Jun 122017

Well the Cat is back!  Although he posted two pieces today, he has to remember to pace himself lest he end up in trouble again.  As he said, he is still in some pain and no doubt a little tired from lying around in a hospital bed.  TC has medical appointments and eye surgery coming up, so while I will back off a little now, I will be back.  Today was a relaxing day for me, such is not the case for the rest of the week.  I ate all that good cheese/herb and garlic fococcia so now I don't have any for supper . . . but oh it was sooooooooo good!  I have to go out tomorrow so I'll be at Cob's Bakery to get some more.  I may not keep my friends but I'll have a happy tummy!

Short Takes

The HillLegislation introduced in the House on Monday would prevent President Trump from receiving federally subsidized flood insurance amid warnings that the effects of climate change could cause parts of his Mar-a-Lago resort and other south Florida properties to be underwater in coming years.

Rep. Earl Blumenauer’s (D-Ore.) bill – titled the Prohibiting Aid for Recipients Ignoring Science (PARIS) Act – would ensure properties owned by a president or family members can’t have access to subsidized insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program.

An analysis by Coastal Risk Consulting found that the Mar-a-Lago grounds in Palm Beach, Fla., could be under at least a foot of water for 210 days a year because of tidal flooding.

To quote Jackie Gleason, "How sweet it is!"  Love the acronym —PARIS!  Oregon leads the way?!  While I applaud this, it will go nowhere with a Republican Congress.

CBC — Canada's longest-serving chief justice of the Supreme Court will retire from the bench on Dec. 15, 2017.

In a statement sent to reporters Monday, Beverley McLachlin said she would leave the court after serving for 28 years, including 17 years as the presiding judge.

The 73-year-old jurist was appointed by former prime minister Brian Mulroney in 1989. She became the first woman to hold the top job on the country's highest court after she was elevated to chief justice by former prime minister Jean Chrétien in 2000.

"It has been a great privilege to serve as a justice of the court, and later its chief justice, for so many years. I have had the good fortune of working with several generations of Canada's finest judges and best lawyers. I have enjoyed the work and the people I have worked with enormously," McLachlin said.  …

Moreover, McLachlin, the daughter of prairie farmers, encouraged the court's nine justices to come to a consensus, which resulted in a rate of unanimity substantially higher than that of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Mulroney said Monday his appointee has "performed so well under difficult circumstances," and dismissed criticism from some Conservatives that she has been too activistic in her approach. "She was just doing what the constitutional amendment of 1982 told her to do," he said, speaking of the introduction of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

"I think her greatest achievement probably wasn't a particular case, rather it was that she provided such strong leadership, in a collegial and widely admired fashion across Canada by lawyers, judges and many politicians," he said in an interview Monday on CBC News Network's Power & Politics, adding McLachlin has played a strong leadership role in the "evolution of Canada."

A sad day for the country, but I am sure a good day for McLachlin.   I mention this because the Supreme Court of Canada performs quite well, especially when contrasted to SCOTUS.  McLachlin was appointed by a Conservative Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney, and elevated to Chief Justice by a Liberal Prime Minister, Jean Chrétien.

The HillRep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) unveiled a proposed article of impeachment Monday against President Trump for allegedly obstructing justice in a federal investigation.

The legislative text argues that Trump’s alleged attempts to pressure since-fired FBI Director James Comey to drop the agency’s investigation into former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn amounts to obstruction of justice.

“In all of this, Donald John Trump has acted in a manner contrary to his trust as President and subversive of constitutional government, to the great prejudice of the cause of law and justice and to the manifest injury of the people of the United States,” the proposed article of impeachment states.  …

“As the investigations move forward, additional evidence supporting additional Articles of Impeachment may emerge. However, as to Obstruction of Justice … the evidence we have is sufficient to move forward now. And the national interest requires that we do so,” Sherman wrote. 

It should be noted that the Democratic leadership thinks it is premature.  In a related article, The Hill notes

"We’re still very early in the investigative process.”

Rep. Linda Sánchez (Calif.), vice chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, said Schiff’s view reflects the “overwhelming sentiment” among the Democrats.

“A majority of the Caucus is of the belief that we ought to allow the investigation to continue to its logical conclusion before making any determination,” she told reporters in the Capitol.

From a Reuters piece concerning Preet Bhahara, the fired US Attorney for the Southern District of New York,  

Bharara stopped short of saying whether he thought Trump had obstructed justice in his conversations and subsequent firing of Comey.

However, he said he thought there was "absolutely evidence to begin a case" into the matter.

Some caution is warranted.  The ducks need to be properly lined up so as not to interfere with any investigation.  One thing though, the Democrats have to be united in their actions or suffer the "slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" as Shakespeare would say.

YouTube — Comey's Testimony – Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

I have removed the original video and replaced it with this shorter version.  This part is contained in the original.  John Oliver offers his take on Comey's testimony with his usual humour.

My Universe

This is especially for Nameless who has trouble getting his puddy into the carrier.

Jun 112017

Well, the nurses at Providence Portland Medical Centre are sick and tired of having a mangy, grumpy old TomCat lying about so they are shipping him home Saturday afternoon.  He still needs more recovery time, after all, one does not donate their gallbladder to science without feeling a bit tired.  Your continued healing thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated.

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Short Takes

Alternet — This week Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel faced off in their first Special Election Debate for Georgia’s District 06 seat. Handel has been running scared for some time—since running as a Republican these days is like wearing a gasoline body spray at a factory that only produces sparks. At one point, the candidates were allowed to ask one another a question. Handel, having virtually nothing worthwhile to stand on as a candidate herself, decided to try to push the Republican narrative that Jon Ossoff is some carpet-bagging elitist who is going to turn your kids into musical theatre dancers with newfangled iPhones and solar energy lust.

As the subheading to the article says, "Karen Handel stepped on a land mine during Georgia's special election debate Wednesday" and it went KABOOM!!!.  That Georgia Peach is sour  . . . as sour as can be!  For those that don't remember her, Handel was involved with the Susan G Komen Foundation and the controversy from a few years back.  On special election day 20 June 2017, let's make that Georgia Peach fall right off the tree!

Think Progress — For most politically active, progressive 16-year-olds, participating in the democratic process might involve volunteering for a campaign or joining a high school young Democrats club. Tahseen Chowdhury has a different idea.

Though he isn’t old enough to vote, the junior at Manhattan’s Stuyvesant High School launched his campaign last month for New York state senate. Chowdhury will be challenging Sen. Jose Peralta (D) in Queens’ District 13 in September 2018.

Chowdhury is unconcerned that he’s not a known politician. He said he’s counting on two phenomena emerging in 2017 to bolster his campaign: The growing number of first-time politicians deciding to take a stab at politics and voters’ anger toward President Trump, which is also being directed toward local lawmakers.

“If people don’t trust their representatives on the federal level, they have to make sure they’re represented adequately in the state and local level,” he told ThinkProgress by phone from his high school office. “And they’re not being represented well.”

Click through to see what motivates this teen.  I predict good things from this young man in the coming years.  With the Labour gains in the recent UK election, the rejection of Marine LePen in France, and the protests against Drumpf and Republicans in the US, young voters are saying enough to false promises and austerity.

Daily Kos — On Thursday, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) praised the recent Islamic State attack in Tehran as a “good thing” and suggested that maybe the United States should work with the militant organization.  …

"We have recently seen an attack on Iran, and the Iranian government, the mullahs, believe that Sunni forces have attacked them. This may signal a ratcheting up of certain commitments by the United States of America. As far as I’m concerned, I just want to make this point and see what you think, isn’t it a good thing for us to have the United States finally backing up Sunnis who will attack Hezbollah and the Shiite threat to us? Isn’t that a good thing? And if so, maybe this is a Trump — maybe it’s a Trump strategy of actually supporting one group against another, considering that you have two terrorist organizations.”

How do these idiots like Rohrabacher get elected?  Of course he is a Republican!  Saints preserve us!!!


Resist and Persist!!!

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Jun 092017

It has been a busy week and next week looks the same.  It rained most of yesterday and a bit last night, but today has been dry with some sunshine.  Earlier this week, Wendy said that she expected TC would go home Friday or Saturday.  So far, I think he is still in the hospital as he still has pain and did not outright say he was home.  However I know he is very relieved that the liver spots are benign.  Please say prayers or keep healing thoughts for TC front and centre.  I hope everyone has a good weekend.

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Short Takes

Politico — House Republicans on Thursday united to pass a comprehensive bill that would dismantle the landmark banking regulations enacted after the 2008 financial crisis.

The legislation, approved without a single Democratic vote, represents the GOP's opening salvo in the debate over easing the rules on the financial system, a move sparked by the election of President Donald Trump and Republican control of Congress. 

Hensarling argues that the economy and consumers would benefit from his vision in which market forces rather than government regulation would keep the financial system in check.

Among the bill's most controversial measures is the elimination of most of the powers of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the independent regulatory agency that is Democrats' crown jewel in Dodd-Frank.

The legislation would rename the weakened CFPB the Consumer Law Enforcement Agency and make it more beholden to Congress and the president. 

The bill would also repeal a pillar of Dodd-Frank that allows regulators to manage the failure of a major financial institution, replacing that power with an updated version of the bankruptcy code.

While people were distracted by the Comey testimony, Lyin' Ryan and the Republicans rammed through a piece of legislation designed to all but kill the CFPB.  Not good at all!

Raw Story — A former Republican congressman who voted to impeach former President Bill Clinton called out House Speaker Paul Ryan as a hypocrite.

Ryan argued Thursday that congressional Republicans would not be calling for the impeachment of a Democratic president accused of the same activity as President Donald Trump — but former representative Bob Inglis dismissed those claims as nonsense.

“You know this isn’t true,” Inglis tweeted to Ryan. “You know that you would be inquiring into impeachment if this were a D.”

There have been 2 attempts to impeach sitting presidents in modern times: Richard Nixon — the Judiciary Committee approved Articles of Impeachment in July 1974 but Nixon resigned in August 1974 before the whole House could vote on the impeachment; and Bill Clinton — the Judiciary Committee approved Articles of Impeachment in December 1998 but he was acquitted in the Senate.  I won't go into detail on the charges but both presidents were charged with obstruction of justice as well as other charges.  See Nixon charges here and Clinton charges here.  In my non legal mind, it is apparent that Drumpf has obstructed justice and I hope that Mueller's investigation will bear that out at the very least.  It is a long process which will hamper Drumpf to do his job effectively.

YouTube — What We Now Know From James Comey | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann | GQ              

As the days proceed, I am sure that Mueller's investigation will raise more questions and hopefully some answers.  Comey has not heard the end of the public testimony and I dare say there will be all manner of speculation about the closed session.  Truth win out!

The New Yorker — The White House was on lockdown Thursday morning after a television was hurled out of a window, the Secret Service reported.

The incident, which occurred shortly after 10 A.M. E.S.T., caught the attention of the Secret Service after agents heard the sound of smashing glass emanating from the Oval Office.

“The sound was consistent with that of a large object, such as a television set, being thrown through a closed window,” a Secret Service spokesman said.

The television, which crashed to the ground outside the Oval Office, injured no one, the Secret Service confirmed.

I think Andy is back to straight reporting again.  I can quite imagine that the pResident was really foaming at the mouth listening to Comey's testimony.  His staff tried to keep him away from Twitter, but when they could contain no more, he let loose with this tweet "Despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication … and WOW, Comey is a leaker!" .  

My Universe

I particularly like #3. 

Reminds me of my Annie who is almost 9 years old now.

Jun 082017

Well yesterday was a busy day for me and although I did get an OT started, I could not finish it for you.  We have had word from TC which you may have seen here on the site, but I will repeat just in case.  Tom had a successful surgery to remove his gallbladder but in the process, the doctor found a spot on his liver which they biopsied.  Those results will not be known for a few hours at least.  The prancreatitis has improved marginally but TC will know more later.  According to Wendy he has recovered enough to start bossing Wendy around rather than the nurses.  TC says Wendy is the BOMB!  So continued prayers or good healing thoughts or both are very much appreciated for TC.  We need our Puddy Tat back to help get us through this reign of terror lead by Drumpfenfarten and the Republicans. 

Update: TC posted at 1810 hours — the liver spots are benign!

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Short Takes

CBC — Russian hackers attacked at least one U.S. voting software supplier days before last year's presidential election, according to a government intelligence report leaked Monday that suggests election-related hacking penetrated further into U.S. voting systems than previously known.

The classified National Security Agency report, which was published online by The Intercept, does not say whether the hacking had any effect on election results. But it says Russian military intelligence attacked a U.S. voting software company and sent spear-phishing emails to more than 100 local election officials at the end of October or beginning of November.

There is no doubt that the infaltration of the US by Russia has been going on longer than believed.  It did not just start with the DNC hack, and it would be myopic to think that there are no more hacks.  I find myself wondering what the next revelation will be.

YouTube — Did Trump Himself Meet With the Russian Ambassador? | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann | GQ     

With Drump's record of lying continuously, it is nearly impossible to think that he did not meet with the Russian ambassador and was not involved with the case of collusion.  I listened to some of the Comey testimony today.  Afterwards, Drumpf's lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, said Mr Trump felt vindicated because Comey was seen as a liar. And The Telegraph reported "…Sarah Huckabee Sanders stating during an off-camera briefing at the White House: “I can definitively say the president is not a liar." I would certainly disagree with that.

The Guardian — Theresa May has declared she is prepared to rip up human rights laws to impose new restrictions on terror suspects, as she sought to gain control over the security agenda just 36 hours before the polls open.

The prime minister said she was looking at how to make it easier to deport foreign terror suspects and how to increase controls on extremists where it is thought they present a threat but there is not enough evidence to prosecute them. 

She said: “But I can tell you a few of the things I mean by that: I mean longer prison sentences for people convicted of terrorist offences. I mean making it easier for the authorities to deport foreign terror suspects to their own countries.

“And I mean doing more to restrict the freedom and the movements of terrorist suspects when we have enough evidence to know they present a threat, but not enough evidence to prosecute them in full in court.

“And if human rights laws stop us from doing it, we will change those laws so we can do it.”

May is on a very slippery slope and now that it is likely that May has a minority government as a result of today's election, she may not get the chance to implement this.  For those who are not familiar with the Westminster system of Parliament, the party that has the most votes but not enough for a clear majority, forms a minority government.  This government can be struck down by a non confidence vote at which time the Parliament is dissolved and a new election called.  As of writing, the UK Conservative Party is in a minority position.  Here are the early results:

636/650 seats declared · Last updated 2017-06-09 1:10 AM EST

Get well quickly, TC!!!

  No lying about!!!   

Jun 062017

I have a meeting to go to shortly.  I am a member of the Family Council and a liaison to the Board of the care centre where my mum lived and the board is meeting tonight.  The Family Council meets next week.  Tomorrow is physio and teaching so there will likely be no Open Thread for tomorrow.  We have had no additional word from TC yet, but when we know, we will pass it on.  In the mean time, please keep TC in your thoughts and prayers.

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Short Takes

YouTube — If He Were Doing Any Other Job, Donald Trump Would Have Been Fired by Now | The Resistance | GQ  

I should think that Trump would understand this phrase: "You're fired!"  Or perhaps this one: "Go straight to jail.  Do not pass Go."

Resist and Persist!!!

The New Yorker — In a dramatic announcement from the White House Rose Garden on Thursday, Donald J. Trump pronounced the planet Earth a “loser” and vowed to make a better deal with a new planet.

“Earth is a terrible, very bad planet,” he told the White House press corps. “It’s maybe the worst planet in the solar system, and it’s far from the biggest.”

When asked which planet he would make a new deal with, Trump offered few specifics, saying only, “The solar system has millions of terrific planets, and they’re all better than Earth, which is a sick, failing loser.”

Trump’s remarks drew a strong response from one of the United States’ NATO allies, Germany’s Angela Merkel. “I strongly support Donald Trump leaving the planet Earth,” she said.

I'm with Angela Merkel!

Resist and Persist!!!

Think Progress — …Sen. John Wiles (R) knew that if he could lift Georgia’s law that banned outside groups from purchasing anonymous mailers, he could transform the way his party conducts campaigns. He declared at the time that he would “not support any effort to regulate anonymous political speech.”

Wiles was able to get his colleagues on board, and they quietly passed legislation removing the ban. But the move earned him critics, including the top Republican in the state tasked with running elections.

Karen Handel, then Georgia’s Republican secretary of state, said she was “adamantly” opposed to Wiles’ political maneuver—she had recently launched a “transparency in government” program.

Handel is relying heavily on the same kind of spending she so recently fought against.

Outside groups have spent roughly $9 million supporting Handel’s campaign during the primary and leading up to the June 20 runoff. More than $250,000 of that total has been spent on anonymous direct mail. 

“Karen Handel was for a ban on secret political spending, but now that it’s clear she can’t compete with Jon Ossoff and his small-dollar, grassroots donors, her campaign is almost completely reliant on special interest money from groups that refuse to disclose their donors.”

So much for being "adamantly opposed" to dark money.  I did not like Karen Handel and her shenanigans when she was with Susan G Komen and I am disappointed to see her back in the limelight with her Republican talking points and lack of ethics.  The special election in Georgia's 6th district is set for 20 June 2017.  May it turn blue with Jon Ossoff who garnered 48.1% of the vote in the jungle primary.

Resist and Persist!!!

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Jun 062017

It is Monday afternoon and I have word about TC.  After feeling so crappy by 4 June 2017, TC was taken to the hospital presumably by his friend Wendy and diagnosed with prancreatitis.  Additionally, he will be having surgery to remove his gallbladder.  We don't know the timing of all this but will try to keep you all apprised.  As I did a year and a half ago, I will publish OT's as often as possible, and I know that you will also see articles from JD (Joanne), Nameless and Lona.  Speaking for myself, I can't give you the expert coverage of the American political scene like TC does, but you won't go hungry either.  For now, prayers or good vibes for TC are appreciated.  And many, many thanks to Wendy for her care of TC.  She is most definitely a keeper!

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Short Takes

Quartz — US president Donald Trump just announced he will withdraw the country from the international Paris agreement on climate change. He says he wants a better “deal” for the US, and that the country will begin renegotiating the terms of the agreement immediately after exiting it.

“We will see if we can make a deal that’s fair. And if we can, that’s great. If we can’t, that’s fair,” Trump said at a press conference today (June 1).

The statement is a stark example of the president’s zero-sum thinking, and it’s wholly inaccurate. The reality is the US did not have to withdraw from the Paris agreement to renegotiate how it will participate. In fact, once it with withdraws, it legally cannot renegotiate the terms of its participation. It also cannot withdraw immediately.

Here are comments from Hardball's Chris Matthews.

Also, The Washington Post has this short video presentation "Why Trump's Withdrawal From The Paris Agreement Is So Controversial" which is both interesting and informative.

Just incase you have not seen this petition, here is one from Daily Kos — Sign if you are outraged Trump pulled us out of the Paris climate agreement.  The text of the petition follows.

The Paris Climate deal was the most comprehensive international accord to fight climate change yet. It was signed by all but two countries (Syria and Nicaragua), and hailed as an historic effort to save our planet.

So of course, President Trump decided the United States would withdraw. This would mean the United States ditches crucial environmental regulations that can make all the difference in saving our planet.

By exiting from the Paris agreement, Trump ignored advice from the Pope, foreign leaders and even business leaders like Exxon. He is even rebuffing pleas from his own daughter, and from Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

All to spite President Obama, who worked hard to craft the Paris climate agreement.

Sign if you are outraged the United States pulled out of the Paris climate agreement, and that we must do everything we can to fight this.

It can easily be said that Drumpf has "just shot himself in the foot" with his own ignorance about the Paris climate agreement.  So is there anything new in that?  Not really.  He displays his ignorance on a wide range of things daily.

Resist and Persist!!!

Daily Kos — The journalistic fraud that is Fox News is well known. It's a network that was contrived as a right-wing spin factory, but dishonestly marketed as being "fair and balanced." They have a revolving cast of scripted characters who alternately play politicians and pundits. Often the same person in both roles. Their commitment to partisan deceit is rooted deeply in the foul culture nurtured by its founders Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes.

However, a new investigation proves that ideological fraud is not the only unethical practice employed by Fox News. Following the scandal-driven departures of Ailes and Bill O'Reilly, a new cretin was crowned as the top Foxie. Tucker Carlson was awarded O'Reilly's prized time slot that anchors the network's primetime lineup. 

The Center for Media and Democracy conducted an exhaustive investigation into the stewardship of his website, The Daily Caller (TDC). Carlson launched the site six years ago and it quickly became a staple of wingnut propaganda. The Washington Post published CMD's findings with this summary of the scam:

"Most of the roughly 50 journalists who produce content for the Daily Caller actually work for the Daily Caller News Foundation, a tax-exempt organization with 501(c)(3) status that is ostensibly separate from DailyCaller.com. The two entities share the same floor of the same Washington office, however, and virtually everything produced by the foundation — which accepted $3 million in donations in 2015, according to an IRS filing — appears on the for-profit website, which sells advertising on the articles.

In short, TDC takes in tax-free donations to finance their for-profit newsroom. Then they use the articles written by foundation authors to populate a commercial website that receives advertising revenue. The Post cites legal experts that describe this an obvious tax dodge:

"'It's a huge rip-off for taxpayers if the Daily Caller News Foundation is receiving revenue that it doesn't pay taxes on, to produce stories that are used by the for-profit enterprise, which then makes money on the stories through ads,' said Lisa Graves, a deputy assistant attorney general in the Clinton administration who now serves as executive director of the Center for Media and Democracy."

Read the rest of the article . . . there is more.  We already know that much of the right wing news media is anything but "fair and balanced", but add onto that being a factory for alternative facts and extreme partisanship.  I knew that the Daily Caller was a right wing "rag", but what I did not know was that it was started and is still run by Tucker Carlson.  He received help from conservative multi-millionaire Foster Friess.  You may remember him from the 2012 presidential campaign when he said "…they used Bayer aspirin for contraception. The gals put it between their knees, and it wasn’t that costly."  With his oh so pseudo Christian values, Carlson is committing fraud by registering TDC as a charity.  In essence, it means that all taxpayers are subsidising right wing propaganda which needs to be stopped.

Resist and Persist!!!

Alternet — It doesn’t make rational sense for Trump to pull out of the Paris accord. Even Trump’s secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, has argued against withdrawal, as has Tillerson’s former company, Exxon Mobil. The traditional reasons for conservative opposition to cleaner energy — protecting energy profits — don’t hold up as well as they used to. So why is Trump doing this?

The likely answer is, I’m afraid, a disheartening one: Trump’s anti-environmentalism is ultimately not about the gross but rational pursuit of profit, so much as it’s the result of a nihilistic anti-conservationist ideology that has been fomented for years on the far right. It’s an ideology concerned more with hating liberalism and undermining former President Barack Obama’s legacy [emphasis added] than with petty matters like peace or prosperity. 

… But a lot of what motivates him [Utah Rep Rob Bishop] appears to be a deeply rooted unwillingness to have his state be home to anything that could be considered an Obama accomplishment.

Weiss pointed out that a similar fight, fueled by blind hatred of Obama, is going on in Maine. The founder of Burt’s Bees donated 87,500 acres to the federal government, and Obama designated it the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument. But the Trumpian governor of Maine, Republican Paul LePage, is so angry about the monument’s existence that he has refused to let the state post road signs telling people where it is. The Katahdin Woods monument is also included in Trump’s executive order to review such designations. 

Weiss pointed out that a similar fight, fueled by blind hatred of Obama, is going on in Maine. The founder of Burt’s Bees donated 87,500 acres to the federal government, and Obama designated it the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument. But the Trumpian governor of Maine, Republican Paul LePage, is so angry about the monument’s existence that he has refused to let the state post road signs telling people where it is. The Katahdin Woods monument is also included in Trump’s executive order to review such designations.

This abject hatred of all things Obama is no doubt brought on by the fact that Obama dared to be Black while president.  Republicans are so predictable in their hatred.

Resist and Persist!!!

CBC — Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has announced a plan to increase the provincial minimum wage to $15 an hour by Jan. 1, 2019. 

The increase would be phased in over the next 18 months, rising to $14 an hour on Jan. 1, 2018, and then to $15 the following January. 

After that, it will rise annually with inflation.

Among the proposed changes are the requirement that after five years with the same employer, the minimum vacation entitlement for workers would rise to three weeks per year.

All workers would also be given 10 personal emergency leave days a year, and a minimum of two of those days must be paid. (Currently, only employees of large companies are entitled to this.) 

Employers would not be allowed to request a sick note from an employee taking personal emergency leave. 

Many of the changes address shift work in particular. The proposed legislation says employers would be required to pay three hours of wages to an employee whose shift is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice, and that employees would be able to refuse shifts without repercussion if given less than four days notice.

The proposed legislation also says: 

  • Equal pay would be mandated for part-time workers doing the same job as a full-time workers.
  • Employers would be prohibited from misclassifying employees as "independent contractors."
  • Rules for creating a union would be modernized, including the extension of card-based certification to temporary workers, building services workers and community care workers.  

The act also lays out a plan to hire 175 more employment standards officers, and launch an education program for employees and business owners to help them learn about their rights and responsibilities.

minimum wage graphic

Read the rest of the article for a few more details of the legislation.  This is only in Ontario which has the largest workforce in Canada.  Alberta was the first province to put legislation in place.  I am hopeful that British Columbia will tackle this issue next now that the election is over.  Here the ruling Liberal party (not the same as the federal Liberal party) did not win the election, 43 seats, nobody really did.  However, the New Democrats (41 seats) and the Green Party (3 seats) have formed a coalition and presented their agreement to the Lieutenant Governor for approval.  Minimum wage is a topic for both the NDP and Greens.

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