Jan 162014

I’m writing for tomorrow and feeling quite bleary-eyed, because a road construction crew has been working on the street below my window and literally vibrating the entire building.  I’m still under the weather. 

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Short Takes:

From Raw Story: A conservative blogger drew big laughs at a rally for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) when he suggested that Texans open fire on cars bearing California license plates.


How typically Republican it is to think that killing families is a matter for humor.

From YouTube: Rachel [Maddow] shows DAMNING photos & emails that PROVE Gov. Christie and his staff were fully informed during the GWB Shutdown, despite all Christie’s LIES to the contrary.


Rachel has Christie so busted that a new nickname for him comes to mind: PIGnocchio.

From Daily Kos: Senate Republicans once again blocked emergency unemployment aid for Americans unemployed six months or longer. In fact, Senate Republicans filibustered an extension of the jobless benefits into November, and they blocked a three-month extension. After the votes, Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI) pointed out that the CBO had estimated that the longer aid extension would create 200,000 jobs.

Republicans continued to whine over procedure in an attempt to distract from the fact that they are standing in the way of unemployment insurance. What they want is to force a lengthy series of votes on poison pill amendments.

How many times do I have to say it? Nuke the Filibastards!



Jan 112014

I’m writing for tomorrow and still feel like something to be buried in the deep end of my kitty box.  My Broncos do not worship the Ellipsoid Orb until Sunday, so tomorrow, may its divine light shine upon your team.

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Short Takes:

From The New Yorker: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie lashed out at the media today, saying that it had “failed to focus on the single most important issue regarding me, which is my weight.”

At a press conference in Trenton, Christie yelled at a room full of reporters, accusing them of doing the public a disservice by not devoting all of their coverage of him to the issue of his body mass.

“How much I’ve weighed in the past, how much I weigh now, and how much I’m eating—that’s all you clowns should be writing about,” he yelled. “Anything else is just a distraction.”

LOL Andy. That Republican criminal would do anything to switch the focus to anything but Bridgeghazi.

From NY Times: With his strong-armed change to the filibuster rule and an iron-fisted control of the Senate floor, Senator Harry Reid has engaged in the greatest consolidation of congressional power since Newt Gingrich ruled the House, unleashing a bitterness that may derail efforts to extend unemployment insurance.

Mr. Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, on Thursday dismissed all proposed Republican amendments to the unemployment extension, even those drafted by Republicans who had handed Democrats a victory on Tuesday by voting to take up the bill.

“We get nowhere with dueling amendments,” Mr. Reid declared.

A Republican effort to try to reopen the amendment process failed on a party-line vote, 42 to 54, setting up a showdown next week that is likely to end in the bill’s demise, Democrats conceded.

To Democrats, it was a typical Reid show of force in the face of unfair Republican amendments. To Republicans, it was only the latest — and one of the boldest — slaps in the face.

The Republicans’ amendments had nothing to do with either helping the unemployed or promoting job growth, contrary to Republican lies on the matter. Each was a poison pill, designed to kill the bill in a way that they could deceptively claim to have supported it. Reid was spot on to insist that Republicans kill it directly, if they’re going to kill it anyway, so at least they can take credit for their greed and heartlessness.

From YouTube: RACHEL MADDOW: An Alternate Theory Of The Christie Scandal


While not proven, Rachel’s theory makes more sense than everything I have heard so far, so I decided you should get an opportunity to learn it and decide for yourselves.



Jan 092014

I’m writing for tomorrow.  I feel like crap.  Here’s something unusual.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube: The Republicans’ Poverty Agenda: To Make More People Poor


Republicans love poverty almost as much as they hate Obama.

From YouTube: Oops? Tax Increases & the Economy SOARED!


As long as most media parrot Republican lies, without documenting the proof they are lies, far too many voters are deceived.

From YouTube: Senate Democrats Push For Help To Unemployed


The war on poverty was an overwhelming success, decreasing poverty 43%, until Republicans defunded the programs and made increasing poverty a key part of their national agenda. You won’t find a better explanation of this issue than this video. Kudos to Jeff Merkley. Oregon leads the way.



Jan 052014

Let me begin with the caveat that I consider abortions tragedies.  However, I also recognize that, at times, there are no better choices available.  That said, if I ever become pregnant, an event I consider highly unlikely, what to to about it must be MY choice.  Neither I, nor anyone else, has the right to impose our values on any woman or interfere with her right to choose.  Republicans, however, refuse to respect women’s rights.

0105ABORTIONA three-year surge in anti-abortion measures in more than half the states has altered the landscape for abortion access, with supporters and opponents agreeing that the new restrictions are shutting some clinics, threatening others and making it far more difficult in many regions to obtain the procedure.

Advocates for both sides are preparing for new political campaigns and court battles that could redefine the constitutional limits for curbing the right to abortion set by the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision and later modifications by the Supreme Court.

On Monday, in a clash that is likely to reach the Supreme Court, a federal appeals court in New Orleans will hear arguments on a Texas requirement that abortion doctors have admitting privileges at local hospitals — a measure that caused one-third of the state’s abortion clinics to close, at least temporarily.

Advocates for abortion rights, taking heart from recent signs in Virginia and New Mexico that proposals for strong or intrusive controls may alienate voters, hope to help unseat some Republican governors this year as well as shore up the Democratic majority in the United States Senate…

Inserted from <NY Times>

Rachel Maddow covered this issue and discussed the coming political backlash.


The Republican War on Women continues. They would return women to their position in the 19th century. As chattel their ownership was passed from father to husband. Women who do not organize to remove them from office are fools!

Ladies, this is the Republican Plan for you!


Jan 052014

Rachel Maddow and I have two things in common.  From time to time we both screw up.  When we do, we admit it, and correct the mistake.  That, however is not enough some of the Republican Party’s richest secret donors.  David and Charles Koch demanded that Rachel apologize and read a script to that effect, when she was telling the truth.

0105kochsuckersSo David and Charles Koch want Rachel Maddow to read their prepared script on the air admitting her "error" and apologizing for it?

Excuse me while I clean the spewed coffee off my screen.

Here’s how this whole thing started. In late December, Rachel did a segment on how the Kochs buy their economic studies reinforcing conservative ideas. They do this by donating huge sums to universities and demanding the right to hire faculty who think like they do. That report is here.

Apparently the Kochs didn’t appreciate her reporting, because for some bizarre reason they don’t mind throwing billions around the political universe but shy away from receiving credit for it. So they had their lawyers send Rachel a letter, and boy was it a doozy, as you’ll see in the segment. It included a demand that she read a prepared script by the lawyers retracting her report and apologizing for it… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <Crooks and Liars>

Here’s that video:

Major kudos to Rachel Maddow. She is one of far too few journalists who tells the truth and refuses to become a Koch sucker when threatened, This also highlights the need to make it impossible for the 0.1% to fund Republican extremism in secret.

Jan 042014

I keep hearing story after story about accidents involving the transportation of oil within the US.  The stories all seem to have one common thread.  Nothing is ever done about it.  That has led me to this question: Does Big Oil Own the Rails?  In at least one state, the answer is obvious.

0104RAILSafety officials have worried for years about hazardous materials carried on trains, but concern has intensified recently as a drilling surge in remote oil fields has generated heavy traffic on North America’s aging rail-freight networks. That concern was heightened on Monday when a train of oil-tank cars near Casselton, N.D., plowed into a train carrying grain that had derailed on an adjacent track. The fire burned for more than a day.

That accident was outside the town. But last July, in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, a similar train of tank cars that had been left unattended rolled down a grade and derailed, killing 47 people and burning down much of the downtown.

Even before the accident in Quebec, the United States Transportation Department had warned that shippers were failing to follow basic precautions, like determining the temperature at which oil will turn into a gas and burn or explode, and selecting appropriate tank cars to transport the material… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <NY Times>

While this article is accurate as far as it goes, here’s what it doesn’t report, thanks to Rachel Maddow.

Obviously the answer to my original question is ‘YES’, as far as ND is concerned. You can be certain that the same will be true anywhere that Republicans control the government. Removing the Republican Party from power is an exercise in survival.

Nov 272013

I’m writing for tomorrow, and this may be the only day this week I can do a complete Open Thread.  Tomorrow is a major shopping day.  My friend, with whom I do volunteer work, will be chauffeuring me to several places, and I’m sure I shall return home exhausted.

Update from today: Guitar man woke up. :-(

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Here’s the latest from our fantasy football league, Lefty Blog Friends.



At least, I would not have been dead last had I not slept through my 9:30 AM injury check, and put Adrian Peterson back in the lineup. :-(



Just two more games before the playoffs start.

Short Takes:

From The New Yorker: The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, told reporters today his nation agreed to a deal on its nuclear program in the hopes that it would distract attention from the trouble-plagued rollout of Obamacare.

“It’s true, we’ve resisted any deal on nukes for over three decades,” the Ayatollah said. “But when we saw how much trouble Obama was having with his Web site, we realized it would be uncaring of us not to try to help him out.”

The Ayatollah said he was not “overly optimistic” that signing a nuclear treaty with the West would be sufficient to distract attention from the President’s Obamacare woes, but, he added, “You never know. Every little bit helps.”…

Oh Andy!! Republicans will be quoting this as fact!

From MSNBC: More Virginia Election Theft?

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

I think there may well be valid reason to determine that the election was improperly conducted, because of all the Democrats deprived of their right to vote. For Republican state legislators to deprive all Virginians of their votes and simply appoint the Republican fits perfectly within InsaniTEA! Beware!

From Crooks and Liars: In the wake of an agreement finally being made to address Iran’s nuclear program, to no one’s surprise, it’s got every neocon war monger out there wailing like banshees and one of the loudest was of course our former embarrassment of a U.N. ambassador, John Bolton: Experts Praise Effective Iran Sanctions While Fox’s Bolton Calls For Strikes:


I can think of few things more anti-American than a former US official telling a foreign nation to undermine US foreign policy by committing an act of war against another nation.