May 262014

Memorial Day

I won’t wish you a happy Memorial Day.  There’s nothing at all happy about remembering mostly young men and women, who who have sacrificed their lives in the service of this nation.  Honoring them is a solemn occasion.  I add to their number two students from Jackson State, four students from Kent State, and others who were killed opposing war, whose deaths were covered-up.  Their service is equally worthy of honor.

Although I have opposed the wars in my lifetime, I fully believe that while hating the war, we must cherish the warriors.  Politicians, and we who elect them, are at fault for criminal wars, not the soldiers.

While some Veterans groups try to use this holiday to focus our attention on them, but this is not their day.  We have Veterans Day to honor their service, but let me close with a message for veterans this Memorial Day: Thank you for being good enough at your job that you came back, and in so doing, saved us the pain of honoring your loss.

Jan 172014

I’m writing for tomorrow and running late, because I overslept by several hours.  That’s a good thing.  I’m not going to push myself to return to full time blogging for a week, because I have to spend two nights in Salem next week for prison volunteer work and our annual organizational meeting for it.  While I’m slightly improved, I want make sure I don’t knock myself back down before then.

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Short Takes:

From MSNBC: Hope fades for long-term unemployed


International readers, try Googling this in a day or two. I could not find it anywhere else. Jeff Merkley and Oregon are leading the way against Republican class warfare.

From NY Times: The Air Force said on Wednesday that 34 officers responsible for launching the nation’s nuclear missiles had been suspended, and their security clearances revoked, for cheating on monthly proficiency tests that assess their knowledge of how to operate the warheads.

At a news conference, Deborah Lee James, the secretary of the Air Force, said the officers, at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, either knew about or took part in texting answers to the routine monthly tests.

Eleven Air Force officers — including two accused in the Malmstrom cheating scandal, as well as one other nuclear missile officer — have also been the focus of suspicion in an illegal drugs investigation, defense officials said.

Although the Air Force has been plagued in recent years by scandals, the current revelations are particularly alarming because they involve America’s nuclear arsenal, where errors could be catastrophic.

One of Obama’s biggest mistakes has been to leave Bush’s Republican officials in most key positions involving military oversight. The military needs higher quality oversight, especially since the Bush Regime purged the competent officers who opposed his military fiascos, resulting in a military leadership culture in which extreme ideology trumps even minimal ability. Clearly it’s long past time to clean house.

From Right Wing Watch: Far-right columnist Erik Rush has come to believe that efforts to impeach and remove President Obama from office are unlikely to succeed, so he is now is calling on “military personnel” to “lend their support to an effort by Congress to remove the president through methods other than impeachment.”

In a WorldNetDaily column [World Nut Daily delinked] today, Rush doesn’t specify the extra-constitutional means he hopes to use to oust Obama, but he does regret that such a move is “less likely than it otherwise might have been given the widespread purge that has taken place within the military.”

Previously, Rush has called for Obama’s ouster “by any means necessary,” and repeatedly advocated executing the president.  [emphasis added”]

The Republican Party has an endless supply of seditionists ready to commit treason, and the party leadership refuses to denounce their efforts. Some Republican members of Congress even attend their functions.



Oct 082013


Here is the thirty-first article in our Republicans on Parade series, featuring individuals who personify what the Republican Party has become. Today’s honoree is Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christian TV host Rick Joyner, for proposing treason in the form of a major Second Amendment solution.

8JoynerRick Joyner, one of the leading lights of the Christian Dominionist movement, recently told his television audience that democracy has failed in America [seditionist delinked], and that the nation’s only hope, in light of the looming “tyranny” of the Obama administration, is “a military takeover – martial law.

Said Joyner: “There’s no way our Republic can last much longer. It may not last through Obama’s second term. There are a lot of people who feel that it can’t. That there are forces right now that are seeking to undermine and to destroy the Republic. There’s almost a glib and almost a joyful disregard of the Constitution and belittling of the Constitution. We can’t make it without that. It’s our foundation, our moorings. We’re headed for serious tyranny…

“I think we’ve been used in some wonderful and powerful ways by God. We’ve been one of the most generous nations in history. We’ve done so much good. And that’s why I appeal to the Lord: ‘Don’t let us be totally destroyed, please raise up those who will save us!’ And as I’ve started telling friends for a long time, no election is going to get the right person in there that’s going to restore us, because the system is so broken, so undermined right now, the whole system.

I believe our only hope is a military takeover – martial law.”… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <SPLC>

SPLC had video of this in a companion article, but Joyner pulled it, claiming © infringement to hide from responsibility for what he said, although he litters the web with his other screeds.  David Pakman has an out-take, however.

Joyner, a self-proclaimed TEAbagger, claims to be supporting the Constitution, but ignores the constitutional mandate that we elect our officials.  But Joyner says that he has the right to overthrow those elected officials by force.  For him to make that statement is sedition.  If he actually staged an attempted coup using US military units, it would be treason, because a military attack on the nation is a state of war.  If nothing else, this illustrates how important it is to keep Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christians from infiltrating our military and brainwashing our troops, as they are trying to do now.

Aug 012013

As I write for day 49, It’s only 79° at my desk, but that will change, because the forecast is 85° (add 15° in my ‘breezeway’), and the humidity is 77%.  This the first time I have ever seen a forecast for “dry thunderstorms”.  I received what appears to be good news on my apartment.  I’m approved and first on the list on the 17th, when the woman from county, supposedly with the rubber stamp, returns.  I’ll believe it completely when I have a rent receipt in hand, but it looks good.

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Short Takes:

From The New Yorker: Responding to Pope Francis’s suggestion that the Pope is not capable of judging gays, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia contacted the Vatican today to say that he would be “more than happy” to help the Pontiff do so.

“If he’s having trouble judging homosexuals, well, then I’m his man,” Scalia told reporters after making his offer. “I have over a quarter century of professional experience.”

I’m sure he would get lots of help from Teabag Thomas.

From Me (data from Wikipedia):  Where does our money go.  This is the longest Short Take (vertically) to date.


Most donor states are blue. Most moocher states are red.

From NY Times: A military judge on Tuesday found Pfc. Bradley Manning not guilty of “aiding the enemy” for his release of hundreds of thousands of military and diplomatic documents to WikiLeaks for publication on the Internet, rejecting the government’s unprecedented effort to bring such a charge in a leak case.

But the judge in the court-martial, Col. Denise R. Lind, convicted Private Manning of six counts of violating the Espionage Act of 1917 and most of the other crimes he was charged with. He faces a theoretical maximum sentence of 136 years in prison, although legal experts said the actual term was likely to be much shorter.

It has always been my position, along with that of Henry David Thoreau, author of Civil Disobedience, that when one breaks the law in an act of civil disobedience, willingness to accept the punishment for so doing is what underlines the integrity of the act. That and more separates Manning’s heroism  from Snowden’s behavior.  I’m pleased that Bradley Manning was acquitted of the most serious charges against him, which were not justified in my opinion. I salute Bradley Manning and hope that the actual term of his sentence is short, the shorter the better, with full credit for time served.



Jun 262013

I’m so irate over the Supreme Court’s murder of voting rights,  that I missed a sleep cycle.  I’m writing early and hope to be awake enough to do more tomorrow (day 12).

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Short Takes:

From Huffington Post: The defense [for Zimmerman] opened with a knock-knock joke about the difficulty of picking a jury for a case that stirred nationwide debate over racial profiling, vigilantism and Florida’s expansive laws on the use of deadly force.

"Knock. Knock," said defense attorney Don West.

"Who is there?"

"George Zimmerman."

"George Zimmerman who?"

"All right, good. You’re on the jury."

Maybe George Zimmerman and his attorney think it appropriate to make jokes about the murder trial, right in front of the teenage victim’s mother. I consider it most vile.

From MSNBC: Theft in the Senate immigration bill

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If immigration reform makes it out of the House, this stealth benefit theft that Republicans snuck in, knowing most would not have time to read the bill, and the absurd 100 mile vehicle search without a warrant zone, plus whatever other TEAbuggery House Republicans may include, must be stripped away in conference committee.

From USA Today: The most remarkable thing about the Pentagon celebrating Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Month Tuesday is how unremarkable it is.

How many remember the extreme screaming from Republican bigots that this would destroy the military?



May 272013

Memorial Day

I hope you all will join me today in taking a few minutes out to remember our fallen heroes, and the sacrifices made by the families they left behind.  This does not mean we must support the wars.  I hate most of America’s wars and have opposed most in my lifetime, but those who serve didn’t start any of them.  In my opinion, it is appropriate to to hate the wars, as long as we love, honor and respect the warriors.

Apr 112013

Yesterday I got the rest I needed to recover from my long volunteer day in prison.  I’m current with replies.  Tomorrow appears routine.

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Short Takes:

From NY Times: The military prosecutors seeking to have Pfc. Bradley Manning convicted of violating the Espionage Act over his release of secret government files to WikiLeaks will face an additional burden at his court-martial under a ruling on Wednesday by a military judge.

The judge, Col. Denise Lind, ruled at a pretrial hearing that prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Private Manning had “reason to believe” that the files could be used to harm the United States or to aid a foreign power. Prosecutors had contended that they should be required to prove only that he willfully disclosed defense-related files to win a conviction under the spying law.

I think the judge made the right decision. Unlike many on the left, I believe that Manning should receive some punishment. In Civil Disobedience (one of my favorite books), Henry David Thoreau made it clear that the moral authority for civil disobedience is that the perpetrator considers the issue so important that he or she willingly accepts the consequence of punishment to emphasize that point. That said, I also believe that after being convicted of a charge less than espionage, he should be sentenced to time served and released. He has been punished more than enough already.

From Huffington Post: Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) turned to the Bible on Wednesday during a congressional hearing, using the Great Flood to support his claim that climate change isn't man-made…












The Great Flood really exists! It is a flood of BS, and the B stands for Barton.

From The New Observer: An N.C. House lawmaker is equating any prayer to the Islamic God with terrorism.

In an email exchange with a constituent, Republican state Rep. Michele Presnell of Burnsville was asked whether she was comfortable with a prayer to Allah before a legislative meeting. Presnell responded: “No, I do not condone terrorism.”

The first-year lawmaker who represents a district in the North Carolina mountains is a co-sponsor of House resolution 494, a measure asserting that North Carolina can establish a state religion. She did not return a call for comment Monday about the string of emails obtained by Dome.

This is what happens when bigoted Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christians ignore the First Amendment.



Targeted by Republicans for repeal.