Bill Interviewed Assa

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Feb 252017


Once again, it’s tome for some relief,courtesy of Bill Maker.  Here are two clips from last night’s show.

Rep. Darrell Issa Interview


Issa lied. He staged a demonstration of supporters at his office. Decent people got wind of it and counter-protested, but virtually all of Issa’s interaction with "demonstrators" was really with supporters. He does sound somewhat reasonable, but I know he will not follow through on any of the good things he said, especially about investigating Trump. How do I know? Darrell Issa Issa assa and Darrell Issa turd!

New Rule: Press We Can


He does make a really excellent point. I can count the "news" shows worth watching on one hand with fingers left over.



How Does He Do It?

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Feb 182017


I struggle to find even an occasional joke about the way our nation is crashing and burning at the intersection of hate, lies, greed and incompetence that identify Fuhrer Drumphenfarten’s Fifth Reich.  Nevertheless Bill Maher makes me laugh while zeroing in on the worst of it.  Here are two clips from last night’s show.

The Trump Circus


Agent Orange is the nickname I gave to the former Speaker, the one that could not get a Boehner, because of his fake tan. Time for an update. Is Palin sufficient payback for Cruz?

New Rule: The Magic R


I didn’t coin the term, but I started using IOKIYAR ten years ago. The Fuhrer is not the first Republican disaster in the White House. Look at Tricky Dick, Ronnie Ray Gun and GHW ChickenHawk. However, Drumpfenfarten is by far the worst.



Bill Wasn’t as Funny

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Feb 112017


We can almost always count on Bill Maher to remind us of highly necessary truths at the same time that he provokes the kind of laughter that is a balm to a Trump-weary soul.  Bill wasn’t as funny last night as he normally is.  Of course there were ma few good laughs.  After all, he IS Bill Maher, but this may be the most serious I’ve seen him, especially during his New Rules.  Here are three clips for your elucidation and enjoyment.

Is Trump Tired of Losing?


That’s a good analysis of Loony Toons from the Fuhrer and the Fascists: whiney little bitches!!

The Al Franken Millennium


Al is the person who invented the Republican character, "Supply Side Jesus." If you thought I did, I stole it from him, and do respect him. However, I think he’s being too collegial in some of the things he says.

New Rule: Make America Learn Again


When I was young, I got to learn how to think and how to learn, Today, with Republicans controlling most school boards, text books and curricula, students are learning what to think, what to memorize, and not to learn instead. Would that we could change that! School Board Member is far too important a job to give to a Republican!



Bill Maher Right Again

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Feb 042017


Bill was in rare form last night and displayed an ability to mix fact and satire in a way equaled by very few.  Here are three video clips from his show.

Trump Did WHAT?


I don't know about penis enlargement for Trump. Do we even have a micro-surgeon that wouldn’t castrate him as a service to humanity? Frederick Douglass is Trump's favorite kind of black person: dead.

Sam Harris: Winning the War of Ideas


Sadly, a war of ideas is a guaranteed loss with the Fuhrer injecting his hatred into the mix.

New Rule: Cheer No Evil


Go Falcons!!



Bill Still Rocks!

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Jan 282017


It’s always a pleasure to share clips of Bill Maher with you, and today I have three.  Enjoy!!

Monologue: WTF Is Going On?


Humorous, but entirely accurate!

Trump’s War on Truth


They are at war with the truth! So stinking AMEN!! He may have meant Americans, not Democrats, but most Democrats are fighting for you.  Republicans are goose-stepping in lock-step, and far too many of the fringe left are jerking knees before engaging brains.

New Rule: Stop Apologizing


He makes good sense, and I agree with him. I’m never politically correct, and I don’t have a racist, bigoted, misogynist or homophobic bone in my body. I used to have a sexist one, but it doesn’t work anymore, anyway. Smile with tongue out



Bill is Back!

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Jan 212017


Just in time for the Republican Reich, Bill Maher is back from vacation, and God only knows we’re going to need him just to help us stay sane.  If anyone can make is laugh in the face of such blatant hatred, Bill is the guy who can.  Here are four video clips from his show.

Jane Fonda on the ‘Predator-in-Chief’


I wish Jane had been so knowledgeable and committed in the 1960s.  Back in those days, she was a camera hound.

Trump vs. Press, Fake News, Dem Priorities


They made lots of good points. Two that hit home was Hillary’s corporate entanglements and the need to stand up to the protest-voting fr4inge that gave the White House to Putin’s Predator.

New Rule: Trump Addicts


It wouldn’t be Bill Maher without some humor, but in reality Republicans are addicts… InsaniTEA addicts.

Keith Olbermann: ‘We Were Invaded’


We certainly were invaded. Sadly, Keith had a lot more to say that was cut from the clip.  I hope Keith becomes a regular on Bill’s show.

If you want more than just clips, you can watch Bill Maher’s entire 1/20 show here.