Jan 132017

Portland deep freeze continues with clear frigid weather forecast through the weekend.  I’m expecting a grocery delivery from Safeway.com between one and two hours from now.  I put in my order after Store to Door canceled deliveries on Wednesday.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): Can Donald Trump Confront America’s Gun Crisis? | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann


Of course Keith is right about the meaning of the Second Amendment, but for Republican Ammosexuals and merchants that traffic in blood, gun violence Trumps public safety. RESIST!!

From The Last Word: ‘Public should be deeply concerned’ about FBI email investigation

The Justice Department inspector general announced he will review how the FBI handled aspects of Hillary Clinton’s email investigation ahead of the election. Lawrence talks to Neera Tanden about why FBI Director Comey’s handling of the case is cause for alarm.


This investigation will not be finished. The Piddle Puddle Pervert will fire and replace the Inspector General.

From KP Daily Funnies: Trailer: The (Next) American President


A name change is in order from the Piddle Puddle Pervert to Putin’s Piddle Puddle Pervert.



Jan 102017

It warmed up to 40° yesterday, but Portland is under another Winter Weather Advisory with more snow expected this evening.  I think I have my meds transition squared away.  In case you forgot, Obama’s farewell address is tonight at 6 PM PST (9 PM EST)(2 AM GMT).  The White House has a live stream.

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Short Takes:

From The New Yorker: In an emergency meeting at Trump Tower on Monday morning, President-elect Donald J. Trump urged the heads of the nation’s intelligence agencies to “stop picking on Russia” and instead focus on “the very real threat” posed by Hollywood actresses.

Calling the recent allegations against Russia a “witch hunt,” Trump told the intelligence chiefs that their investigations of Russian President Vladimir Putin were distracting them from “America’s real enemy, actresses.”

Growing increasingly irate, he laid out a series of proposals for dealing with what he called a “scourge,” including mandatory registration of actresses and a temporary ban on actresses entering the country.

Andy, this time, I believe you!  RESIST!!

From YouTube (GQ Channel): This Russian Obsession Shows How Trump Will Be Undone | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann


Keith made it crystal clear. Russian Spies fed Assange. Assange fed Trump. But let’s not forget that one other politician joined in on the collusion between Putin, Assange and Trump. That was Jill Stein.  RESIST!!

From Washington Post: Senate Democrats are not going to be able to block Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions bid to become attorney general. And they can’t do much to stop Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo from assuming the helm of the CIA.

And they have only themselves to thank for it.

That’s because exactly three years ago, the Democratic Senate majority — led by Harry Reid (Nev.) — rammed through controversial rules fundamentally changing the way the Senate does business. They unleashed in November 2013 what’s called the “nuclear option” allowing senators to approve by a simple majority all presidential appointments to the executive branch and the judiciary, with a big exception for Supreme Court justices.

It is a sad irony that so many Senate Democrats will be accused of being spineless, because of the one thing they did in the last eight years that was not spineless.  I was for invoking the nuclear option, and I was right.  The problem is that Republicans should have never been allowed to ride Trump’s and Putin’s coattails to an undeserved Senate majority.  RESIST!!



Jan 072017

I’m still buried in chores, and I was feeling quite tired, so after doing my research this morning, I took an upside down cat nap, that Lona had sent from Oz.  As a result, I’m running way late and hurrying.  Today and tomorrow are holy days in the Church of the Ellipsoid Orb.  My Broncos are done for the season, but if your team is still meditating, may they bask in the Orb’s blessed light.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): Still Supporting Donald Trump? This Message Is For You | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann


For the first time in this series I have to disagree with Keith. If the vast majority deplorable Trump goose-steppers saw Keith’s video, they would roar at Keith with rage, because the things about Trump that Keith calls "illness" are the same things about him that Republicans love. RESIST!!

From YouTube (TYT Channel): Bernie Sanders Destroys Trump From The Senate Floor


If course Trump was lying, and I said he was at the time he twitted those tweets. He’ll never admit it. RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: An alarming report issued by heads of the U.S. intelligence agencies on Friday asserts that the Twitter account of President-elect Donald Trump was successfully hacked by a four-year-old child.

Profilers and cryptologists who studied Trump’s Twitter feed believe that the account was first hacked during the 2016 campaign, when the child was three.

“The hacker would often wake up in the middle of the night, in an addled and cranky state, and start tweeting,” an intelligence source said. “This disrupted sleep pattern is consistent with a suspect in the three-to-four-year-old age range.”

Sorry, Andy, I don’t buy it. The garbage that floods the nation from the Fuhrer’s Twitter feed is way below the emotional maturity level of the most socially inept four year old. RESIST!!



Monica!!  Go visit Fuhrer Drumpfenfarten!!

Dec 222016

I’m getting a late start today.  Wendy’s plane from Lost Wages was delayed, and when she arrived, traffic was so bad that she waited an extra hour for her son to pick her up, and then it took her 2 1/2 hours to get home with her sons and niece, drop them off, and return here.  As a result, I got to bed quite late.  She also lost my whole $2. Crying face  I slept poorly, so I needed to take a nap after doing my morning research.  After lunch, I started to work on Christmas dinner.  This my first major meal since I lost my leg.  Being half blind doesn’t help.  Today I cooled 2 lb of fresh Brussels sprouts.  They were quite dirty, so I had to wash them.  Then I had to trim the ends and remove the outside leaves of each sprout, before cooking them.  I’ll make the stuffing tomorrow, roast the ham on Saturday, and make the stuffed potatoes and Hollandaise sauce for the sprouts on Christmas day.  Yes, I’m pooped, but what else is new?

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): How Our New Corporate Overlords Plan to Thrive


Here’s a special note to third party voters and stay-home non-voters who made this tyranny possible. Bend over, grab your ankles, and while you’re screaming ask yourselves why you made the rest of us suffer this with you. Then RESIST!!

From EgbertoWillies.com: Bill O’Reilly became the chief Trump white nationalist mainstream propaganda mouthpiece with this deceiving rant meant to create political dissension.

“Abolishing the electoral college,” O’Reilly said. “That is the subject of this evening’s’ Talking Points Memo.”

Bill O’Reilly then proceeded with his provocative if not downright racist rant.

BIG Barf Bag Alert!


What Republican Racist O’Lielly isn’t telling you is that when he says marginalizing white rural voters, he means making their votes count the same as those of black urban voters.

From Daily Kos: While Republicans in North Carolina thwart the democratic process of our Constitution by stripping the elected incoming governor of his powers, the Republican governor of Ohio—John “I love war” Kasich—is abusing his powers.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich on Monday signed legislation blocking next year’s special election vote on whether to raise Cleveland’s minimum wage to $15 per hour, according to his office.

Senate Bill 331 prohibits communities in the state from raising the minimum wage beyond the state’s minimum wage rate, currently set at $8.10 per hour. State lawmakers passed the bill earlier this month at the request of Cleveland city officials and others, who sought to forestall a special election on the wage hike next May.

Despite claims to the contrary, KKKasich is NOT a reasonable Republican. Combined with Republican, reasonable is an oxymoron. With or without reasonable, a Republican is just a moron.




A College Grade of F-

 Posted by at 12:26 pm  Politics
Dec 202016

I Trust you understand that the Electoral College had two functions in our former Republic.  The first is to certify the election of the voters’ choice for President.  The second is to act as a hedge against the certification os a President who is unfit for office, especially one in thrall to a foreign power.  In both cases, the Electoral College has failed miserably.  We can and must abolish the Electoral College.  The term Manchurian Candidate is now officially an anachronism.  Our Electoral College is certifying a Siberian Candidate.


By overwhelming majorities, Americans would prefer to elect the president by direct popular vote, not filtered through the antiquated mechanism of the Electoral College. They understand, on a gut level, the basic fairness of awarding the nation’s highest office on the same basis as every other elected office — to the person who gets the most votes.

But for now, the presidency is still decided by 538 electors. And on Monday, despite much talk in recent weeks about urging those electors to block Donald Trump from the White House, a majority did as expected and cast their ballots for him — a result Congress will ratify next month.

And so for the second time in 16 years, the candidate who lost the popular vote has won the presidency. Unlike 2000, it wasn’t even close. Hillary Clinton beat Mr. Trump by more than 2.8 million votes, or 2.1 percent of the electorate. That’s a wider margin than 10 winning candidates enjoyed and the biggest deficit for an incoming president since the 19th century… [emphasis added]

From <NY Times>

I encourage you to click through to read the remainder if this editorial.

Chris Hayes interviewed Anna Galland of MoveOn.org:

Yes, we need to come together to resist!.

Keith Olbermann offers some sage advice.

He said to keep reminding all that Trump lost the election.  He said to stop appeasing the cretins that supported Trump.  They are too stupid to be appeased.  He said we should never call Trump President.

Trump is not President elect.  It is resident to be!

Not My President!


Dec 152016

Our winter storm turned out to be a doozy.  I did get my grocery delivery.  It arrived just as the snow was starting to stick.  Phew!!  Wendy’s main day job is as a secretary for a middle school.  She had to work late yesterday afternoon to babysit kids, whose parents had not picked them up because of the weather.  When she finished, conditions were so severe, that she could not make it downtown, so I’m even more stinky than normal. She will come today in her 4 WD truck.  Late in afternoon, my Physical Terrorist called to cancel my appointment, and TriMet Lift cancelled my ride.  The snow is deep, and the high temperature is not forecast above 32° until Sunday.  BRRR!!  It’s so cold that my poor kitty dingles are acting like castanets!

Jig Zone Puzzle:

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): Hamilton’s Plan to Keep Trump From Becoming President | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann


The idea has merit, but I would prefer Colin Powell, He’s more qualified and it would make alt-right Nazis and the KKK baggers shit their pants.

From MSNBC: Michael Moore to Electoral College: Resist!

Filmmaker Michael Moore gives an impassioned plea to the Electors who will choose the American President on December 19th to think hard about the security of the United States.


Electors, don’t make us miss Crawford Caligula. RESIST!!

From NY Times: Mindful of the clock ticking down to a Trump presidency, the Obama administration issued a final rule on Wednesday to bar states from withholding federal family-planning funds from Planned Parenthood affiliates and other health clinics that provide abortions. The measure takes effect two days before the Jan. 20 inauguration of Donald J. Trump.

The rule was proposed three months ago, when many Democrats assumed the next president would be Hillary Clinton; she presumably would have promoted the rule’s completion if it were still pending. It requires that state and local governments distribute federal funds for services related to contraception, sexually transmitted infections, fertility, pregnancy care, and breast and cervical cancer screening to qualified health providers, regardless of whether they also perform abortions.

Mr. Trump has sent mixed messages on Planned Parenthood’s work, supporting its health-related services other than abortion. Yet with backing from Republican leaders in Congress, he has indicated he will undo many Obama administration rules and regulations, especially last-minute additions. In this case, however, unraveling the new rule would first require a time-consuming process, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

Kudos to Obama. That time consuming process had better take over four years!