Nov 122016

I’m still extremely tired.  I had little sleep last night, because I inadvertently participated in a riot, and did so from the edge of my bed.  See my lead article today.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 2:31 (average 4:46).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes (all from Real Time Channel):

From YouTube: Lessons for Democrats


He sure made a point about being too nice.

From YouTube: Eric Holder: Abolish the Electoral College


I disagree with needing a Constitutional Amendment, Visit National Popular Vote to see how to do it.

From YouTube: New Rule: We’re Still Here


I wonder if the North Korean immigration website crashed from attempts by Americans to escape the Fifth Reich of Fuhrer Drumphenfarten. Like most of us, I’m still here. Like far too few of us, I’m fighting back.



Not the ear.


New Rule Plus Barack

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Nov 052016

Last week several of you expressed the hope that I could share Bill Maher's interview with Barack Obama on Real Time.  I can and shall, but if you saw it on TV, watch anyway, because this is the full version, about twice as long as the televised one.  But first, Bill takes on Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christian Bible Trumpers.

New Rule: Bible Trumpers


This is the first time Bill has discussed Religion, when, in addition to laughing at him, I have agreed with virtually everything he said, with one small exception. Jesus would have recognized Trump. Then he would have braided cords to make a lash and driven him out of the temple with the rest of the Republican Party. Authentic Christians are not Trump Supporters.

President Obama: FULL INTERVIEW


I can't remember another interviewer that has done such an effective job in drawing Obama out on the topics on which they disagreed.  I don't agree with either 100%, but major kudos to both!

Vote Blue!

Nov 052016

I’m back in the saddle for a couple days.  Today I have to separate and stock my meds for a week in my pill caddy, check my fantasy football lineup, plan my menu and and compose my grocery order for the week.  Tomorrow is a Wendy day, and I will be posting my final  election prediction for the year, because I’ll be busy Monday with Megan, my PCP.  Tomorrow evening my Broncos will be spraying their opponents with Raid.

Jug Zone Puzzle:Today’s took me 4:04 (average 5:32).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From YouTube (Real Time Channel): Bill Maher Implores the Media to Do Their Job



From NY Times: A federal jury convicted two former allies of Gov. Chris Christie on Friday of all charges stemming from a bizarre scheme to close access lanes at the George Washington Bridge to punish a New Jersey mayor who declined to endorse the governor’s re-election.

Though only the two defendants, Bridget Anne Kelly and Bill Baroni, were tried in the so-called Bridgegate case, the scandal surrounding the lane closings in September 2013 left Mr. Christie deeply wounded. It helped cripple his presidential candidacy this year and tarnished his reputation as a key surrogate in Donald J. Trump’s Republican presidential campaign.

With the trial set to unfold in the weeks before Election Day, aides to Mr. Trump persuaded him not to pick Mr. Christie as his vice-presidential nominee. The governor now leads Mr. Trump’s transition team, but the Trump campaign said after the verdict on Friday that Mr. Christie had “changed his schedule” and would not make appearances in New Hampshire on Saturday.

I think Kelly and Baroni should get drastically reduced sentences, if they throw enough fat in the fire to result in convicting PIGnocchio.

From TPM: The Donald Trump campaign said in a court document filed Friday that it will appeal a restraining order issued by a federal judge in Ohio earlier that day. The order, issued by U.S. District Judge James Gwin, blocked the Trump campaign — as well as former Trump adviser Roger Stone and his affiliated group — "from conspiring to intimidate, threaten, harass, or coerce voters on Election Day."

That’s right! Rump Dump’s appeal claims that Republicans have the right to intimidate, threaten, harass, and coerce voters on Election day.




New Rules Plus One

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Oct 292016

I don’t have to tell you that Bill is is one very funny guy, and with election day in only ten days, what he has to say is particularly significant.  Here are two clips from the Real Time Channel.  I hope you find them entertaining in addition to compelling.

Chelsea Handler Shares Her Ivanka Trump Fantasy


There is one drug that may be fatal for the deplorables who imbibe it, the party that brews is, and maybe even the entire nation: InsaniTEA!

New Rule: The Danger of False Equivalency


Bill could not be more accurate about the quality of character and thinking coming from the fools that buy false equivalence.

I can’t wait to see Obama with Bill next week.

Oct 182016

It’s another busy day with lots of chores, including preparing my grocery list for the week, paying bills and getting prescriptions refilled.  Are you going to watch the show tomorrow night?

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:31 (average 5:05).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Fantasy Football Report:

Here’s the news from our own fantasy football league, Lefty Blog Friends.



Patty Monster monster-mashed my poor kitty dingles!



Congrats to Vivian and Rob, who are leading the league.

Short Takes:

From Multnomah Democrats: Last Day to Register to Vote (Oregon)

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 (All day)

Event Sponsor:

Oregon Secretary of State

October 18th is the last day register to vote for the November 8th election. Registration cards postmarked by this date or online registrations submitted no later than 11:59 PM on this date are valid. Register or check your registration status here:

If you are an Oregonian and not yet registered click the link NOW. If you have committed a crime, Oregon still allows you to vote.

From YouTube (Real Time Channel): Ann Coulter: In Trump We Trust

Barf Bag Alert!!


Two things about the Coultergeist have not changed. It is still full of shit. It still has its Adam’s apple.

From The New Yorker: Trump’s suggestion that both Presidential candidates submit to a drug test has sparked fears that such a test would reveal that he is not on drugs.

In interviews conducted across the country, voters said that they would be “alarmed” and “distressed” to learn that the billionaire’s statements and actions were the product of a mind unaltered in any way by a controlled substance.

“It never occurred to me that Donald Trump might not be on drugs,” Carol Foyler, an accountant from Toledo, Ohio, said. “That would be terrifying.”

Harland Dorrinson, a mechanic from St. Petersburg, Florida, said that the chilling possibility of Trump not being on drugs was a strong argument against submitting the candidates to drug testing. “If it turns out that he isn’t on anything, this is something that the American people shouldn’t have to find out,” he said. “We’ve suffered enough this election.”

Andy has a great point. We’ve speculated what drug he might be on, but the possibility that he is the way he is, without benefit of addiction, is even more appalling!

From NY Times: Russia’s main English-language satellite network complained on Monday that its British bank was abruptly closing its accounts. The network, which reported on the decision, called it a British-government-sanctioned attempt to interfere with freedom of speech.

It was the latest controversy for the network, RT, originally and still commonly known as Russia Today. [Republicans delinked] The broadcaster presents itself as an alternative to the Western media, but critics call it a Kremlin-financed mouthpiece that seeks to create an alternative to reality.

Kudos to the Bank!  Putin’s propaganda network helped convince Bridiots that it was safe to cast a protest vote for Brexit.  Now they are telling Americans to cast a protest vote for Stein, because Putin wants to elect Trump.  Sadly, Jill Stein has colluded with their scheme in exchange for the majority of her TV coverage.




Bill Strikes Again!

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Oct 152016

I’m sure there is no need to tell you how much I appreciate Bill Maher.  Though I disagree with him on one point, here are three video clips, in which he is spot-on, otherwise.

Monologue: The Great White Grope


GOP = Grab Our Pussies. Love it!!

Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Biopsy


I fully agree with Bernie, but disagree with Bill’s last statement. I often talk about faith, and it’s not stupid, because I do respect the beliefs of others. I have no problem even with Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christians leading their OWN lives as they see fit. What I do not respect is people who try to force their religious beliefs down MY throat.  Bill is behaving as disrespectfully as Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christians.

New Rule: A Bone to Pick with Undecided Voters


When I was in school, I was taught how to think and how to learn. I have never stopped learning because of that. Today we teach what to think and what to regurgitate for tests. Is it any wonder so many Americans are so ignorant?