. diplomat to the leaked transcript of a phone conversation between U.S. President Donald Trump and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. In the second, a former Mexican official offered the quick analysis.

"He’s the opposite of Teddy Roosevelt," that official quipped to Guajardo about Trump. "He speaks loudly and carries a small stick."

Seven months into the Trump administration, the world’s diplomatic community has gone from throwing its hands in the air to now leaning back in their chairs and laughing, albeit morosely, at Trump’s cringe-worthy display of diplomacy during the infancy of his presidency. […]

"Everyone I’ve spoken to around the world is laughing," Guajardo said.

There’s nothing new here. Russian hookers have laughed at Trump’s small stick for years. RESIST!!