Apr 162016


Here is the eighty-fourth article in our Republicans on Parade series, featuring individuals who personify what the Republican Party has become. Today’s honoree is Governor and Presidential also ran, John KKKasich (R-OH). He is so honored for his Republican views on women’s role in society.

KKKasichAt a town hall in Watertown, Pennsylvania on Friday, a local college student asked Ohio Governor and presidential candidate John Kasich what he would do as president to make young women like her feel safer on campus. She cited what many consider a current epidemic of “violence, harassment and rape” at colleges and universities.

Kasich at first ignored the student’s question and turned to his staffer, joking that he had to go and didn’t want to miss his ride. He then suggested that all colleges offer victims of sexual assault “confidential reporting,” rape kits, and “the opportunity to be able to pursue justice after you have had some time to reflect on it all.” He concludes by telling the woman, a first-year at New York’s Saint Lawrence University: “I will give you one bit of advice. Don’t go to parties where there’s a lot of alcohol.”…

…The Democratic National Committee blasted Kasich for “blaming victims of sexual and domestic violence,” and noted, “It is no wonder women are turning away from the Republican field in huge numbers.”


Inserted from <Think Progress>

Barf Bag Alert!!


He actually sounded almost reasonable until the end, but this was not a case of simple misspeaking. Rachel Maddow covered his issues in much more detail.

KKKasich’s attitude on a woman’s place could not be clearer.


Apr 142016

Before yesterday, forty of the forty-five (not counting Bernie and Hillary) Senators in the Democratic Caucus had each made an endorsement for President.  And every one, without exception, had endorsed Hillary.  Yesterday, at long last, a Senator finally stepped forward and endorsed Bernie.  I’m proud to have done volunteer work for his campaign in 2008, when Jeff ousted goose-stepping Gordon Smith and became the junior Senator from Oregon.

Merkley[O]regon Democrat Jeff Merkley endorsed Bernie Sanders on Wednesday for the party’s presidential nomination, becoming the first member of the Senate to announce support for the fellow U.S. senator from Vermont.

In a New York Times column announcing his endorsement, Merkley said he supports Sanders for his work battling economic inequality, opposing trade deals and fighting for the middle class.

“It is time to recommit ourselves to that vision of a country that measures our nation’s success not at the boardroom table, but at kitchen tables across America,” Merkley wrote. “Bernie Sanders stands for that America, and so I stand with Bernie Sanders for president.”… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <Raw Story>

Rachel Maddow interviewed Jeff about his endorsement.

I was particularly pleased with the way Jeff had nothing but good things to say about Hillary, but said even more good things about Bernie.

With almost all of his colleagues in Hillary’s camp, it would have been so much easier for Jeff to follow the pack, or make no endorsement at all.  He deserves our kudos for the courage it took to do right, standing alone in the face of adversity.

In summary, Oregon leads the way!

Apr 132016

The graphic with this article is the State Flag of the Republican Theocratic Dictatorship of McCrorystan, formerly North Carolina, led by Religious Reichsfuhrer Pat McCrory.  You are probably aware that McCrorystan has taken some major economic hits over their recent display of hatred for Transgender folks who want to use the rest room.  To try to stem that tide Religious Reichsfuhrer McCrory pretended  to duck.


Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina, whose state has been the subject of withering criticism since he signed legislation limiting bathroom access for transgender people and eliminating anti-discrimination ordinances based on sexual orientation, announced Tuesday that he would strengthen workplace protections for state employees and urge the General Assembly to modify part of the law.

But he stopped short of opposing limits on which bathrooms transgender people could use, and the law will be left largely intact. Critics said his action was more cosmetic than real.

Mr. McCrory signed the legislation immediately after it was passed last month and, 20 days later, made his slight retreat with an executive order that he said would alter the equal employment policy for state workers to cover discrimination claims related to sexual orientation and gender identity.

He also said he would urge lawmakers to reverse course and allow people to bring discrimination cases in state court… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <NY Times>

Rachel; Maddow covered the story and extended it to Tennessee.

Note that neither the Times, nor Rachel came out and said McCrory’s pretense at ducking is just smoke and mirrors.  I say so because it’s all talk.  He hasn’t actually done anything.

It wouldn’t surprise me if xhamster is Religious Reichsfuhrer McCrory’s favorite site. Whether it is or not, threatening Bubba Bagger’s access to Republican family-values porn, could crash the state government.

It will be interesting to see what Tennessee does.

Mar 302016

Do you remember Diaper Dave, aka Dastardly Dave Vitter (R-LA).  He is the family values Republican that likes to have his bottom powdered during his diaper changes.  He was outed by Deborah Jeane Palfrey, famous as the DC Madam.  She committed suicide in prison, probably “assisted” by Republican clients.   After all these years her attorney is about to release more names of her clients, and says it would have a major effect on the coming Presidential election.  So who was it?


A lawyer who represented the so-called “D.C. madam” says he has phone records that could influence the outcome of the presidential election, and he’s threatening to release one or more names on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court if he’s denied a hearing on his right to distribute them.

Montgomery Blair Sibley, the late madam Deborah Palfrey’s colorful attorney, has been subject to a restraining order since 2007 barring him from releasing the information, which he says includes 815 names, addresses and Social Security numbers of Verizon Wireless customers.

“Time is of the essence because people are casting votes in primaries and caucuses,” he says. “I believe this information is relevant to that political discourse.”

Sibley first said the records could be relevant to the presidential race in January, when there were 15 high-profile candidates. Now, just three Republicans and two Democrats remain – though Sibley won’t say if any are implicated, citing fear of being jailed for contempt…

Inserted from <Think Progress>

Rachel Maddow provided more detail.

So who was it?

Hillary?  Possible, but I doubt it.

Bernie?  I don’t think so.  At his age, he’d be bragging about it.

KKKsich?  He seems too boring.

TRUSed Uranus Cruz?  The National Enquirer has accused him of cheating. so maybe.

Fecal Dump Trump?  That seems the most likely choice to me.

To be clear, what transpires between two consul;ting adults is their own business.  What makes this a political is that all the Republican candidates are running on a platform that condemns people who have sex outside of heterosexual wedlock.   If they are doing what they condemn others for doing, that’s everyone's business.

This is an uptated version in which I corrected my error over the Madam's name,

Mar 262016

I wanted very much to reschedule my PT yesterday to go see Bernie here in Portland.  I did not do so, because rain was forecast, the waiting line was hours long, and I was unwilling to risk exposing either me or my electric wheelchair to a prolonged soaking.  However, I have complete video of his speech here.  I did, however, have my first substantive disagreement with Bernie about anything at all.


Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders brought his message of economic populism to the Moda Center Friday afternoon, where a crowd of about 11,500 supporters [full venue] enthusiastically cheered policy pronouncements most had probably heard before.

The event comes one day before Washington’s caucuses, where Sanders and his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, are locked in a close race.

If Sanders was looking for any additional symbolism to boost his bid for the White House, he may have gotten it when a small bird flew out of the rafters and alit on the lectern directly in front of him.

"I think there may be some symbolism here," said Sanders, not seeming to mind that the bird interrupted his call for free college and university tuition. "I know it doesn’t look like it, but that bird is actually a dove asking for world peace."

Sanders, as he has in rallies across the country in past months, took on Wall Street billionaires, big oil companies and Citizens United, the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that opened the door to massive spending on political campaigns… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <The Oregonian aka Oregon Live>

I searched for a transcript, but was unable to find one.  If you have a link to one, please put it in a comment.  Here is the complete video.

Rachel Maddow explained why the bird is specially significant in Portland.


Bernie had another event in a less important city. Winking smile   I covered this one, because Oregon leads the way!

Some of you may not like it, that I have predicted that Hillary will win the nomination.  Please understand that being honest about what I think and supporting what I want are two completely different things.  Integrity demands that I do not lie about my prediction.   Patriotism demands that I continue to support Bernie in every way I can. and I shall.

Oh yes!  My disagreement with Bernie…  I’m not just a Democrat.  I’m a DemoCAT!! Cat face  Therefore, I would have eaten Birdie!! Smile with tongue out

Mar 232016

The Daesh, political extremists that are hijacking Islam for their own perverse ends, just committed a horrific act of terrorism, by attacking the the Brussels airport and subway station, killing over 30.  Whenever such attacks happen, their counterparts, political extremists hijacking Christianity for their own perverse ends, call for religious discrimination and a crackdown on civil liberties.  They are wrong about the problem.  In Brussels, the problem was, at least in part, inadequate preparation.


A week after the attacks early last year in Paris against the magazine Charlie Hebdo and a kosher grocery, Belgian police officers were fired on as they executed a search warrant in the town of Verviers. Officials learned that the assailants were members of a terrorist cell that had been planning a significant attack on Belgian police officers or civilians.

The incident changed the way counterterrorism officials perceived the Islamic State threat in Europe and made clear that Belgium itself had a greater problem on its hands than it realized.

Before the plot was disrupted, the United States Department of Homeland Security would later explain, nearly all of about a dozen Islamic State plots and attacks in the West had involved lone assailants or small groups. But, the report presciently warned, “the involvement of a large number of operatives and group leaders based in multiple countries in future ISIL-linked plotting could create significant obstacles in the detection and disruption” of new plots.

Indeed, that is now the case, and as the investigation of the even more brutal November attacks in Paris showed, Belgium is a major source of the threat. The attacks on Tuesday in Brussels raised the most serious questions about how prepared the nation was for that threat…

Inserted from <NY Times>

Click through for more detail on how Brussels was unprepared to defend their inhabitants against a terrorist attack.

While Rachel Maddow did not come to a conclusion on preparation, she does provide some excellent background.

Republican responses to the attack have been what we would expect from the pseudo-Christian version of the Daesh.  Fecal Dump Trump would close our borders, infiltrate mosques, and torture suspects.  TRUSed Uranus Cruz blamed Obama for the attack, and called for closing the borders, increasing support for Israel,  and carpet bombing civilian populations where the Daesh has fighters.  KKKsich called for closing the borders.

Those are not the answer.  Whenever we, whichever nation we are, respond to terrorism by making ourselves less fess free, the terrorists win.  Every time we respond to terrorism by discriminating against the religious population that the terrorists are hijacking, the terrorists win.  That guarantees them new recruits.  The best thing we can do is to harden our targets, vet potential immigrants carefully without ethnic profiling, and build a discrimination-free economy where all ethnic groups can thrive.  And as for the people of Brussels…

Je Suis Bruxelles

Mar 202016

Somehow, I have managed to pick up a sore throat and likely a cold . . . again.  My chiropractor had one and that is the only person I can think of to whom I have been close.  Arrggghhhh!  I am still awaiting my laptop so that I can join Nameless in frustration with learning Windows 10.  I have W7 on my desk top and like it but that will have to change sooner or later.  Because I have a bug, I won't be going to see my mother tomorrow.

Short Takes

CBC — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's recent trip to the U.S. appears to have made quite an impression on our American friends — perhaps too good an impression, judging by these videos of two New York men literally begging him to run for president.  …

Fortunately for Canada, Prime Minister Trudeau declined an invitation from these men begging him to run for U.S. president. 'I don't know if you noticed, but I actually have a job,' he said. 'And it's a pretty good one.'

In another video, Trudeau declines the invitation to run for president on the grounds that he's not U.S.-born.

The American men were quick to counter by pointing out that Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz was born in Calgary. 

"I have tremendous confidence in the American people," Trudeau told the men, but they weren't convinced. 

Just a little bit of humour to start your read.  Since Trudeau's visit to Washington just over a week ago, I have seen various positive posts about Trudeau, one even asking him to run for President of North America.  I think a modern Trudeaumania has been born.  From Wikipedia

Trudeaumania was the nickname given in early 1968 to the excitement generated by Pierre Trudeau's entry into the leadership race of the Liberal Party of Canada. Trudeaumania continued during the subsequent federal election campaign and during Trudeau's early years as Prime Minister of Canada

I remember it well!

National Law Journalh/t Barbara K, Care2 — A group of more than 350 legal scholars on Monday called upon senators to fulfill their constitutional obligation to consider a U.S. Supreme Court nominee submitted by President Barack Obama.

In a letter sent to Senate leaders, 356 professors and scholars said that leaving an eight-justice court in place would have dire consequences. They asserted that allowing Justice Antonin Scalia’s seat to remain unfilled until after the presidential election could cripple the court and set bad precedent.

“This preemptive abdication of duty is contrary to the process the framers envisioned in Article II, and threatens to diminish the integrity of our democratic institutions and the functioning of our constitutional government,” reads the letter, addressed to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky; Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada; Judiciary Committee chairman Charles Grassley, R-Iowa; and ranking Judiciary Committee member Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont.

Reached for comment, a spokesman for McConnell wrote in an email, “The Leader’s position is well-known.”

Alliance for Justice, a liberal organization focused on the federal judiciary, circulated the letter.

Scalia Quote

The letter reads in part:

As scholars deeply committed to the fair administration of justice, upholding the rule of law, and educating future generations of the legal profession, the undersigned professors of law urge you to fulfill your constitutional duty to give President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee a prompt and fair hearing and a timely vote.

The Senate’s obligation in this circumstance is clear. Under Article II of the Constitution, the president “shall appoint . . . judges to the Supreme Court,” and the Senate’s role is to provide “advice and consent.” Yet before the president has even made a nomination to fill the current vacancy, a number of senators have announced that they will not perform their constitutional duty. Instead, they plan to withhold advice and consent until the next president is sworn in nearly a year from now. This preemptive abdication of duty is contrary to the process the framers envisioned in Article II, and threatens to diminish the integrity of our democratic institutions and the functioning of our constitutional government.

President Obama was elected to a four-year term in 2012. According to the Constitution, that term has more than 300 days remaining. There is no exception to the Constitution holding that the president lacks the authority or duty to appoint justices to the Supreme Court because he is in the last year of his presidency. In fact, six justices have been confirmed in presidential-election years since 1900, including Louis Brandeis, Benjamin Cardozo, and Republican-appointee Anthony Kennedy, who was confirmed by a Democratically-controlled Senate during President Ronald Reagan’s last year in office. 

6 scotus justices_for email

Here is a petition from the Alliance for Justice to Tell Senators to #Do Your Job

Rachel Maddow spoke with Nan Aron, president of the AFJ, back in mid February on the conundrum.

IMO, McTurtle and Grassley, nor any other Republican for that matter, should not be in any leadership position.  I hope this Republican stupidity hurts them in the election, regardless of whether the matter is solve or not.

Raw Story — In November, many Americans who didn’t vote in 2014 or 2015 will be casting a vote for president of the United States. Midterms and off-year elections are often ignored by registered voters, but anyone who doubts the importance of voting in every election need only look at the type of damage far-right Republicans can do at the state or local level when they are in control. Although Democrats have won the popular vote in five of the last six presidential elections, and President Barack Obama was reelected decisively in 2012, Republicans fared extremely well during the 2010 and 2014 midterms, not only in Congress, but in the state and local races. The result has been an obscene amount of destructive legislation, from anti-union laws to harsh anti-abortion and anti-contraception measures to laws that harm the environment.

Below are 10 terrible laws or bills brought to you by some of the more obscure GOP politicians wielding way too much power in statehouses and state legislatures around the country.  …

11. Senate Bill 4: Kentucky’s New Anti-Abortion Law

Signed into law by Republican Gov. Matt Bevin last month, Senate Bill 4 requires that women in Kentucky receive in-person counseling 24 hours before an abortion. The Kentucky ACLU describes SB 4 as “an unnecessary barrier to safe and legal abortion practices,” and Derek Selznick (director of the Kentucky ACLU’s Reproductive Freedom Project), said, “Legislators were not elected to provide medical advice or care to Kentucky women.” This is the same Bevin who began dismantling Kentucky’s successful, state-run Obamacare exchange, Kynect, right after taking office in January. So the health of Kentucky women is not high on his list of priorities.

Click through for the other ten laws pushed by right-wing Republican nutters.  If you don't want this kind of BS, then take a stand and get out the vote.

NY Times — Republican leaders adamantly opposed to Donald J. Trump’s candidacy are preparing a 100-day campaign to deny him the presidential nomination, starting with an aggressive battle in Wisconsin’s April 5 primary and extending into the summer, with a delegate-by-delegate lobbying effort that would cast Mr. Trump as a calamitous choice for the general election.

Recognizing that Mr. Trump has seized a formidable advantage in the race, they say that an effort to block him would rely on an array of desperation measures, the political equivalent of guerrilla fighting.

There is no longer room for error or delay, the anti-Trump forces say, and without a flawlessly executed plan of attack, he could well become unstoppable.

But should that effort falter, leading conservatives are prepared to field an independent candidate in the general election, to defend Republican principles and offer traditional conservatives an alternative to Mr. Trump’s hard-edged populism.


Some prominent Republicans have considered Mr. Perry as a possible independent candidate for the general election if Mr. Trump receives the party’s presidential nomination.

Are Republicans making one Oops after another?

My Universe — I asked TC to do a special report from a local farm.

TC hanging out in barnTC in the barn assessing the needs!

Tucked away in Spokane, WA, there is a shelter for cats that sets itself apart from the pack with its novel, and incredibly successful, approach to caring for cats in need of help. Instead of a life of cages, occasional adoption events, and possible euthanasia, these cats are brought into SpokAnimal shelter as feral or stray, and end up leaving gainfully employed!

Click through The Animal Rescue Site for the rest of his report.  Excellent report Puddy Tat!!

Mar 182016

For the first time, since he began murdering and maiming the residents of Flint, Sturmbannführer Rick Snyder (R-MI) testilied [sp. intentional] before Congress.  Even though it is well documented that Snyder’s aids knew the water was poisonous before hew switched the water supply to the Flint River, Snyder claimed ignorance until just recently.  It should come as no surprise that Congressional Republicans defended him.  I suspect that some were envious enough that he got to kill and injure blacks, that they want to help him get away with it, as there is certainly no valid justification for defending him.

SnyderHatThe good news for Flint, Mich., residents who attended the third and final House Oversight Committee hearing on their town’s water crisis was that Republican Gov. Rick Snyder and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy were both castigated on a public stage.

The bad news: The hearing was as divided as ever, with Democrats almost exclusively focusing their ire on Snyder, and Republicans going so far as to praise him. During three hearings on Flint over February and March, only three individual members of Congress have broken partisan ranks in the blame game.

At Thursday’s hearing, Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) and Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) called on McCarthy to resign, while ranking member Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.), and Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-Pa.) called on Snyder to resign.

All three hearings in the committee have been partisan tugs-of-war over whether to focus on Snyder’s shortcomings (Democrats’ preference) or the EPA’s (Republicans’ preference). Chaffetz has noted multiple times that Congress has jurisdiction over EPA’s funding, not over Michigan’s state government. Hence, Republicans feel that EPA is the appropriate target.

On Thursday, three Republicans not only defended Snyder, but praised him.

“You’ve accepted far more blame for this problem than you deserve,” Rep. John Duncan (R-Tenn.) told Snyder, adding that Flint’s economic problems date back “long before you took office.”… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <Morning Consult>

Perhaps McCarthy could have done more to push the issue. such as declaring a federal emergency in Flint sooner than she did, but the truth is that Snyder’s she did inform Snyder’s aides on multiple occasions, and they hindered the EPA’s ability to stop the crisis.  Shifting blame to her, is just a smoke screen.

Rachel Maddow covered the story quite well.

An article in Mother Jones has several more video excerpts.

Herr Snyder is using a “poor me” stance, saying that he will have to live with the deaths and disabilities for the rest of his life.  I know authentic remorse, when I see it from my volunteer work with prisoners, and Snyder was just trying to evoke pity.  If his remorse was authentic, he would be spending the State’s money on his victims, not on his own civil and criminal defense.  If his remorse was authentic, he would resign.  For now he should be charged, tried, convicted, and imprisoned.  And every Republican that has praised and defended his crimes should join the ranks of the unemployed in November.

Every Republican in Office

Is One Republican Too Many!!!

Mar 132016

Many years ago I started dealing with birthdays following the example of Jack Benny.  I’m 39.  If you don’t get it, rejoice!! You’re still comparatively young.  My birthday present to me is a Dominos pizza for supper.  Tomorrow I have a follow up appointment with Megan, my Primary Care Physician, so expect no more than a Personal Update, please.  Note:  Due to server issues with out HSP, the site was down for about two hours this morning.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 2:19 (average 5:26).  (Who sent them a pic of me?)  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From NY Times: Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan hired a law firm using up to $800,000 in taxpayer money to help his administration navigate through a throng of civil and criminal investigations. Both candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination have called for him to resign.

On Thursday he faces a grilling by a congressional committee in Washington. And as voters went to the polls on the state’s Primary Day last Tuesday, a group led by a Detroit pastor began an effort to recall him in a statewide referendum, a repeat of the movement that in 2012 targeted a fellow Republican, Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin.

Using taxpayer funds for his own criminal defense is itself a crime. May the recall of Sturmbannführer Snyder be more successful than it was with the Fartfuhrer of Fitzwalkerstan.

From Raw Story: Rachel Maddow: It is ‘impossible’ to call clash at Trump’s Chicago rally an accident

Enough Hairball to necessitate Barf Bag Alert!!


I agree with Rachel. Hateful Hairball intentionally provoked the criminal violence his supporters are now committing.

From Addicting Info: On Friday night, Megyn Kelly decided to weigh in on the protest in Chicago that sent Donald Trump packing. She, like must conservatives, accused the protestors of denying Trump and his supporters their first amendment rights.

Bimbette Barf Bag Alert!!


I knew that the Republican Reichsministry of Propaganda, Faux Noise, would not withhold their support from Hateful Hairball for long. What their favorite low-cut blonde fails to recognize is that the First Amendment guarantee to freedom of speech does not extend to speech violating the rights of others by inciting violence against them.



Mar 132016

I haven't posted since 08/03/2016 having felt overwhelmed by a number of things which I won't go into.  Physio is good and I am making good progress with my foot . . . almost healed, but don't worry, I won't be doing a marathon or the high jump again in this lifetime.  I have another student starting on Monday afternoon and will likely be listening to her young daughter read some French as well.  This is the wife of my physiotherapist so the situation is very different from my other student.  As he said, she might even cook a Persian dish for me, although I don't know if he mentioned that to her.  The rest of the week is fairly busy as well.  Hope you're having a great weekend and remember to spring forward!

Short Takes

Huffington Post — Mauril Bélanger dreamed of becoming Speaker of the House of Commons, of trying to make Canada's Parliament and politics a bit better from his perch in that big, green chair.

Those hopes were cruelly dashed last November when the veteran Liberal MP wasdiagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), better known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

mauril belanger

Liberal MP Mauril Bélanger gives a thumbs up as he sits in the Speaker's chair Wednesday. (Photo: Fred Chartrand/Canadian Press)

Awhile back, I posted about Mauril Bélanger, long time Liberal MP who was in the running for Speaker of the House of Commons.  Before the choice was made, he was diagnosed with ALS and withdrew.  A new Speaker was chosen, but Bélanger was made honourary Speaker for a day. Over the past several months, the disease has moved rather quickly.  But last Wednesday, his longtime dream came true and Bélanger was the Speaker for the day.  A triumph of his spirit and passion for his job.

Huffington Post — Adolf Hitler Hates Being Compared To Donald Trump.  Der Führer is der furious.

A short lighthearted look at Drumpf.

Raw Story —  MSNBC host Rachel Maddow argued on Friday that the unrest surrounding Donald Trump’s cancelled campaign rally in Chicago has its roots in political science.

“When you look at the way that Mr. Trump has been talking about the organic existence of both protesters against him and violence toward those protesters at his event, when you look at the way that he has encouraged it in an escalating way leading to this inevitable event tonight in Chicago, I think that it is impossible to say that this is an accident,” she said.



The Rachel Maddow Segment from MSNBC.com

Unfortunately, I don't know how to bring Rachel's video's over for direct viewing, so click above (it is set to open in a new window).  I agree with Rachel in her thesis that the violence at Trump rallies, particularly in Chicago, is no accident.  I venture to say, the violence will continue.  Assuming that Drumpf is the Republican nominee, will the violence continue through into November?  I pose that question because we have seen elections in other countries where partisan factions have interrupted elections.  Is that where the US is heading?  Or will cooler heads and the rule of law prevail?

Huffington Post — Ever since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president on Tuesday, social media has been abuzz with the story of his shaggy doppelgänger — a poisonous blonde toupee caterpillar found in the Americas.  …

The caterpillar's "hair" is actually a set of hollow, venomous spines. According to the University of Florida, the insect is one of the most poisonous caterpillars in the United States.


The Flannel Moth is Drumpf's animal doppelganger!

Well it seems that the flannel moth is not the only one that is poisonous!  Drumpf's rhetoric is totally toxic if not outright poisonous!  Click through for 10 more of Drumpf's animal doppelgangers.  The third cat looks just like my Winnie but Winnie would be totally disgusted with Drumpf.  He's a social democrat like me.

NY Times  POLITICAL parties are mentioned nowhere in the Constitution, and the party nominating process offers few of the protections associated with the ideal of “one man one vote.” Voters in early states have far more influence than voters in later ones. Votes in hard-to-attend caucuses effectively count more than votes in high-turnout primaries. Some primaries are open to party loyalists; others to all comers. The rules that assign convention delegates are byzantine, the delegate selection process is various, and a few states rely on conventions and cut the voters out entirely.

As Donald Trump attempts to clamber to the Republican nomination over a still-divided opposition, there will be a lot of talk about how all these rules and quirks and complexities are just a way for insiders to steal the nomination away from him, in a kind of establishment coup against his otherwise inevitable victory.

This one is for TC . . . 


Peyton Manning and his animal doppelganger!

I want to leave you with this that Dave C from Care2 shared with me.  It is the antidote to Drumpf and many more things.