Carter Defends His Legacy

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Nov 292016

Sixty-nine years ago today, the UN partitioned Palestine between Palestinians and Jews.  Since that time, no single individual had done more to promote peace between Arabs and Jews than President Jimmy Carter, who negotiated the Camp David Accords between Sadat and Begin in September, 1978.  That was the beginning of a two state solution under which Palestinian Arabs and Jews can share the land in peace.  Now that the coming Fuhrer has promised to side with Butcher Bibi Netanyahu to support a single state of Israel, Carter is trying to defend his legacy, before Obama leaves office.

1129CarterFormer U.S. president Jimmy Carter, who brokered peace between Egypt and Israel at Camp David, has called on Barack Obama to recognize the State of Palestine (as the United Nations refers to the non-member observer state) before he leaves office in January.

Of the U.N.’s 193 members, 136—more than 70 percent—recognize the State of Palestine and the Palestinian push for an independent state. But the U.S., Israel and dozens of other nations do not, with many arguing that the recognition of a Palestinian entity can only come about through direct talks and agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

The current U.S. government supports a two-state solution but Israeli ministers have suggested that the election of Donald Trump as the next president has dealt a huge blow to hopes of a Palestinian state. On the campaign trail, Trump pledged to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and called for continued Israeli settlement building in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Carter has now stepped into the debate with an op-ed for the New York Times on Monday…

From <Newsweek>

I fully support the recognition of the nation of Palestine.  That said, I am neither anti-Israel, nor anti-Jew.  I’m part Hebrew myself.  I do oppose the present government of Israel’s abandonment of the two-state solution in violation of treaties in favor of creating a single state by military attrition, leaving Palestinians second-class residents.  Obama should grant Carter’s request.

I urge you to read Carter’s op-ed.


New Rule Plus Barack

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Nov 052016

Last week several of you expressed the hope that I could share Bill Maher's interview with Barack Obama on Real Time.  I can and shall, but if you saw it on TV, watch anyway, because this is the full version, about twice as long as the televised one.  But first, Bill takes on Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christian Bible Trumpers.

New Rule: Bible Trumpers


This is the first time Bill has discussed Religion, when, in addition to laughing at him, I have agreed with virtually everything he said, with one small exception. Jesus would have recognized Trump. Then he would have braided cords to make a lash and driven him out of the temple with the rest of the Republican Party. Authentic Christians are not Trump Supporters.

President Obama: FULL INTERVIEW


I can't remember another interviewer that has done such an effective job in drawing Obama out on the topics on which they disagreed.  I don't agree with either 100%, but major kudos to both!

Vote Blue!

Nov 032016

Please pardon my brevity as I’m very hungry and very tired.  This is today’s only article, and I won’t be sending out links messages on Care2.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (Full Frontal Channel): Full Frontal Presidential Interviews

Sam was nowhere near as funny as usual, but still very wise.

From YouTube (Media Matters Channel): Strict Voter ID Laws Are The New Jim Crow


Take away Racist Republican Jim Crow laws!

From The New Yorker: Dropping a bombshell less than a week before the Presidential election, the F.B.I. Director James Comey revealed on Wednesday that the Bureau was investigating Hillary Clinton’s ties to Bill Clinton.

The announcement, which Comey made in a letter to members of Congress, provoked immediate howls of protest from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta.

Dang Andy!! Comey ought to be shot, hung, drawn and quartered for starting such a vile rumor!!



Oct 242016

I’m rushing today, because my Broncos are on Monday Night Meditation in the Church of the Ellipsoid Orb.  I need to do some schedule juggling for that, and it’s more difficult today, because I’m suffering a mild case of Republicosis.

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Short Takes:

From Politico: President Barack Obama will make a late splash into races for state senate and assembly over the next week, endorsing roughly 150 candidates across 20 states.

He’ll also back a candidate for the North Carolina Supreme Court.

The endorsements — which will come along with a variety of robocalls, social media posts, mailers, photos of Obama with the candidates taken as he’s been traveling to campaign in recent weeks, and even a few radio ads — are Obama’s biggest investment in state races ever by far, and come as he gears up to make redistricting reform at the state level the political priority of his post-presidency.

This is the beginning of that effort, an unprecedented engagement all the way down-ballot for any president.

Kudos to Obama. Wherever there is so much as a Republican dog catcher, even dawgs should lift their legs in opposition!

From LA Times: Tom Hayden, a 1960s radical who was in the vanguard of the movement to stop the Vietnam War and became one of the nation’s best-known champions of liberal causes, has died in Santa Monica after a lengthy illness. He was 76.

Hayden vaulted into national politics in 1962 as lead author of a student manifesto that became the ideological foundation for demonstrations against the war.

President Nixon’s Justice Department prosecuted Hayden in the raucous “Chicago 7” trial following the violent clashes with police at the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

I knew Tom, and although I often disagreed with him over whether to respond to police brutality passively or violently, he was a great leader in a troubled time, who stayed the course. Thoughts and prayers for all who loved him.

From Daily Kos: …In 2015, Daily Kos Elections published a series of articles where we attempted to draw entirely nonpartisan congressional maps for every state—the sort of maps you’d expect a court or a non-political redistricting commission to produce. These hypothetical maps take into account traditional nonpartisan redistricting criteria, such as respect for the Voting Rights Act, city and county integrity, communities of interest like shared culture or demographics, and geographic compactness, and they ignore things like partisanship or where incumbents live.

We then calculated the 2012 election results for president and other races for these hypothetical districts on the map shown at the top of this post (you can find a larger version here). From there, we estimated how the 2012 House elections might have turned out under these nonpartisan districts to try to measure the impact of gerrymandering.

Our conclusion was both astounding and infuriating: Gerrymandering likely cost Democrats a net of 25 seats in 2012, more than the 17 they needed to claim a majority that year, and far more than the eight they actually did gain.

With only some small exceptions, the same maps will be used again this year, and Daily Kos Elections and other analysts currently project Democratic gains of only around 10 to 20 seats, well short of the 30 the party now needs for a majority, following heavy losses in 2014. As a result, gerrymandering could once again cost Democrats a majority in 2016 even if they win more votes cast in House races nationwide than Republicans do—as they did in 2012.

It is critical that Democrats gain control of State governments in time for the redistricting that follows the 2020 census. Far more Americans will vote for a Democratic Representative than for a Republican next month. Nevertheless, I expect Republicans to hold the House Majority.



Thanks labor!

Oct 142016

I have another day with lots of chores to get done.  TGIF!!

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Religious Agony:


The head coach, Gary Kubiak, was out sick.  ARGH!!

Short Takes:

From KP Daily Funnies: Danny Elfman: Trump Stalks Hillary


There is nothing funny about this. Am I the only one that was surprised she didn’t turn and kick his tiny dingles?

From Daily Kos: Emails leaked by a hacker reveal that former Secretary of State Colin Powell considers Donald Trump “A national disgrace and international pariah,” and that he and his successor, Condoleezza Rice, agreed the years of investigation into the Benghazi attack in 2012 were “a stupid witch hunt.”

The emails are thought to have come from, which some computer specialists believe is connected to Russian intelligence services.

That’s a big OOPS for Putin’s spies. They are only supposed to leak things that help Putin’s dog.

From YouTube: Obama Angrily Tears Into GOP: You Don’t ‘Get Credit’ for Just Suddenly Dumping Trump!


Trump is a symptom of the Republican Party, a cancer that must be excised to save America.



Sep 132016

Hot weather has returned, albeit not the extreme heat of a couple weeks ago.  I’m still having a lot of trouble with nerve pain.  Hopefully it will only be another week to ten days, as I see Megan on Friday.

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Fantasy Football Report:

Here are the results of Week 1 in our fantasy football league.





I got my butt kicked, but I don’t expect to do well this season.  I drafted last and had no players worth carrying forward, so I start from behind the 8 ball.  Congrats to Rob, Vivian, Patty Monster, Squatch and Dusty.  Pam, did you get the message I sent you on Care2?  Tom Brady, your starting QB, is suspended for the first four weeks.  You need to substitute Stafford for him for the next three games.

Short Takes:

From KP Daily Funnies: Tell Trump, "Release the Measurements"


Dang!! Rump Dump needs to visit a plastic surgeon to get a hand job!!

From Daily Kos: Planned Parenthood has been winning in the courts in 2016, as state after Republican-led state has tried to cripple the organization by defunding clinics. Now the Obama administration is stepping in to attempt to short-circuit those lawsuits with a proposed rule reinforcing existing law, preventing states from defunding Planned Parenthood or any other family planning provider for political reasons.

The proposed rule says that states cannot withhold Title X federal family planning funds from providers for any reason other than their "ability to deliver services to program beneficiaries in an effective manner." This would essentially make the same laws that apply to Medicaid—states can’t pick and choose providers the federal funds go to in the absence of fraud—apply specifically to Title X funding. Bottom line: if the rule is approved, states could no longer bar Planned Parenthood funding because some of its clinics provide abortions.

“This will make a real difference in so many people’s lives," said Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards…

It took far too long for Obama to learn the ropes and realize that, since Republicans are bad faith negotiators, even when they do make agreements with him, they always brake their promises. Now that he has learned, at last, and just does what needs doing, I’m going to miss this President.

From NY Times: The N.C.A.A., responding to a contentious North Carolina law that curbed anti-discrimination protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, will relocate all championship tournament games scheduled to take place in the state over the coming academic year, the organization announced Monday night.

Among the events affected is the Division I men’s basketball tournament, the N.C.A.A.’s most prominent annual event, which had six first- and second-round games scheduled to be played in Greensboro in March.

The announcement followed the N.B.A.’s decision in July to move its 2017 All-Star Game out of Charlotte but was seen as a particularly substantial blow to officials in North Carolina, where college basketball is central to the state’s culture and pride. North Carolina has hosted more men’s basketball tournament games than any other state, an N.C.A.A. spokesman said.

Kudos to the NCAA. All things in the Republican Theocratic Police State of McCrorystan should be boycotted.